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GreedFall is a welcome arrival in the fantasy RPG space, a space that has been bafflingly uncrowded of late. But it doesn't just impress because of a lack of alternatives. It successfully delivers nearly everything that one would want to see in a game of this genre, and does so in convincing fashion. Fans of western role playing games who have lamented the absence of many true contenders in the genre this generation, prepare yourselves: a new heir to the legacy of BioWare is here at last.




  • DR360WHO
    DR360WHO 1 week ago Like what you hear and see? Support this game then, these developers deserve it, NOT the greedy big companies that are screwing everyone
  • HardWarUK
    HardWarUK 1 week ago Damn right Sir!
  • Cat Man
    Cat Man 1 week ago All companies are greedy. If not they fail. The game looks worth supporting though.
  • heavvy eyes
    heavvy eyes 1 week ago Cat Man if that were true “indie” companies wouldn’t exist, so
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago heavvy eyes while I see what you’re going for, indie companies still exist out of greed. Yes there are people that make games because they love to make games, but they also love to make money doing so. Not everyone is on the same level of greed but there is always some level of greed.
  • king of sharks
    king of sharks 1 week ago In a day and age were almost all games are multiplayer and have microtransactions, finding a singleplayer game is something worth supporting.
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago Sylvers Volpe there is no company that put a price tag on a game that is just high enough to produce the next game keep the lights on and supply basic needs. No. they won’t profit. They want a source of significant income. They will do what they need to to get more money. Doing something to get something from someone else at their expense is what the definition of greed is. I don’t care what citation you use or what comparison you make greed is greed period. Now that that’s out of the way. Like I said before greed comes in many forms you can be greedy without being malicious. There is good greed and bad greed. Companies like the ones you referenced are the latter and are overly egregious, and companies like cd project red aren’t. Cd is still greedy. They still will do whatever they can to make the most money they possibly can. The only difference is they doit in a good way, by getting consumers to side with them rather then implement schemes.
  • Joel Monserrate
    Joel Monserrate 1 week ago Well said, yes I will Greedfall!
  • thebeast12333
    thebeast12333 1 week ago @Cat Man You can make profit without being greedy.
  • Chuck Balkin
    Chuck Balkin 1 week ago Got it yesterday, mostly just to support a dev team making an actual single player game, with no microtransactions. 👍
  • Ross Heap
    Ross Heap 1 week ago DR360WHO here here
  • Daijodan
    Daijodan 1 week ago @Cat Man Ok, support companies that find a balance between greed and artistic ambition then. Companies that don't constantly push the limit of what they can get away with and endlessly experiment with misleading service models.
  • Chris M
    Chris M 1 week ago @heavvy eyes you can be a small company yet still want to make a profit, dumbass.
  • Chris M
    Chris M 1 week ago Fuck you I'll buy whatever games I feel like and enjoy the hell out of them. I don't need you to tell me which ones I'm allowed to enjoy.
  • Nass Lass
    Nass Lass 1 week ago @heavvy eyes indie are greedy af. Most of them sell out immediately when a big publisher come
  • Paragon Bytes
    Paragon Bytes 1 week ago @Chris M you can buy whatever you want. Nobody forces you to buy any product. But don't you think people should also be allowed to protest products that are not consumer-friendly? Freedom to buy whatever you want goes hand in hand with freedom of speech
  • Cat Man
    Cat Man 1 week ago @Daijodan that I can get behind. I long for the times when I could buy a game and the whole game was there and that was it. I am all for profit but at least make the customer feel like they are getting a good value proposition. For me that is the failure of companies like EA and Activision and a few of the AAA publishers. They forget many gamers are adults who have grown with all sorts of practices and can now see through their tactics and are put off at times. The days of nickel and diming in the gaming industry don't work. They literally game gamers out of their money. It is a game they have won for too long.
  • Luis
    Luis 1 week ago exactly...rather support this than Triple A games that suck with no content....Greedfall,Vampyr,ECHO,The Surge,They are Billions,Plague, are the games that i'm supporting cause they are good enough and in need of gamers support.
  • Dominic Varriale
    Dominic Varriale 1 week ago He's right, you know.
  • Bless
    Bless 1 week ago Oh fuck off with that, I'm guessing you don't understand how business works?? Every company is going to try to be greedy..
  • Damian f.
    Damian f. 1 week ago I even bought technomancer even though I knew I wouldn't like it . Didnt like the game but liked what they were trying to do
  • Liam Jenkins
    Liam Jenkins 1 week ago I chose this over preordering borderlands 3. Hope it turns up in the mail soon.
  • bunnyswallows
    bunnyswallows 1 week ago when i saw the games creatos name, and didnt know them, i liked it already. (except CDPR, bless your soul CDPR)
  • Sgt. Meow
    Sgt. Meow 1 week ago @heavvy eyes cough cough hirez cough
  • Samurai Ninja
    Samurai Ninja 1 week ago @michael anderson Remember infinite falls& Zoe quinn
  • DR360WHO
    DR360WHO 1 week ago Damian f. I have Technomancer too, I like what they were trying to do, I am struggling a bit with it, but I think Greedfall looks like it learnt from a few mis steps
  • DR360WHO
    DR360WHO 1 week ago Liam Jenkins me too, I think Borderlands 3 won't be that much better than the other Borderlands so far
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago Samurai Ninja I don’t know if Zoe Quinn but doesn’t infinite falls only have one game? Dark woods or something like that. Pretty sure I played it
  • Zack Mcracken
    Zack Mcracken 1 week ago Its eurojank.
  • WhatsMyGame
    WhatsMyGame 1 week ago I agree. Since Technomancer Spiders is on the rise and not to be overlooked. Great Review GamingBolt. Check out my short review as well.
  • Too Tru
    Too Tru 1 week ago @Cat Man untrue
  • Deathnotekeeper
    Deathnotekeeper 1 week ago (edited) Yeah no thanks not my kind of game, I’m sticking with Borderlands 3.
  • Andrew Torres
    Andrew Torres 1 week ago They haven’t screwed me over at all so how about I just support this developer because the game is good?
  • MrJackyle
    MrJackyle 6 days ago @Cat Man Blizzard released a new character for Diablo 3 and price tag is for a new game. No, not all companies are greedy. CD Project Red for starters :)
  • Devil May Clarify
    Devil May Clarify 5 days ago Everyone, look up the word "greedy." It isn't as applicable as most people think. Spiders is not greedy and appear to be more virtous than other companies like EA. Your money, collectively, shapes the industry...
  • TiTaN Than0S
    TiTaN Than0S 5 days ago I love the game it is not a Witcher 3 still a great gaming experience and the dialogues are good .
  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd 1 week ago I think that they have done a great job especially when they only have 28 people working on this game
  • Gabriel Ishmael 87
    Gabriel Ishmael 87 1 week ago No shit man. didn't know that. Yeah they sure did a great job I support game devs who are actually putting time and effort into a video game that will be worth our money and time.
  • sdrawkcab daer uoy edam I
    sdrawkcab daer uoy edam I 1 week ago 40 people, but your point still stands.
  • Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd 1 week ago @sdrawkcab daer uoy edam I my bad I thought it was 28 I new it was a small number but they have done a great job on a small budget what would they do on a big budget. I think bioware better look over there shoulder because in a few years spiders might end up making better game's
  • Gwynbleidd Roach
    Gwynbleidd Roach 1 week ago sdrawkcab daer uoy edam I it was 40 at points but was 28 continually.
  • ReaperGrimm5594
    ReaperGrimm5594 1 week ago Say what you will, but Spiders doesn't give up, and their games are steadily getting better and better.
  • Samurai Ninja
    Samurai Ninja 1 week ago There was a game called Bright Memory Made by a single person Yup, that's right
  • Ian Tan
    Ian Tan 1 week ago Gary Dodd Whaaat!?
  • labrane hit
    labrane hit 1 week ago geeeeeeez I didn't know the team was that small. They did an amazing job!
  • RadicalRat
    RadicalRat 1 week ago @Samurai Ninja * with stolen assets made by several dozen or more, none of whom were credited.
  • Samurai Ninja
    Samurai Ninja 1 week ago @RadicalRat no wonder, I was feeling weird Then what about watashi no mono??
  • Jmdiaz
    Jmdiaz 1 week ago Taking in consideration that this is a double A, seems pretty good.
  • Mario Nagy
    Mario Nagy 1 week ago I wouldnt even call it AA, it was made by 20 people, great game considering the budget and resources
  • Stephen Hunt
    Stephen Hunt 1 week ago @Mario Nagy This kind of feedback is what makes me decide to buy.
  • ash fullen
    ash fullen 1 week ago A lot better review than the one by Kotaku that (unsurprisingly) criticises Greedfall for not being woke enough.
  • Scottish Jedi
    Scottish Jedi 1 week ago It’s like you’re not allowed to make games that are morally complex.
  • CAWF Network
    CAWF Network 1 week ago "We give it a woke 2 out of woke 5"
  • Scottish Jedi
    Scottish Jedi 1 week ago I’d love for Kotaku to go back and review older games. Fallout 3: you can become a slave trader. Skyrim: you can fight alongside racists and even join in hating other races. KOTOR II: you can order one of your female companions to wear a skimpy dancers outfit and dance for a giant slug’s amusement, even though they say no. And that’s just to name a few. I think they’d have an aneurism
  • Rich Homie Tron
    Rich Homie Tron 1 week ago ppl who work at Kotaku are mentally unstable, they need psych help
  • Ed Holleran Jr
    Ed Holleran Jr 1 week ago Dude I’m liberal as somebody can be but they gotta stop this shit it turns people off and hurts there own cause
  • Plathismo
    Plathismo 1 week ago @Ed Holleran Jr Since you've recognized that, your days as a liberal might be numbered. Take the red pill! :)
  • Ed Holleran Jr
    Ed Holleran Jr 1 week ago Plathismo lol never bro I’m good on that but nice try though A for effort.
  • Bobby James Funko
    Bobby James Funko 1 week ago Yeah kotaku's review was painful to read making all these disingenuous assertions about how they are doing nothing new with your choices and storyline but only was 10 hours into the game, Cringey would be the word to describe it best.
  • Mary Wilcox
    Mary Wilcox 1 week ago @Bobby James Funko Not only was it painful to read, it was downright sick inducing. I threw up in my mouth several times while slowly slogging through it. How the fuck does journalism like that exist??
  • Derick F
    Derick F 1 week ago Yeah. I’d just stop giving those morons the views. Anything they publish is guaranteed to be libtard nonsense.
  • Derick F
    Derick F 1 week ago Plathismo you can lead a horse to water......
  • Catullus XLVI
    Catullus XLVI 1 week ago The Kotaku one, isn't even a review, it's an ambiguous pomo student's crying fit about colonialism, as though the topic can't be explored in fiction.
  • lamebubblesflysohigh
    lamebubblesflysohigh 1 week ago @Scottish Jedi Fallout 2: you can get married (even same sex), rob your wife/husband of all belongings and then sell your spouse to slavers OR to a porn studio to "warm up" actors before filming (a.k.a sex toy). Slavers pay more btw. :)
  • Mr. Ras Lyon
    Mr. Ras Lyon 1 week ago @Ed Holleran Jr You can only fight the red pill for so long... it's inevitable.
  • Rayyan Ali
    Rayyan Ali 1 week ago @Ed Holleran Jr No seriously they're so deranged that they're labeling anyone and everyone who disagrees with them as "altright". Most of gamergate and literally anyone who complains about PC crap were neither left or right. Just normal ass centrists.
  • Zoe K.
    Zoe K. 1 week ago The one by "Heather Alexandra", a freak who thinks can become a female by dying his hair?
  • Lee Berreth
    Lee Berreth 1 week ago The PC culture of Kotaku is exactly why I dont go there. It's obnoxious.
  • Ri dan
    Ri dan 1 week ago @Scottish Jedi aye in skyrim allso u can sellout ur people for a queen who doznt deserve her head sounds familiar lol alba gu bragh
  • Ed Holleran Jr
    Ed Holleran Jr 1 week ago Mr. Ras Lyon you have Rasta lion as your picture and your conservative? I’m jw man peaked my curiosity or is it more of joke(I’m a Dead head so I’m Jw)
  • Ri dan
    Ri dan 1 week ago @Ed Holleran Jr lol he harsh rasta u soft jw lol swap faiths an all will make sense or smoke some erb an hear jah no political only family 1 love
  • ironman10181
    ironman10181 1 week ago Kotaku is a trash gaming website... They never have a well thought out opinion on anything...
  • Fernando Navia
    Fernando Navia 1 week ago Aaah kotaku, i'm amazed that people still take them into consideration when a new game comes out... They are just trash, garbage, libtard scum, we all should just stop talking about them and just let that page die
  • Fernando Navia
    Fernando Navia 1 week ago @ironman10181 libtards can't have a real opinion on anything; they have the IQ of a lizzard and their only purpose in life is to hate everything and everyone who doesnt agree with their ridiculous ideas ... They are exactly the same kind of scum they "think" they fight.
  • Larry M
    Larry M 1 week ago I'm surprised that people still take Kotaku seriously.
  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 1 week ago Eh, they bashed far cry 5 for a "missed opportunity to shit on trump" - also bashed kingdom come for "not having enough minorities and trannies in 14th century Bohemia" Kotaku and The Verge are jokes, owned by VOX, should tell you everything you need to know.
  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 1 week ago Trans activist working at Kotaku : Well, the game is excellent, but it doesn't have random woke PC SJW liberal shit smeared all over it like bioware games these days, so I can't recommend it. Everyone else : It does not have PC liberal SJW shit crammed in everywhere? Take my money!
    IIISW ILIII 1 week ago what a cunt
  • Mr. Ras Lyon
    Mr. Ras Lyon 1 week ago @Ed Holleran Jr Why not? What about modern liberalism aligns with Ras Tafari's teachings? Nothing I've seen. I don't live up in the hills, I live in society same as you. It's all the same witchcraft being pushed on the people by the left right now. So I speak up.
  • Mr. Ras Lyon
    Mr. Ras Lyon 1 week ago @Ri dan I try to reason with some, they just get mad though lol
  • Mr. Ras Lyon
    Mr. Ras Lyon 1 week ago @Ri dan As Prophet Marley came and said. But it's a different time now. If you're going to be stuck in Babylon, chant it down.
  • Ri dan
    Ri dan 1 week ago @Mr. Ras Lyon aye Babylon burning an some leftys trying to put out the flames they should be lightning up with. say the man who lives next door is liberal the man the other side conservative u still break bread but todays pop culture whats to divide only ill will in this mindset crazy world
  • Mr. Ras Lyon
    Mr. Ras Lyon 1 week ago @Ri dan Seen
  • Ri dan
    Ri dan 1 week ago @Mr. Ras Lyon aye an that jw seen u he gona question but i think the only answer when so certain is a wee hit or 2 of the erb suddenly enemy's become family
  • Xyphoon
    Xyphoon 1 week ago @Fernando Navia what you said is really ironic since hate is a typical feeling of the right lmao
  • Marco Vaxquez
    Marco Vaxquez 1 week ago Bioware is dead long live spider
  • PikachuchuTrain
    PikachuchuTrain 1 week ago Nah, BioWare is far from dead. And there is more than enough room for two great developers. :-)
  • Chai Tea
    Chai Tea 1 week ago PikachuchuTrain yes!! We can lift someone up without tearing others down
  • Brandon McCourt
    Brandon McCourt 1 week ago @PikachuchuTrain both of their games in the last two years flopped, if the next dragon age is a flop then yeah Bioware is dead.
  • Mr. Ras Lyon
    Mr. Ras Lyon 1 week ago @PikachuchuTrain Bioware died when the doctors left. It's obvious at this point. Seeing Greedfall reminds me of when the first Mass Effect reviews came out. I'm getting the same feelings about it. This title is going to be the next big thing.
  • Mr. Ras Lyon
    Mr. Ras Lyon 1 week ago @PikachuchuTrain Bioware died when the doctors left. It's obvious at this point. Seeing Greedfall reminds me of when the first Mass Effect reviews came out. I'm getting the same feelings about it. This title is going to be the next big thing.
  • sherry bibbins
    sherry bibbins 1 week ago @Mr. Ras Lyon on a scale of 1 through 5 what did you give this
  • Mr. Ras Lyon
    Mr. Ras Lyon 1 week ago @sherry bibbins I haven't played it yet
  • Ketz
    Ketz 1 week ago @Chai Tea I think bioware teared themselves down.
  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella 1 week ago So an RPG that actually plays like an RPG, making you live with choices and not always giving you an ideal answer.
  • PhantomEmperor
    PhantomEmperor 1 week ago Pretty much mass effect, dragon age and witcher
  • Prototype 81
    Prototype 81 1 week ago Sorta.
  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella 1 week ago (edited) PhantomEmperor I’d say that ME made it far to easy to make friends with all the companions at once, as did DA:I. The faction systems looks good and hopefully feed into companions’ views of you, because I like the idea of all the characters being difficult to keep happy at once.
  • Tomáš Ištok
    Tomáš Ištok 1 week ago @PhantomEmperor witcher is a joke
  • XxT0kY0DrfTstYlExX
    XxT0kY0DrfTstYlExX 1 week ago @PhantomEmperor Ever heard of divinity original sin? cause the choices there are more than in all those games combined and have more impact overall, thats a true rpg
  • Ramon Garcia
    Ramon Garcia 1 week ago (edited) You'd be surprised at how grey and murky the questlines can be. "Oh, these colonizers are just oppressing the natives, how evil!" you'd think. But then you learn what actually happened, from the perspective of the other sides, and now you know it's not that simple.
  • Jt Yt
    Jt Yt 1 week ago Basically it's a Witcher and Dragon Age combined and that's good in my opinion.
  • careless
    careless 1 week ago Jt Yt both of those games r dog shit
  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh 1 week ago to be honest i hope studios dont try to become the next witcher since thats a hard task and can only fail but being the next dragon age works fine just like greedfall is doeing because we need more of these games or hell let spiders built a greedfall trilogy
  • Maddragon
    Maddragon 1 week ago @careless that is your opinion.
  • Cowboy From Hell
    Cowboy From Hell 1 week ago careless can you explain why the Witcher is crap to you?
  • Darron Akins
    Darron Akins 1 week ago Jt Yt his name is careless u can tell he a douche bag 😂
  • Ant
    Ant 1 week ago I thought it was more witcher when I watch the video
  • Tomáš Ištok
    Tomáš Ištok 1 week ago risen and dragon age...witcher 3 is s**t game
  • Gwynbleidd Roach
    Gwynbleidd Roach 1 week ago Tomáš Ištok risen is shit
  • Canareh
    Canareh 1 week ago If The Witcher 3 is a "shit" game to you then you're just tasteless as fuck. This is not an opinion, this is a fact.
  • TheAzuregreen
    TheAzuregreen 1 week ago @careless If those games arent your cup of tea what would you consider an amazing game?
  • Nyc Boricua
    Nyc Boricua 1 week ago TheAzuregreen he probably considers madden or cod better games
  • GOKUMUI3 3
    GOKUMUI3 3 1 week ago TheAzuregreen he’s a 9 year old kid who likes fortnite more than anything
  • GOKUMUI3 3
    GOKUMUI3 3 1 week ago Nyc Boricua nah he likes roblox
  • Faeyd
    Faeyd 1 week ago @careless It's okay to be wrong. So wrong, but okay nonetheless.
  • WhatsMyGame
    WhatsMyGame 1 week ago Haha exactly what my review says
  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 1 week ago I hope no games try to be Witcher. That series has one of the worse combat system out there.
  • WhatsMyGame
    WhatsMyGame 1 week ago @Charlie Brown While W3 combat was a little wonky, I couldn't call it one of the worst ever. There are some real shitty games out there. :)
  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 1 week ago It's basically dragon age without the 15 minute lectures on homophobia or mass effect without a trans activist on a space station giving you a ten minute lecture on her gender reassignment surgery. Bioware before they went woke pretty much
  • Lukas Frejlich
    Lukas Frejlich 1 week ago @Tomáš Ištok "Witcher is s***t game" Yep that's why it won GOTY and many other awards like one of the best RPG of all time. But yes it is a still s***t game. ;D But that's your opinion. I can respect that.
  • file interrupted !
    file interrupted ! 1 week ago @careless dragon age is lit
  • Game Of Games
    Game Of Games 1 week ago @careless and what is a good game for you? Fortnite? Imao if you think dragon age origins or even inquisition + witcher 3 (just the blood and wine dlc looks like an entire game) is bad it can only be cause by brain damage cause you play fortnite.
  • Stephen Hunt
    Stephen Hunt 1 week ago I have read this in the comments of multiple reviews, and I'm picking it up today.
  • Gamer Jema
    Gamer Jema 1 week ago Throw in a little bit of Vampyr and Bloodborne too, and we're there.
  • Beyond Celsus
    Beyond Celsus 1 week ago (edited) It is an insult to Witcher and Dragon age to compare this game to them. This game is okay at best. Nowhere close to the quality of Dragon Age and Witcher.
  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh 1 week ago @Cowboy From Hell what ?witcher is crap ? if someone says these things dont even bother to argue with them let them go watch stupid marvel movies that their league of dumbness for them
  • supernova783
    supernova783 5 days ago @Tomáš Ištok dragon age is rubbish
  • Lee Sheridan
    Lee Sheridan 1 week ago Looks very good like a mix of Witcher and dragon age
  • HardWarUK
    HardWarUK 1 week ago Never thought it would be a AA developer, with a 50 person programming team and a tight budget that would say "The Witcher 3 has some good ideas, let's put them in our game"!
  • Triangle△
    Triangle△ 1 week ago @HardWarUK Ubi tried for something similar in AC: Odyssey, if I recall. Couldn't say if they pulled it off or not, because I gave the game a pass.
  • alexander1
    alexander1 1 week ago @Triangle△ You're missing out then. IMO, the game was very good, I loved it. I hated AC: Origins which bore me after some hours but they stepped it up with Odyssey
  • alexander1
    alexander1 1 week ago @Triangle△ and yeah, to me, odyssey was a combination of witcher 3 and shadow of war
  • Triangle△
    Triangle△ 1 week ago @alexander1 Ehh, I took one look at it and decided against it at the time. Don't have the time to play every open-world title that catches my eye anymore
  • heavvy eyes
    heavvy eyes 1 week ago Triangle△ dude, not gonna lie that is one of the best AC games in a long time. Different, but very fun
  • Lee Sheridan
    Lee Sheridan 1 week ago heavvy eyes yeah ac odyssey is pretty sweet. DLCs are awesome too
  • Furkan Sahin
    Furkan Sahin 1 week ago Odyssey is very better
  • Everything PC
    Everything PC 1 week ago Triangle△ it’s really good man it’s my most played game on steam right now. I’d recommend trying it out over greedfall.(I have both) There’s so much content including the dlc. The second dlc they released is amazing. 1st was ok.
  • Tomáš Ištok
    Tomáš Ištok 1 week ago risen and dragon had nothing with overrated witcher ..
  • huskytzu
    huskytzu 1 week ago alexander1 origins>odyssey for me. I hated odyssey’s nonsense story and garbage animation/voice acting. Just an opinion. At least origins feels like an AC game. An epic one at that...
  • Everything PC
    Everything PC 1 week ago huskytzu If you’re expecting an “assassins creed” game I can see why it disappointed you because it didn’t feel much like the other ones to me either. With that being said, I think they did a great job and the world looks beautiful. Even better than the best looking 2019 games with ray tracing. (Especially 4k 60fps maxed out settings) oddysey is my personal favorite from the series just because of the gameplay and the amount of customization to fit your play style. The second dlc was amazing. I agree with you on the voice acting and story. It could be improved, but the amount of content made up for it imo. I think they took a chance with a new formula and I liked it. I never completed an AC game until this one. I’ve put plenty of hours into the series but never just fully finished a game. I was able to fully play through the story and dlcs on oddysey which I don’t normally do in games in general. I’m really into multiplayer games so it’s rare for me to finish single player games. I think they should continue on this path with some games, but also bring back the original “assassins creed” titles feel for people like you who prefer that play style and combat. As opposed to the rpg style. To me it almost feels their last two releases were completely genres with AC thrown in the title.
  • Charles Armeli
    Charles Armeli 1 week ago I know this looks nothing like The Witcher 3 The Witcher 3 is still the best game ever in my opinion and it's been over for years it's an absolute masterpiece this game is rated at 3 ,10 being The Witcher
  • Paragon Bytes
    Paragon Bytes 1 week ago @Triangle△ odyssey has the coolest gear behind paywalls. Sidequests are simple repetitive errand missions. The combat can be fun at first but becomes very repetitive. Open world exploration is ok at first but soon it all looks the same. The first 30-40 hours are ok. Then it becomes a repetitive chore because you'll have to do the bland repetitive sidemissions to gather resources and to level up. This game is also not an rpg. No matter how hard it tries. The fact you can buy resources, xp boosters, in-game currency, and gear that should be unlocked through gameplay, those things tell you it's not a good game. It's ok at first but it couldn't keep me interested to finish it. It's like a shiny fake rolex. Appealing from a distance, once you get close you'll notice it's fake af.
  • Canareh
    Canareh 1 week ago @Triangle△ Odyssey is okay, Origins is so much better
  • Bless
    Bless 1 week ago @Triangle△ I hate when people say I don't I have time, I have a gf and a job and I have plenty of time, there's no time limit on how long to beat it, grant it it might take us longer than most maybe a couple of months to beat it, but we can still play it
  • Adam Braunstein
    Adam Braunstein 1 week ago It's very much that. There's plenty of double A jankyness to it but that doesn't take away from fun combat that's pretty challenging on extreme and some intriguing story beats. The lip syncing is AWFUL though, like nothing I've ever seen awful, Technomancer didn't have that issue so I'm not sure what happened there, hope a patch is in the works.
  • Palynzer
    Palynzer 1 week ago @huskytzu LOL quite the opposite
  • taimer mega
    taimer mega 1 week ago (edited) @Tomáš Ištok overrated??? It deserves all the praise it gets the game is 99.9 PERCENT perfection, witcher is manifestation of a perfect game
  • Triangle△
    Triangle△ 1 week ago @taimer mega I kind of agree. I never played far into the Witcher 2 because I thought the combat was a little clunky, but the Witcher 3 stepped it's game up big time. Even though CDPR has always been a studio of great integrity, they really found their stride w/ The Wild Hunt.
  • Peoples Hernandez
    Peoples Hernandez 1 week ago @Tomáš Ištok Risen is garbage
  • taimer mega
    taimer mega 1 week ago @Triangle△ yep, I played a whole lot of games in my life but wild hunt amazed on every second of the game, its was like watching a very very good movie, u did not want to skip a cut scene, everything was interesting, maps, characters, lore..... I feel like metal gear games, witcher, final fantasy and gta are good examples of how single player games are here to stay, I love some movie like action with story and good characters, good handling, good controls, graphics.
  • taimer mega
    taimer mega 1 week ago @Triangle△ what wild hent did PERFECT AS WELL WERE THE QUESTS. each quest was a like awesome mini movie.
  • Triangle△
    Triangle△ 1 week ago @taimer mega Well, yeah, you have to understand that's what makes The Wild Hunt such a great RPG. The world doesn't revolve around the player character, they're just a part of it, and the lives and stories of those around them help add to the lore in a believable and immersive way.
  • taimer mega
    taimer mega 6 days ago @Triangle△ yes, well said
  • Mike
    Mike 1 week ago If you like dragon age, you'll love this simple as that.
  • Jansky
    Jansky 1 week ago guy sounds like kermit the frog lol but thanks for the review
  • LoBo 3232
    LoBo 3232 1 week ago All those little problems can basically be solved if the had a bigger budget and team so overall it’s not bad
  • DevilTrigger
    DevilTrigger 2 days ago EA has massive budgets and teams, yet produce 10% of the satisfaction that such a game produces.
  • Wellington
    Wellington 1 week ago Being a big fan of Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, Mass Effect etc, this game does fill the void. It's really engaging, and more story driven that it is "hack'n slash" driven. I played a couple of hours so far and I'm really impressed.
  • Picker Ron
    Picker Ron 1 week ago Me too What a refreshing RPG
  • Daniel Bergman
    Daniel Bergman 1 week ago This game looks pretty great. Will try any wait for price drop.
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago People please understand. This game was made by less then thirty people and made in a similar timeframe that most big companies produce their rpg. So when you put in the same amount of time as a company like BioWare into your rpg but you have one tenth of the staff I didn’t expect much. But it looked interesting enough for me to buy this game. And as the huge dragon age fan I am and rpg fan in general I love this game. AA budget and a tiny staff. Producing a game like this is unheard of. This is a great game and these people should be supported. Want to know why? Because last time we seen a small company make an rpg out of nowhere, they quickly became the big fish in the rpg genre. That’s right folks I’m talking about cd projekt red. And spyder could be the next cd. So support them. They put heart and soul in their games
  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb 1 week ago Yeah, no thanks. Who cares anyway, when BL3 drops in just over 2 days?
  • Александър Тренчев
    Александър Тренчев 1 week ago Not only that but the game was build on THEIR engine, yes, they even have their own GAME ENGINE.
  • Syakirin57
    Syakirin57 1 week ago @iwtmltyb borderlands is not even that good but to each their own
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago iwtmltyb lol good for you, go watch a borderlands video then. Why are you here. Why do you think I care about borderlands? Looter shooters are played out and stale as hell. Or didn’t you get the memo? I’d rather buy a game with depth like this, then buy a game to do the same shit for 30+hours only to do the same shit all over again just on a higher difficulty. If you played one looter shooter you played them all. And I already played the first three bl titles. And they were all the same. If they did something different then we’d be having a different conversation about the game. But I’m not paying for a re skin. Just like I didn’t pay full price for the resident evil remake I’m not paying full price for the next borderlands game. I’m not going to pay for the same shit twice.
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago iwtmltyb also is suggest you got off the hype train, because if you did any research on bl3 you’d know it’s about to be buffed up with micros. And if you played the last borderlands you wouldn’t be so eager to hop on the next one. Because bl the prequel was a flaming pile of year old maggot infested garbage.
  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb 1 week ago michael anderson Check the reviews, kiddo. It pisses all over this poor man’s Skyrim. Sorry, not sorry.
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago iwtmltyb check the reviews huh, well would you look at that, this Poor mans Skyrim has good reviews too. If you like playing repetitive garbage then good for you lol I hope you succeed in life bud 😂
  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb 1 week ago (edited) michael anderson Correction: this poor man’s Skyrim has average reviews, BL3 has great reviews. I know you’re not the brightest lamp in the street, but I would assume you know the difference between those two adjectives? If you’re so enamoured with mediocrity, then who am I to dissuade you? Enjoy, kiddo.
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago (edited) iwtmltyb that’s funny somebody watching a video for a game that doesn’t pertain to them and then bashing it with zero substance for the argument they are failing at presenting. Saying somethings bad when the majority disagree and then throwing insults around doesn’t make you look smart lol. I know it’s a complicated concept, but bare with me. Just because you trick yourself into thinking insults= winning. That doesn’t mean that’s the case. You sound retarded. Which is probably why you are comparing a looter shooter to an rpg. 👏🏼
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago iwtmltyb also correction. High 70s in approval rating is above average. The average would be 50s. Must failed your math class in second grade
  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb 1 week ago michael anderson To be fair, my first comment was flippant. It was how vehemently you tried to defend this game that made me respond how I did. I love open world RPGs and genuinely hoped that this would entice me as much as Dragon Age Inquisition, Skyrim or even the criminally overlooked and underrated Kingdoms Of Amalur did all those years ago. It just looks lacking to me somehow. I hope I’m wrong, as I would love to add this to my collection if it warrants it. Do you have it? I would genuinely love your opinion if you do...
  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb 1 week ago michael anderson Also, as you saw fit to question my knowledge on mathematics, allow me to retort on your deficiencies with your usage of the English language. It’s “bear with me,” not “bare with me.” Just saying...
  • michael anderson
    michael anderson 1 week ago iwtmltyb yes I have it. I played it all day yesterday for about 10 hours. It’s a good game at its core. There are issues the game has that me as a person can look over that I’m aware some people can’t. For example in the first area. Your home continent before you leave for the new world. Mine was bugged to where the ground of the entire play area wasn’t there and I could see under the world. I turned off my Xbox before having to run to the store when I turned it back on it was fixed. But I still had no problem sneaking around the areas and doing the side missions with the ground that way. The lip sync isn’t good. Like andromeda level bad. But they story is intriguing enough for me to focus on what is said rather then what they look like when saying it. The combat, is clunky and weird at first but when you get the hang of the flow it moves better, and has a lot of different avenues to tackle the situation which I feel is unique. It isn’t a simplistic hack and slash like elder scrolls. It feels more like Witcher combat wise. I apologize for my words to you. I’ve been arguing with many people for a few days about this game. That have said the dumbest stuff like graphics are what make the game. So it was just out of frustration. All in all the game is good at its core. I didn’t support the game because I expected perfection. I supported it because I know these guys are some of the good guys. And if given the chance they could be the next cd project red. And we need more teams like that. Everyone starts somewhere and with more funding and a bigger team who knows what they could put out.
  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb 1 week ago michael anderson Thanks for the info. I know many commenting on this video won’t be interested in the game, but I’m all about BL3 this week and for the foreseeable. May look into picking this up though when I’m done with that. Really itching for another worthwhile RPG to get my teeth into.
  • FrancisOf TheFilth
    FrancisOf TheFilth 1 week ago I've tried getting into every borderlands but I cant. They are so boring and lame. Bad jokes dont make it worth it. Loot isnt cool. They are all guns. There is no variety and every borderlands is the same. This game is at least unique
  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb 1 week ago FrancisOf TheFilth Fair enough. Each to their own. With Borderlands, you’re either all in or you’re all out. I don’t think there’s an in between. I’ve loved it since the first game, but I can understand why people don’t like it at the same time.
  • FrancisOf TheFilth
    FrancisOf TheFilth 1 week ago @iwtmltyb I understand. If you're into looter shooters than I could see enjoying it. I was a little harsh. It's just not my type of game. Sad because I wanted to like it I bought the handsome collection and tried numerous times to get into it. I just couldnt
  • HipsterBrigadier
    HipsterBrigadier 3 days ago All this arguing like.....can I want to play both? Is that allowed xD
  • Rilo Honeu
    Rilo Honeu 1 week ago I enjoyed outward, and that was made by 8 peoplle. im sure ill like this
  • Benyamin Pershin
    Benyamin Pershin 1 week ago OUTWARD is more simple i think, well simple for me because i spent about 300 hours in it :D im 12 hours in this game and its very good!
  • Extra LifeGaming
    Extra LifeGaming 1 week ago I still need to finish outward, awesome game, very challenging at first
  • Rilo Honeu
    Rilo Honeu 1 week ago @Extra LifeGaming its only downfall is too much walking and loading screens. Somwtimes i appreciate the walks but sometimes it just sucks
  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 1 week ago Those that played Outward, how did you get past the combat? I'm a big fan of dark souls but Outward doesn't seem to be anything like it. Just clunky rather than being fairly difficult. I bought Outward day one and was really hyped after watching gameplay etc but never realised how bad the combat was at least in my experience
  • Benyamin Pershin
    Benyamin Pershin 1 week ago @Daniel Scott its not dark souls. I ussually used the ranged combat with bleeding effect. Got most of the enemies
  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 1 week ago @Benyamin Pershin Try using a melee weapon then get back to me lol. Srsly though that seems to be the same with dark souls games where the game becomes a lot easier when you use a ranged class
  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 1 week ago Just to clarify I only mention dark souls because it's combat is slightly similar. However I felt like dark souls combat is difficult but fair whereas outward's melee seems just straight up clunky and unfair
  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 1 week ago I might come back to it one day and try a ranged class
  • Benyamin Pershin
    Benyamin Pershin 1 week ago @Daniel Scott i used melee but i think its more difficult
  • Joseph Ben-Obasa
    Joseph Ben-Obasa 1 week ago God, I'm so happy Spiders were finally able to merge their concepts with their execution. Technomancer and Bound by Flame had potential but we're flawed in execution. Finally they seem to have found their footing
  • Ron Jon
    Ron Jon 6 days ago I'll wait for The Outer Worlds then Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Der Kommandant
    Der Kommandant 1 week ago SPIDERS are a fantastic dev team, they need more budget for their next project.
  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh 1 week ago hope THQ Nordic buys them and funds them with whatever they need same goes for warhorse studios with kingdom come
  • Bonesreturns
    Bonesreturns 1 week ago it seems greedfall is selling well, so hopefully that boosts their next game's budget
  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh 1 week ago @Bonesreturns we are all thirsty for good old bioware style rpgs and this game does just that
  • Александър Тренчев
    Александър Тренчев 1 week ago @Deepak Singh BigBen Interactive bought them around 1 month ago.
  • PhantomEmperor
    PhantomEmperor 1 week ago That's why we should support this game as best we can. Hopefully there's dlc down the road
  • alexander1
    alexander1 1 week ago @PhantomEmperor I believe they said there's no DLC coming
  • Rayyan Ali
    Rayyan Ali 1 week ago @Deepak Singh I don't trust THQ Nordic after DoW 3, Darksiders 3 and their support towards Epic Store.
  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh 1 week ago @Rayyan Ali thq nordic didnt make these games they just funded them if you want to blame someone then blame the studios that made them since thq nordic didnt force anything up on them
  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh 1 week ago @PhantomEmperor no dlcs planned for this one
  • Troy Evick
    Troy Evick 1 week ago You sure are thorough and very quick to upload. This is why I love you. Hahah keep it up