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YouTube Rewind 2018 review

Published on Dec 7, 2018 30,204,717 views










We review the 2018 youtube rewind and its

Not good

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  • Helvidion
    Helvidion 9 months ago Can you copystrike youtube rewind for using your chair?
  • Noble Wilkes
    Noble Wilkes 9 months ago Maybe?
  • Xidee
    Xidee 9 months ago I dont think so
  • J.R Entertainment
    J.R Entertainment 9 months ago (edited) Nvm sorry lol
  • •{Arizmack}•
    •{Arizmack}• 9 months ago That’d be targeting Jaiden
  • Broodie6127
    Broodie6127 9 months ago no he cant. this is their platform and they could use anything that anyone uploads on it. I dont think what i am saying is 100% true so dont quote what i said.
  • Alexandre Pereira
    Alexandre Pereira 9 months ago C'mon... Jayden went through a lot of trouble to sneak a PewDiePie reference into the video. Don't spoil it. :P
  • Apocrypha
    Apocrypha 9 months ago Nah, ‘cause Pewds is rather enthused that Jaiden put his chair in rewind
  • Dakota Stepe
    Dakota Stepe 9 months ago Probably not since Jaiden animated it and its featured in a category channel
  • Satariue
    Satariue 9 months ago ​@Broodie6127 After seeing how yt delete posts & shadow baning Im not so sure that article 13 is so bad ... *if u know what i mean*.
  • SkyNight
    SkyNight 9 months ago Sure, it's an object, not a video...
  • SoshJam Games
    SoshJam Games 9 months ago @Satariue how to delete someone elses comment
  • That Awkward Guy
    That Awkward Guy 9 months ago @Broodie6127 then why are you saying it
  • Noob Master69
    Noob Master69 9 months ago Genius
  • Владимир Пукин
    Владимир Пукин 9 months ago LiKe RiGht nOw
  • TheSoundGamer - Tomare / TomareTSG
    TheSoundGamer - Tomare / TomareTSG 9 months ago Yes, Copystrike And Give The Money To Jaden
  • CirrusYT
    CirrusYT 9 months ago @Alexandre Pereira do you want YouTube Rewind to stay up??
  • TheClassic Gents
    TheClassic Gents 9 months ago Would love to see that,that would be interesting!
  • Broodie6127
    Broodie6127 9 months ago That Awkward Guy because i partially think it is true. Not saying it is completely but probably is. Idk tbh 9 year old fellow.
  • KitsWorld
    KitsWorld 1 day ago TheSoundGamer - Tomare / TomareTSG Smart.
  • CryingInACorner
    CryingInACorner 1 month ago Youtube rewind 2018 - fortnite Youtube rewind 2019 - MINECRAFT
  • satanic memelord
    satanic memelord 1 month ago YouTube: ideas *People play Minecraft* People like this game! Let's make this the topic of rewind 2019! People: We know what you did.
  • Horizon Games
    Horizon Games 1 month ago CryingInACorner i wont like your comment i wont ruin it
  • Clash Fighter
    Clash Fighter 1 month ago Creeper AW MAN
  • Neeraj kumar
    Neeraj kumar 1 month ago Get that in your thick skulls YouTube
  • Vegapunk
    Vegapunk 1 month ago The problem is, youtube will probably make minecraft cringy again
  • coolmasterishaan playz
    coolmasterishaan playz 1 month ago Youtube rewind 2020 - ROBLOX
  • stephen hawking
    stephen hawking 4 weeks ago well, yeet
  • Soft Dreams
    Soft Dreams 4 weeks ago True everyone is playing it
  • Prénom Nom
    Prénom Nom 3 weeks ago Its dumb how people like minecraft because others likes it if u said in like 2017 or 2018 i like minecraft people will think ur 5
  • Isa Suleymanov
    Isa Suleymanov 3 weeks ago Bro i see youtuber
  • Gold
    Gold 3 weeks ago I'm %100 sure its gonna be
  • Isa Suleymanov
    Isa Suleymanov 3 weeks ago Gold did you see stealer youtuber
  • Cılgınlar yapar
    Cılgınlar yapar 3 weeks ago I am the 1B like
  • Shelly Pl4yz
    Shelly Pl4yz 3 weeks ago CryingInACorner 2020: Roblox ?
  • Isa Suleymanov
    Isa Suleymanov 3 weeks ago Marshmello 2021 gta 6
  • Jack Blinkhorn
    Jack Blinkhorn 3 weeks ago CryingInACorner They’re gonna ruin Minecraft
  • Fresh Curry
    Fresh Curry 3 weeks ago I pray that they dont ruin minecraft
  • Jay Creger
    Jay Creger 3 weeks ago If not we'll drop the 100 mil dislike bomb
  • Furry Trash
    Furry Trash 3 weeks ago You know it'll be fortnite again. But, youtube is starting to shape up a little. So there's hope.
  • Enzo 74960
    Enzo 74960 3 weeks ago @Clash Fighter so we back in the mine
  • Zaira Lopez
    Zaira Lopez 3 weeks ago YouTube's probably going to ruin minecraft
  • ÑERO 01
    ÑERO 01 3 weeks ago (edited) You know for a god dam fact theyre going to overlook all the classic parodies and creators, use some of the cringe ones that gave minecraft its bad rep until 2019 and theyre somehow going to butcher "creeper aw man" somehow
  • Anh 2008
    Anh 2008 3 weeks ago It better BE... Or a creeper will sneak in YouTube’s bedroom.
  • Alex International-Boy
    Alex International-Boy 3 weeks ago @coolmasterishaan playz yes
  • Bagas dwianto
    Bagas dwianto 2 weeks ago Pls don't make it cringe again you tube rewind 2019
  • Ekothegamer
    Ekothegamer 2 weeks ago I hope
  • Lethal Gaming
    Lethal Gaming 2 weeks ago CryingInACorner noooooooooooo
  • Alex DreamStar
    Alex DreamStar 2 weeks ago You guest that right
  • Nadea Begum
    Nadea Begum 2 weeks ago YAAAAASSSSSS OMG THEY SO HAVE TO
  • Terra Neko
    Terra Neko 2 weeks ago no it would ruin minecraft
  • Alex DreamStar
    Alex DreamStar 2 weeks ago Fortnite is rigged and minecraft is boring and sorry but let be pretty honest
  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 weeks ago As much as I wanted PewDiePie or Minecraft on Rewind 2019, but judging how cringy the 2018 one was, I don't want them to ruin these two. Not in my watch, at least.
  • John Robert Aycocho
    John Robert Aycocho 2 weeks ago Youtube rewind 2020 - terraria
  • Van
  • TheAwesomeGT 1
    TheAwesomeGT 1 1 week ago Is this a good thing or a bad thing
  • Jiren- Sama
    Jiren- Sama 1 week ago I hope so
  • Imad Azmat
    Imad Azmat 1 week ago Pubg
  • Cam Young
  • Fizzy Potato
    Fizzy Potato 1 week ago CryingInACorner I like your username
  • Hayabusa .B
    Hayabusa .B 1 week ago minecraft sucks
  • Jakeyboiii Poppins
    Jakeyboiii Poppins 1 week ago Perfectly balanced, as all things should be
  • Soray
    Soray 1 week ago They should also add jack black to it XD
  • 김태형& 차영
    김태형& 차영 1 week ago Minecraft died years ago-
  • Mariana C. G
    Mariana C. G 6 days ago OMG is true.. I'm scare
  • San San
    San San 5 days ago will not really cuz minecraft still sucks
  • Aurora Straw
    Aurora Straw 5 days ago Prénom Nom I know it was so sad
  • EndysMemePalace
    EndysMemePalace 4 days ago Rewind 2019: Sven and Joergen
  • i’m allergic to cats
    i’m allergic to cats 4 days ago Stonks
  • RopeySquire
    RopeySquire 3 days ago Minecraft? Ah man
  • Аnna - I love sex :TAP ON MY PHOTO
    Аnna - I love sex :TAP ON MY PHOTO 2 days ago @Horizon Games Holy guys💋💋v
  • tita-chan yeetus
    tita-chan yeetus 1 day ago Water sheep
  • Azure
    Azure 3 weeks ago If Pewdiepie hitting 100 million and the wedding is not in rewind 2019, then we are having some problems.
  • FAWAZ999996
    FAWAZ999996 3 weeks ago Azure well YouTube congratulated pewds for his wedding on Twitter but I still think youtube will not do anything about it On Rewind 2019
  • Cryanek
    Cryanek 3 weeks ago Azure Reaching 100 mil should definitely get a nod, but PewDiePie's wedding doesn't have anything to do with YouTube, so it's understandable if they decided to exclude it, and if I were pewds, I wouldn't want my wedding to be part of a huge advertisement for YouTube.
  • Chubbles P
    Chubbles P 3 weeks ago @Cryanek They do feel the need to add twitch streamers and people who dont post anymore so I dont think pewds wedding is out of the question
  • toddyn D-4763
    toddyn D-4763 2 weeks ago Raid yt hq
  • Azure
    Azure 2 weeks ago @Cryanek true
  • Jimin's pinky
    Jimin's pinky 2 weeks ago riGHT
  • Jan Kenneth Palabrica
    Jan Kenneth Palabrica 1 week ago I think it will hit 1B dislikes
  • Nader Zargo
    Nader Zargo 1 week ago @Cryanek I agree completely with you. I dont understand why people want pewds wedding in rewind. Nothing to do with rewind and its just an advertisement for youtube. Pewds wedding was a special event and shouldnt be part of some sort kf corporation.
  • Jared Avery
    Jared Avery 1 week ago (edited) Azure I hate to say it, but I kinda don’t want Pewds in Rewind 2019. In his 2018 review, he pointed out how Rewind is essentially an advertisement. With that being said, I don’t think it’s right to have Pewds in 2019 when they neglected to put him in the couple years prior. Idk if they put Pewds in Rewind, he damn sure better play a better role rather than having him carry the stupid ass play button. Pewds should make his own type of YouTube. That’s just me.
  • ivy.exeisnotresponding _
    ivy.exeisnotresponding _ 1 week ago we should raid youtube
  • mynightmarenc23
    mynightmarenc23 1 week ago Facts. I could not agree more
  • Jacopo Casati
    Jacopo Casati 1 week ago And the 2 millions in the subreddit
  • Michael Erick
    Michael Erick 5 days ago Rewind is for the dead career, i think
  • Emerald Knights
    Emerald Knights 4 days ago True
  • Аnna - I love sex :TAP ON MY PHOTO
    Аnna - I love sex :TAP ON MY PHOTO 2 days ago @Cryanek Holy guys💋💋f
  • Terminal Cancer
    Terminal Cancer 2 days ago lol, after 2018’s disaster, I highly doubt they’ll ever make another rewind.
  • HeroG •
    HeroG • 1 month ago PewDiePie: not in rewind Also Pewds: Fine, i'll do it myself.
  • Chucky
    Chucky 1 month ago T H A N O S M E M E S
  • Arpan Bhardwaj
    Arpan Bhardwaj 4 weeks ago r/unexpectedthanos
  • The Unstoppable Box
    The Unstoppable Box 4 weeks ago @Arpan Bhardwaj r/ihavereddit
  • Isa Suleymanov
    Isa Suleymanov 3 weeks ago Hero • did you see that man
  • Firdaus Ridzuan
    Firdaus Ridzuan 1 week ago @Arpan Bhardwaj r/expectedthanos for balance
  • houwlingwoolf
    houwlingwoolf 1 week ago HeroG • 720 like boi
  • Clique
    Clique 1 month ago "That's hot." Thats deffinetely gonna become a meme. You were damn right, Felix 😂
  • ‘i like food‘
    ‘i like food‘ 1 month ago Clique a dead meme now
  • satanic memelord
    satanic memelord 1 month ago He said it, we make it.
  • Jupiter Draws
    Jupiter Draws 1 month ago clikkie
  • Clique
    Clique 1 month ago @satanic memelord yup xD
  • ProfessorPinK 223
    ProfessorPinK 223 1 month ago Hello Fellow Clikkies
  • Clique
    Clique 4 weeks ago @ProfessorPinK 223 hellooo
  • aesthetically barfing
    aesthetically barfing 3 weeks ago ‘i like food‘ i still find it funny
  • NoTomatoes
    NoTomatoes 1 week ago Clique I FOUND THE CLIKKIES
    ITZ ANIMATIONS 1 day ago I’m your 799th like
  • Tri Monster
    Tri Monster 9 months ago Make your own youtube rewind with better creators, respecting the viewers. Call it youtube review.
  • Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad
    Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad 9 months ago Pewdiepie (and fans) look at the memeology rewind. It's way better in every way.
  • deinemuddaisdoof
    deinemuddaisdoof 9 months ago THIS!
    AHMAD SAOUD 9 months ago I hope he really considers this !
  • Tyi to tow
    Tyi to tow 9 months ago that a good idea
  • DeadBoizClub
    DeadBoizClub 9 months ago Tanacon ptsd
  • Unknown Anonymous
    Unknown Anonymous 9 months ago THIS IS EPIC
  • Edwin Corbin
    Edwin Corbin 9 months ago best idea ever
  • Rianna Kristina
    Rianna Kristina 9 months ago yassss
  • EvilCup
    EvilCup 9 months ago (edited) It will get demonatized
  • Eggmon -
    Eggmon - 9 months ago Tri Monster like tanacon except it wont fail
  • KitsWorld
    KitsWorld 1 day ago Good idea. I would watch it.
  • Mr funker
    Mr funker 1 month ago (edited) ”I would want fortnite, and Mark Ass Brownlee” -Will Smith 2018
  • Martin Henderson
    Martin Henderson 4 weeks ago a quote that will last through the ages
  • John Jordan
    John Jordan 3 days ago i want fortnite and black ass brownies
  • Zac SML
    Zac SML 2 days ago lol jhon jordan
  • lol mati
    lol mati 2 days ago @John Jordan make my day
  • 8th-Grade Studying
    8th-Grade Studying 3 weeks ago Jaiden also put ⛴✌🅿️ on the shelf (sub to pewdiepie)
  • Hydro Ball
    Hydro Ball 3 weeks ago 8th-Grade Studying boat to p??
  • Your Dad
    Your Dad 3 weeks ago Hydro Ball submarine
  • LauraSMythEtte
    LauraSMythEtte 2 weeks ago Hydro Ball Sub is short for submarine
  • Alec2109
    Alec2109 2 weeks ago Boat peace pee
  • Natalia K
    Natalia K 2 weeks ago And she was at his wedding 👌🏻
  • _Jake Ng_
    _Jake Ng_ 1 week ago Sub to p
    MUSTAFA AHMED 1 day ago it was a "👊" not "🅿"
  • Ashley Z
    Ashley Z 20 hours ago Natalia K was she?
  • Angel Schuch
    Angel Schuch 1 month ago Time traveler: appears Me: is pewdiepie in yt rewind 2019? Time traveler: you mean t-series? Me: 𝗦𝗮𝘆 𝘀𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 𝗻𝗼𝘄
  • AbsoluteE
    AbsoluteE 1 month ago You : say sike right now
  • Skeleton Masher
    Skeleton Masher 4 weeks ago Don't worry t series is a corporate entity there is no one youtuber
  • MonMon Fiasco
    MonMon Fiasco 3 weeks ago Larry!! Get my AR-15 we have a Corporate to burn
  • S0M30N3
    S0M30N3 5 days ago @Skeleton Masher a twitch streamer is in the rewind, a youtuber who dont post for 9 months is in rewind and a frickin late night shows is in the rewind. I highly doubt that youtube would not include "the corporate" in this year's rewind.
  • Skeleton Masher
    Skeleton Masher 5 days ago S0M30N3 I mean T series isn't really bad they just want to create songs but if they don't include pewdiepie then we have to raid the YouTube rewind headquarters
  • S0M30N3
    S0M30N3 5 days ago @Skeleton Masher a Corporate entity is in rewind? thats kinda shit ngl
  • Clash Fighter
    Clash Fighter 1 month ago When Will Smith says FORTNITE Pewdiepie: immediately clicks out of the video
  • TheGeekBox And More
    TheGeekBox And More 5 months ago I think... Pewdiepie is like a son from youtube but youtube hates him
  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 5 months ago The red headed step child no one loves
  • Chainsaw [ESK]
    Chainsaw [ESK] 5 months ago PewDiePie is basically a rogue
  • The Red Russian Kinzer
    The Red Russian Kinzer 5 months ago (edited) @Lord Tachanka have you ever played stalker shadow of cynoble?
  • Nokia
    Nokia 5 months ago Tseries is secretly future YouTube if u turn it sideways
  • SitBacker
    SitBacker 5 months ago He's like Lucifer, and YouTube is God 😆
  • Tabatha Pyland
    Tabatha Pyland 5 months ago The one his parents don’t like but everyone LOVES
  • Nokia
    Nokia 5 months ago (edited) @SitBacker because Lucifer wanted his own kingdom and pewdiepie wanted his own app?
  • Yuanlong Qiao
    Yuanlong Qiao 4 months ago Pewdiepie is like tyrion and youtube is like tywin from game of thrones. One day youtube will go too far and pewdiepie will deal with him, preferably with a bolt to the chest.
  • Jessica McKenney
    Jessica McKenney 4 months ago The hated child in one of those gacha things
  • JayTale Offical Channel
    JayTale Offical Channel 4 months ago THE HATED CHILD
  • JayTale Offical Channel
    JayTale Offical Channel 4 months ago @Jessica McKenney it's dead now
  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 4 months ago Pewds is the best.
  • the minecraft memester
    the minecraft memester 4 months ago Reminds me of avatar the last airbender where basicly pewdiepie is zuko
  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez 4 months ago TheGeekBox And More PewdiePie is the genius who acts like an idiot and whose father is YouTube who wishes he would use his talents to hold a reliable job instead of multiple fun ones
  • Dankius Memicus
    Dankius Memicus 4 months ago He’s like Luke sky walker and YouTube is Darth Vader
  • holy wolf
    holy wolf 4 months ago the illegitimate son...
  • Silent Gaming
    Silent Gaming 4 months ago TheGeekBox And More he’s adopted that’s why
  • MihaiCreeper
    MihaiCreeper 3 months ago but ppl like pewds more than youtube
  • Hemanga Pait
    Hemanga Pait 3 months ago He has daddy issues
  • Arē Dove
    Arē Dove 3 months ago Lucifer?
  • Maria Teresa Nerves
    Maria Teresa Nerves 3 months ago But, youtube is trying to make ammends by recommending his old vids
  • Global Warning
    Global Warning 3 months ago TheGeekBox And More did you post this on the last video?
  • Stop-Motion Videos
    Stop-Motion Videos 3 months ago go home youtube, you're drunk and your son needs a father, these kids aren't yours and accept what you have
  • Elliøt
    Elliøt 3 months ago YouTube hates YouTubers.
  • A O
    A O 3 months ago Matilda 2: the pewds
  • Indominus630
    Indominus630 3 months ago Then he’s adopted
  • Jaeho Jeong
    Jaeho Jeong 3 months ago But everyone else loves him
  • Son Gohan
    Son Gohan 3 months ago Basically Jason Todd from DC Comics.
    FOOTYADDICT 3 months ago So YouTube is an abusive parent?
  • Anonimowy Sąsiad
    Anonimowy Sąsiad 3 months ago Pewdiepie wins with Tseries That angers youtube that punish him severely
  • An Apple
    An Apple 3 months ago And as the son of youtube Pewdiepie will kill Youtube aka the father like in GodOfWar
  • _MooMoo09_
    _MooMoo09_ 3 months ago Favoritism
  • unknown 0
    unknown 0 3 months ago Stolen comment
  • Mint
    Mint 3 months ago i am ur 3,000th like
    DANTE 3 months ago Like me and my dad
  • Diegor _
    Diegor _ 3 months ago MHA REFERENCE Shoto-pewdiepie Endeavor-YouTube
  • Fil Pav
    Fil Pav 3 months ago YouTube is gay and I hate YouTube
  • Fil Pav
    Fil Pav 3 months ago @Mint liar
  • Mint
    Mint 3 months ago @Fil Pav Wtf I am telling the truth m8
  • Fil Pav
    Fil Pav 3 months ago @Mint well YOUR NOT LIAR
  • Mint
    Mint 3 months ago Fil Pav Wtf are you saying can you explain
  • Fil Pav
    Fil Pav 3 months ago @Mint your lying noob can you tell me truth that your not his 3k liker
  • Mint
    Mint 3 months ago Fil Pav Fil Pav I was the person who clicked like when it was 2,999 likes and i was 3000th liker and noob means new player and you’re*
  • Fil Pav
    Fil Pav 3 months ago @Mint NO YOU'RE NOOB AND YOU STILL LIE IDIOT
  • Moon Angel
    Moon Angel 3 months ago Pewdiepie is the prince whos more popular than his father, the king, so now he's the king and YouTube is bitter
  • Risulo Risulo
    Risulo Risulo 3 months ago One day, the prodigal son (Pewd’s) will return
  • Jessica McKenney
    Jessica McKenney 3 months ago @JayTale Offical Channel Yea ik
  • Kasia Sloan
    Kasia Sloan 3 months ago Yes
  • arif irsiyyadi
    arif irsiyyadi 3 months ago Like the hatest chile??
  • cute pinky
    cute pinky 3 months ago The hated child
  • Crafter Blox
    Crafter Blox 3 months ago @Lord Tachanka Everybody stand and salute to LORD TACHANKA USSR ANTHEM STARTS IN THE BACKGROUND
  • pedrobento03
    pedrobento03 3 months ago actually he is like a father
  • Crafter Blox
    Crafter Blox 3 months ago @pedrobento03 Pewdiepie I am your father
  • Katarina Nilsson
    Katarina Nilsson 2 months ago He turned out better than his parents and is well liked by everyone except them because they're jealous.
  • Doggo Man
    Doggo Man 2 months ago kratos who will later kill youtube
  • xxnoiiaxx
    xxnoiiaxx 2 months ago eric trump can relate
  • Gideon Blair
    Gideon Blair 2 months ago Why is this so relatable
  • artistic. weirdo.
    artistic. weirdo. 2 months ago The hated child
  • LRG Trubble
    LRG Trubble 2 months ago the red Russian kinzer is a biotechs sure,dxj
  • LZ Da Gawd
    LZ Da Gawd 2 months ago todoroki and endeavor
  • interesting huh?
    interesting huh? 2 months ago Pewdiepie Youtubeson
  • Itz Marty10
    Itz Marty10 2 months ago And the best one
  • Muhammed Rahmman
    Muhammed Rahmman 2 months ago Nope , pewdiepie is the youtube
  • 이리카
    이리카 2 months ago The chaebol heir that likes to fuck around and his family can't control him
  • Adrian GxYan
    Adrian GxYan 2 months ago YouTube is Zeus and Pewdiepie is Kratos
  • [MG] Smasher
    [MG] Smasher 2 months ago TheGeekBox And More correction. YouTube resents him for having more subs than it.
  • oLogical YT
    oLogical YT 2 months ago Lol YouTube hate their own son 😅
  • Ezra Clark
    Ezra Clark 2 months ago TheGeekBox And More Youtube is the abusive father too pewdiepie
  • Salma
    Salma 2 months ago TheGeekBox And More i was thinking the same thing
  • bLAcK ChInA
    bLAcK ChInA 2 months ago YouTube All shit here we go again
  • liton bhuiyan
    liton bhuiyan 2 months ago Bad YouTube father
  • Ambipomber167
    Ambipomber167 2 months ago like a red headed step child
  • Woah There
    Woah There 2 months ago They left him in the milk aisle
  • Cordero
    Cordero 2 months ago pewdiepie is like a father to youtube....he loves pewdiepie like a son
  • Master Of Fates
    Master Of Fates 2 months ago Good
  • SDAA
    SDAA 2 months ago How unfortunate
    DZ SMOKER 2 months ago Stolen I have seen this before
  • Superblaster 9
    Superblaster 9 2 months ago YouTube is more like the alcoholic and abusive stepdad
  • tom lewis
    tom lewis 1 month ago TheGeekBox And More YouTube is like a shit, alcoholic stepfather.
  • Oskar Jasłowski
    Oskar Jasłowski 1 month ago yea like satan
  • Soccs and Crocs
    Soccs and Crocs 1 month ago YouTube was like a father to me... I loved them like my son
  • just mino
    just mino 1 month ago 6.9K likes? nice
  • John
    John 1 month ago Perfect amount of likes on this comment
  • Shon Channel
    Shon Channel 1 month ago "YouTube was like a father to me"
  • Patrick Glancy
    Patrick Glancy 1 month ago so Pewdiepie was letting water sheep know how it felt for him to not be in it
  • Eucenor
    Eucenor 1 month ago The hated prodigal son
  • Saggazump
    Saggazump 1 month ago S’like the Wotr Sheep of YouTube?
  • Michael Belperio
    Michael Belperio 1 month ago (edited) Felix is like the popular kid and t series is the need kid and nobody's friends with them but they are smart so they somehow find a way to get 100mil subs
  • Nour
    Nour 1 month ago Lucifer?
  • Robin Hoot
    Robin Hoot 1 month ago (edited) FATHER! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?! (this is a Christian channel)
  • FBI i
    FBI i 1 month ago True ^_^
  • k.
    k. 1 month ago Pewdiepie is trash and his fans are mentally ill
  • Eli Uchiha
    Eli Uchiha 1 month ago Cómo un hijo no deseado? Quizás Youtube lo deja tan de lado por ir a comprar cigarrillos... y nunca mas regresar :¨D
  • ____________
    ____________ 4 weeks ago @Yuanlong Qiao pewdiepie is also like jorah and youtube is jeor, except YouTube isnt a good man like joer and just a cold unfeeling entity
  • AnInterestingUsername
    AnInterestingUsername 3 weeks ago TheGeekBox And More "YouTube was like a father to me,I loved him like my son"
  • Ha Tran
    Ha Tran 2 weeks ago The hated child
  • Rosalind Neil
    Rosalind Neil 2 weeks ago Felix is billy (happy wheels)
  • PhantomRubi
    PhantomRubi 2 weeks ago LZ Poketuber yay another anime weeb
  • Robi n
  • Šmöł Bêäń
    Šmöł Bêäń 1 month ago Robi n YESSSS
  • ORGEE 138
    ORGEE 138 3 weeks ago No
  • Kian Mills
    Kian Mills 2 weeks ago YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! That would be epic!!!
  • Omar Tamer
    Omar Tamer 2 weeks ago ORGEE I disagree with you. SHE SHOULD!
  • Jacob almeria Victa
    Jacob almeria Victa 2 weeks ago Meme review hosts: Blue shirt kid Ellon musk
  • artimations _
    artimations _ 1 week ago Yas
  • kanchan das
    kanchan das 1 week ago YESS SHE SHOULD
  • WolfGamer Studios
    WolfGamer Studios 1 month ago I’m gonna scream if YouTube Rewind 2019 isn’t gonna have a Tony Stark memorial
  • 1920 S1G2 06 CHIU HAU LAM
  • tp rolz
    tp rolz 1 month ago Dude youtube isnt a movie theater
  • Silent Killer007
    Silent Killer007 1 month ago Dude that's not what YT Rewibd should be.
  • Clijano
    Clijano 1 month ago Go on then, scream.
  • sander
    sander 1 month ago I'm gonna scream if they do. People like you are the reason youtube rewind sucks
  • Otter
    Otter 1 month ago sander exactly I loved avengera endgame but ffs hes a fictional character Robert downey jr is alive and healthy god damn
  • Thereal rancidpunk
    Thereal rancidpunk 1 month ago @1920 S1G2 06 CHIU HAU LAM I love this comment 3000 rip tony
  • Joshua Fadelle
    Joshua Fadelle 4 weeks ago Avengers endgame has nothing to do with youtube
  • Marco Torriti
    Marco Torriti 3 weeks ago WolfGamer Studios why thee hell should it have it? Endgame has nothing to do with YouTube
  • xPixel
    xPixel 3 weeks ago We lost a lot of great people in 2019...
  • Profit Potato
    Profit Potato 3 weeks ago Here's hoping that you scream until your lungs disintegrate
  • Walker #25047
    Walker #25047 2 weeks ago WolfGamer Studios YES
  • LemonboyGaming
    LemonboyGaming 2 weeks ago If it does appear in YouTube rewind I definitely will dislike the video.
  • Batman
    Batman 1 week ago That would make it much worse. He’s a goddam fictional character.
  • James Allen
    James Allen 1 week ago Cringe
  • Ya Fookin’ Losah
    Ya Fookin’ Losah 6 days ago Why the hell would they?? It happened in a movie smartass and it has nothing to do with youtube
  • Larence Boltwart
    Larence Boltwart 3 weeks ago In 2019 Youtube Rewind I Want: Minecraft Pewdiepie Area 51 Anime
  • ORGEE 138
    ORGEE 138 3 weeks ago And Keanu Reeves And a tribute to Etika and Thompson
  • Manjima R Nath
    Manjima R Nath 2 weeks ago Tony stark Pwed and marzia wedding Pwed hitting a 100M
  • f fortnut
  • Jensen Hughes
    Jensen Hughes 1 week ago Yaas anime!
  • Deku fan
    Deku fan 1 week ago (edited) And old town road😉 Edit: i agree
  • Kakashi commentor
    Kakashi commentor 6 days ago Judging by how YouTube works I don't think they're even gonna put area 51 in. It's too controversial for them.
  • zapper
    zapper 6 days ago @f fortnut I mean, your name is fortnut so I think that's cringe but sure, go off
  • Snipion TV
    Snipion TV 4 days ago @f fortnut minecraft is better than fortnite
    ARNOLD TRECKER 3 weeks ago The yt rewind needs Keanu Reeves,thanos, iron man, and pewdiepie with the minecraft gang
  • FuzeGG
    FuzeGG 3 weeks ago And KSI or Logan
  • seven hour
    seven hour 3 weeks ago @FuzeGG a rematch during the rewind video and they keep fighting in the background perhaps?
  • FuzeGG
    FuzeGG 3 weeks ago @seven hour idk but ksi needs to be
  • Sven
    Sven 1 month ago (edited) Still waiting for YouTube to invite me to YouTube rewind 2019... (Edit) I'm not even going to accept their invite, I just want to see how desperate they get when they beg me to join
  • Tamer carton9728
    Tamer carton9728 1 month ago Were getting ready for YouTube rewind Sven get ready for the ... ENDGAME
  • Heck Animations
    Heck Animations 1 month ago You almost died today JESUS!
  • Sven
    Sven 1 month ago @Heck Animations do you honestly think a mere creeper would be able to kill me?
  • Heck Animations
    Heck Animations 1 month ago I said ALMOST.
  • Sven
    Sven 1 month ago @Heck Animations not even close
  • Heck Animations
    Heck Animations 1 month ago umm you're a little too cocky SvEn!
  • Senpai Yuusuke
    Senpai Yuusuke 2 weeks ago Jaiden Animation is the hero... We need her in 2019 rewind if Pewds won't be.
  • Christopher Ukaoma
    Christopher Ukaoma 4 days ago Honestly jokes aside if YT rewind 2019 doesn't at least have Felix's marriage we protest and raid YT hq
  • Mr. Tree
    Mr. Tree 3 days ago Agreed
  • John Jordan
    John Jordan 3 days ago shoot utube ceo
  • Jess Ballinger
    Jess Ballinger 1 month ago 8:11 Roblox tweeted “My culture is not your goddamn prom dress”
  • SuperMello
    SuperMello 9 months ago (edited) Will smith - a celebrity in rewind Ninja - a twitch streamer in rewind Liza - a youtuber who hasn't posted a video in 9 months Pewds - a youtuber who makes video for almost decade.became the most subsribed youtuber for 5 years.donated to 9 year olds,but still not in rewind.
  • RC With Popeye
    RC With Popeye 9 months ago Donation is fake trick to get hold of Indians
  • sydney annaleese
    sydney annaleese 9 months ago will is a youtuber now tho
  • Guardian Of Gaming
    Guardian Of Gaming 9 months ago Utube's logic
  • Co'do
    Co'do 9 months ago Liza who?
  • 169,2780,0000 _
    169,2780,0000 _ 9 months ago SuperMello sad truth
  • hari santosh Janjam
    hari santosh Janjam 9 months ago Will Smith was fine,he tried YouTube this year. Just that his role in the video was thrash.
  • Erick Xander
    Erick Xander 9 months ago Agree i dont understand why Liza still in youtube rewind and even get most time scene in there omfg
  • hari santosh Janjam
    hari santosh Janjam 9 months ago And yeah the pewds part, very SAD.
  • Bad Advice
    Bad Advice 9 months ago I just wonder why YouTube hates him?
  • Ausintune
    Ausintune 9 months ago pewds is still most subbed.
  • Trevor Estrada
    Trevor Estrada 9 months ago Liza is an immigrant from Vine
  • Good Day420
    Good Day420 9 months ago I just leave my upvote on this post here..
  • Myownnamegaming
    Myownnamegaming 2 months ago The secret is t series in YouTube
  • HotDOG
    HotDOG 2 months ago You forgot kpop
  • Dan Cing
    Dan Cing 2 months ago @Co'do exactly!😂
  • foreskin muncher
    foreskin muncher 2 months ago don't forget lele pons~ an INSTAGRAM "comedian"
  • Ballistic DOGE
    Ballistic DOGE 2 months ago Trevor Estrada why does it matter if she’s an immigrant?! Yes she’s cringey but why doe that matter are u a trump supporter?!
  • The Rare One
    The Rare One 2 months ago @RC With Popeye no it was not
  • Its SYLVEK Feista
    Its SYLVEK Feista 2 months ago @RC With Popeye you cant be serious.......
  • Georgina Nemeth
    Georgina Nemeth 2 months ago And then there's Markass Brownie
  • neptpro
    neptpro 2 months ago Remember this pewdiepie was not in the most disliked video ever
  • Parwana Azizadah
    Parwana Azizadah 2 months ago YouTube just doesn't have a brain. They also have never had Shane Dawson either which really hurts
  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer 1 month ago How foolish can they be
  • Jane
    Jane 1 month ago SuperMello it’s because he’s done some shit stuff
  • Nova Stark
    Nova Stark 1 month ago But kpop is...
  • MortaL Aroe
    MortaL Aroe 1 month ago F you tube
  • eggthing 1334
    eggthing 1334 1 month ago Nice you stole a comment from youtube rewind
  • Rigel 23
    Rigel 23 1 month ago @RC With Popeye Prove it...
  • xxxprogamer Essa
    xxxprogamer Essa 1 month ago SuperMello YouTube : we got Elle and Fortnite
  • Ethan Tudorache
    Ethan Tudorache 1 month ago @RC With Popeye what?
  • Oskar Jasłowski
    Oskar Jasłowski 1 month ago Will Smith is an actor lol
  • ivy
    ivy 1 month ago Declan Franey he meant immigrant from vine not like an actual immigrant
  • Queenik
    Queenik 1 month ago Liza doesnt uplode at all, man Next one better start with creeper aww man
  • Ugnius Zavadskis
    Ugnius Zavadskis 4 weeks ago And mrBeast
  • GoldenMinecart
    GoldenMinecart 4 weeks ago @hari santosh Janjam it's trash and not thrash boi!
  • Oof Crusader
    Oof Crusader 4 weeks ago SuperMello *Ninja- a mixr streamer
  • Kacper Remiszewski
    Kacper Remiszewski 3 weeks ago Thats bcs pewds was a bit controversial/youtube was demonetizing his videos etc
  • Red Diamond
    Red Diamond 3 weeks ago @RC With Popeye OOF!
  • Dracoball
    Dracoball 3 weeks ago Parwana Azizadah I hate shane
  • Jimin's pinky
    Jimin's pinky 2 weeks ago wait wHY IS A TWITCH STREAMER IN YOUTUBE REWIND??
  • soy Sovansoreyong
    soy Sovansoreyong 2 weeks ago @RC With Popeye Because you're an INDIAN.
  • Yeabsera Woldetsadik
    Yeabsera Woldetsadik 4 days ago Be happy because pewds isn't in it, I mean it was crap.
  • BassBeatZ BBZ
    BassBeatZ BBZ 3 days ago Copied tho lmao
  • BassBeatZ BBZ
    BassBeatZ BBZ 3 days ago Wait actually this is the original nvm
  • Аnna - I love sex :TAP ON MY PHOTO
    Аnna - I love sex :TAP ON MY PHOTO 2 days ago @sydney annaleese Holy guys💋💋 b