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OnePlus 6T Review: New Design, Same Price!

Published on Oct 29, 2018 6,798,214 views










OnePlus 6T: This is what happens when you teach an old phone new (design) tricks.
OnePlus 6T skins:

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Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus (Instrumental)


Phone provided by OnePlus for review.

  • Rudy Alfonsus
    Rudy Alfonsus 8 months ago Hey apple u hear that? new model but same price 😡
  • RoshanGamer
    RoshanGamer 8 months ago Apple did that Iphone X is $1000 and new iphone xs is $1000
  • TB Tech
    TB Tech 8 months ago (edited) RoshanGamer triggered isheep(jks)
  • RoshanGamer
    RoshanGamer 8 months ago @TB Tech ?? I use a galaxy s7 edge lol
  • TB Tech
    TB Tech 7 months ago RoshanGamer jks lol I use s s7 edge to lol sick phone ye
  • gratefully - csgo
    gratefully - csgo 7 months ago RoshanGamer ok same price but still the same model smh
  • RoshanGamer
    RoshanGamer 7 months ago @gratefully - csgo No iphone Xs has a A12 Bionic chip and better camera and stuff that's why it's called the X "S" wich means slightly upgraded iphone x
  • JustinHit
    JustinHit 7 months ago Apple: What did you say? You want new model, higher price?
  • Shane Watts
    Shane Watts 7 months ago Love this guys videos - well done as usual!
  • gratefully - csgo
    gratefully - csgo 7 months ago @RoshanGamer wow same thing
  • Aussie Asian
    Aussie Asian 7 months ago Rudy Alfonsus Apple be like “Well we got same design for 10x the price of the last one” 😂
  • Thunder Cat
    Thunder Cat 7 months ago As a life long Apple butt boi I totally agree with this sentiment.
  • KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park
    KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park 7 months ago RoshanGamer u yea but literally NOTHING new.
  • VictorEpicly Playing roblox
    VictorEpicly Playing roblox 7 months ago iPhone XS Max 1400 Razor gaming laptop 1400
  • The Amazing Josh
    The Amazing Josh 7 months ago @RoshanGamer You mean the tiny xs with bad resolution and isn't selling well
  • The Amazing Josh
    The Amazing Josh 7 months ago @RoshanGamer No hate thou XD S7 Squad
  • KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park
    KingCP08 / Chanjoo Park 7 months ago Yelizaveta Ursuliak... it’s the same in USD
  • Moskovmain 1212
    Moskovmain 1212 7 months ago Apple, Same Design New Price
  • Ionstorm
    Ionstorm 7 months ago I mean every company everywhere is hi this is new >> MORE MONEY << that's with EVERYTHING right now!
  • Exotic Chaos Juan
    Exotic Chaos Juan 6 months ago Apple is trash Samsung is better
  • Bugra Boztepe
    Bugra Boztepe 6 months ago Adds new display better camera and Face ID , rises the price to 1k
  • Syed mdabdullah
    Syed mdabdullah 5 months ago 😂😂😂
  • I love Vidz
    I love Vidz 5 months ago RoshanGamer I use note 7 and it’s gre
  • Roman Empire
    Roman Empire 5 months ago What they do is same model different price.
  • itapll -MC
    itapll -MC 4 months ago Your likes is 911 Lmao
  • The Most High
    The Most High 4 months ago @RoshanGamer yuck LOL
  • RoshanGamer
    RoshanGamer 4 months ago Pure Seven what yuck
  • Lost Soul666
    Lost Soul666 4 months ago I am the 1000th like
  • 610
    610 4 months ago same with sumsung
  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge 3 months ago Ever heard of getting a job
  • Mat Iam
    Mat Iam 2 months ago I hate IOS not meaning to offend Apple users, but i just "dislike" 🙄 the lack of expandability on amd IOS device, and that's why i love android!! 😁
  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge 2 months ago Mat Iam the whole point of iOS on a phone is just simplicity and convenient. You know where everything is and it’s easy to get to, since that’s all everyone really needs in a phone
  • DatLulGuy
    DatLulGuy 2 months ago H A S V I E T N A M F L A S H B A C K S A B O U T T H E N E W P R O S T A N D
  • Nischit
    Nischit 2 months ago RoshanGamer i think the storage capacity varies!
  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I 1 month ago Galaxy S8 - $750 Galaxy S9 - $720 Just saying
  • Gaming with Andrew
    Gaming with Andrew 1 month ago The S models are always the same price as the original
  • Andrew k
    Andrew k 4 months ago who's here after oneplus 7 pro launch?
  • Big Panda 64
    Big Panda 64 3 months ago Hell yeah man I cannot wait to get the OnePlus 7 pro
  • QueueO
    QueueO 2 months ago me
  • ahsan ayyaz
    ahsan ayyaz 4 weeks ago me too
  • Utkarssh B
    Utkarssh B 2 weeks ago You guys are getting the OnePlus 7 pro & am I am here, getting a K20 pro for $360 😭😭
  • EMUDroid
    EMUDroid 2 weeks ago @Utkarssh B k20 pro is really good price I just don't like there mui OS
  • Tommy :V
    Tommy :V 1 week ago Me
  • Aryaman Deepesh Kumar
    Aryaman Deepesh Kumar 9 months ago Ahhh that’s hot, that’s hot
  • Kavinth Amirthanathar
    Kavinth Amirthanathar 9 months ago Chillll
  • Classypumpken3
    Classypumpken3 9 months ago Lmao underrated comment
  • Fatih Demirci
    Fatih Demirci 9 months ago Damn you got me smiling with that comment. It's now like this old Kid TV shows where you sing the intro in your head while reading only the lyrics. 😂😂😂
  • -
    - 8 months ago Mark ass :}
  • Crystal Joy
    Crystal Joy 8 months ago @- mark ass brownie
  • ansku hei
    ansku hei 7 months ago 600th liker ❤️❤️😘
  • bob vagene
    bob vagene 7 months ago Apple- Same phone , increased price OnePlus- better phone , same price
  • aniruddha patil
    aniruddha patil 6 months ago Underrated comment!
  • Sam Pomare
    Sam Pomare 5 months ago bob vagene Same person, Same idiot
  • Paper Bag Man
    Paper Bag Man 4 months ago @Sam Pomare 🍎🐏
  • Sam Pomare
    Sam Pomare 4 months ago Paper Bag Man  GANG
  • Shany
    Shany 4 months ago worse than last phone, if check specs of iphones
  • Mystic Gamer123
    Mystic Gamer123 1 week ago @aniruddha patil wdym. Basically copied ruddies comment.
  • Epic Benjo
    Epic Benjo 9 months ago OnePlus is using this video as their ad here on YouTube
  • SirLovesALott
    SirLovesALott 9 months ago They did this last year too
  • Tarang Srivastava
    Tarang Srivastava 9 months ago Fuck OnePlus
  • Alex Lulz
    Alex Lulz 9 months ago make a good phone.. you can use reviews as ads. dank
    SF TIGERSHOT 9 months ago REBOOT
  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 9 months ago Doesn’t that mean that mkbhd is making bank off of this video?
  • FredyGeeTV
    FredyGeeTV 9 months ago Who cares?! He getting paid! Haha
  • Jean Croix
    Jean Croix 9 months ago @FredyGeeTV correct!
  • Saku
    Saku 8 months ago @Tarang Srivastava Why did you click this video and comment on a comment, if you hate OnePlus?
  • Tarang Srivastava
    Tarang Srivastava 8 months ago Saktuscactus 1 week ago this video was marked as an Ad. And that makes MKBHD look bad since it was obviously not a sponsored video.
  • RichHomieTom
    RichHomieTom 8 months ago @Tarang Srivastava how do you know Marquees didn't get paid?
  • BoltMix
    BoltMix 7 months ago @Diego Martinez Not really, but the extra views he gets is extra money
  • BoltMix
    BoltMix 7 months ago @RichHomieTom Because it's a review unit, the company sends you the phone and if you want to you review it. One Plus is not that rich of a company, but is preety loved, when they release phones they send it out to youtubers and because the youtubers (anyone that likes tech in general) love their phones they review them and in a way One Plus get's free advertisment People love their products and youtubers review them because they are good products, it's simply not now or ever sponsored
  • RichHomieTom
    RichHomieTom 7 months ago @BoltMix Once again how do you he didn't get payed to have the video used as advertisement?
  • Hype
    Hype 4 months ago @Tarang Srivastava Fuck Apple , one plus is better Tarang Srivastava
  • H. Kashyap
    H. Kashyap 4 months ago OnePlus is NOT hearing it for the OnePlus 7 Pro for sure.
  • Rithik Lal
    Rithik Lal 4 months ago Maybe oneplus gave him the phone to review
  • عامر عمار
    عامر عمار 3 months ago ونطنقكقثهججثقخحثقخخقحقهقخخخحهت
  • SabakuJoseph
    SabakuJoseph 3 months ago Isnt it better to have an actual depiction of features as an ad, than a misleading ad trying to brainwash you into thinking a device is better than it actually is?
  • Surya Sharon
    Surya Sharon 2 months ago @Hype v
  • Jounaaass
    Jounaaass 1 week ago @Tarang Srivastava what hurt your feelings?
  • Adrian Vid
    Adrian Vid 9 months ago Anyone here from the Smartphone Awards 2018?
  • Joe
    Joe 8 months ago Yep
  • sammy cohen
    sammy cohen 8 months ago Yessir
  • Mikatakuzu - kun
    Mikatakuzu - kun 8 months ago You mean samartphone? Yeah.
  • Nikolozi Mdivani
    Nikolozi Mdivani 5 months ago oh yes indeedy
  • Hype
    Hype 4 months ago Yep
  • Tommy :V
    Tommy :V 1 week ago Me
  • Shamier Swafford
    Shamier Swafford 9 months ago (edited) Who else is coming back to this video because it won Marques' MVP Award.
  • Peter L
    Peter L 7 months ago Just bought it, its a good phone.
  • The Amazing Josh
    The Amazing Josh 7 months ago You mean MVS xd
  • アムルタケシュ
    アムルタケシュ 4 months ago ぼく
  • Genesis Pure Ruby
    Genesis Pure Ruby 3 months ago Meeeeeee
  • Get fucking rekt
    Get fucking rekt 8 months ago I love that it’s a flagship at an affordable price Apple can learn from them
  • clownonabike
    clownonabike 8 months ago iPhone is a fashion item. People buy them because they are expensive.
  • Get fucking rekt
    Get fucking rekt 8 months ago clownonabike ikr I hate them for it
  • Emo Parker
    Emo Parker 7 months ago @clownonabike Other phones like Samsung and Huawei look sexier though
  • neitherlink
    neitherlink 7 months ago Black Guy what about other manufacturers? Are you an Apple hater specifically? Because as far as I’m concerned almost every single mainstream manufacturer has risen the prices of their flagships from last year.
  • Get fucking rekt
    Get fucking rekt 6 months ago neitherlink I’m not an Apple hater, I just think that they’re milking the prices Samsungs new galaxy has a reason for being so expensive Apple has no reason for it
  • electrobussterr
    electrobussterr 5 months ago Apple can only learn from Isaac Newton and Steve Jobs who unfortunately both passed away.
  • Douglas Rogers
    Douglas Rogers 5 months ago the thing is, apple is raising prices, and whenever apple does something, everyone else jumps on that bandwagon.
  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal 4 months ago Stupid "Apple" spend sooo much money on "RND" bug companies research first then small companies like "1+" copy them.
  • Maxx Damage
    Maxx Damage 7 months ago i still use my oneplus 3T, and i have it with me, everyday, at work(electrician), i dropd it more than 30times, and i still works perfect, only the battery doesnt last as long as before, but still lasts a long time, next phone will definitely be a oneplus again !
  • Jamal Kamal
    Jamal Kamal 3 months ago How many years you keep oneplus 3t phone?
  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 months ago Jamal Kamal I’m guessing 2 years since it has only been out for 2 years
  • mark dspark47 AlaLook
    mark dspark47 AlaLook 3 weeks ago Hey dude I'm still using mine too..OnePlus 3 he's still kicking ass till issue or watosover.definitely my next phone is 1+ dude
  • Joki Jurianto
    Joki Jurianto 4 months ago Who comes this video after Oneplus 7 Pro released 😂
  • Eric Mewhort
    Eric Mewhort 1 week ago Me, curved display in the 7 Pro and the price of the 6T has me wanting the 6T.
  • Xavier Benitez
    Xavier Benitez 9 months ago anyone else see 6666 in the bottom right at 1:18
  • Ghuiii Ggwndez
    Ghuiii Ggwndez 9 months ago Yes i see it what going on
  • Tom Pernelle
    Tom Pernelle 9 months ago Oh shit
  • Ghuiii Ggwndez
    Ghuiii Ggwndez 9 months ago With soon many technology ads movie music etc there's trying to forget what about to happen days to come some people are blind and some people with eye open who knows what going happened
  • Shanil Koppam
    Shanil Koppam 8 months ago Yz
  • Marvel Comics
    Marvel Comics 8 months ago Xavier Benitez the devil itself Mark ass brownie
  • xxDylanxx
    xxDylanxx 7 months ago Ye
  • toncatboy
    toncatboy 6 months ago It represents One plus 6 T. One 6 plus Triple 6. "One plus 6 T". Dont let religion cloud your vision
  • Breezy Steezy
    Breezy Steezy 6 months ago I think both IOS users and other Android users would agree that this phone is amazing
  • Dr. Sachin Joon
    Dr. Sachin Joon 4 months ago Wallpaper:- Sunset Forest from Walli app.
  • Adarsh Reddy Annadi
    Adarsh Reddy Annadi 4 months ago Dr. Sachin Joon thanks man i struggle a lot for the wallpaper you made it easy
  • Mahesh Jayakumar
    Mahesh Jayakumar 3 months ago Thanks man
  • Shashwat Gupta
    Shashwat Gupta 3 months ago Thanks dude
  • Vrinda Taparia
    Vrinda Taparia 3 months ago Thanks a lot! :)
  • Amal Jose Thomaz Palackan
    Amal Jose Thomaz Palackan 1 month ago Thanks a lot doc
  • angelic moondust
    angelic moondust 2 weeks ago You're the hero we all need
  • Manthan Pawar
    Manthan Pawar 1 week ago Thanks! just got the wallpaper on my 6t
    MRD GAMING 10 months ago I'm not a fan of the notch but this is easily the BEST implementation of the notch on any smartphone!
  • Yu Wang
    Yu Wang 10 months ago One plus has no innovation at all, look at the oppo r17, the exact same model
  • Q.
    Q. 10 months ago (edited) @Yu Wang Oppo and Oneplus are owned by the same company
  • Bijay Kumar
    Bijay Kumar 10 months ago Realme 2 Pro too!
  • Sam Strickler
    Sam Strickler 10 months ago @Yu Wang They are from the same design team lmaoo 😂
  • JenCarlos Williams
    JenCarlos Williams 10 months ago @Yu Wang same company
  • BibaczLP
    BibaczLP 10 months ago Ehm Essential PH-1??????
  • Faiz Naqiuuu
    Faiz Naqiuuu 10 months ago Essential phone is the first
  • Chris Hinds
    Chris Hinds 10 months ago "easily the BEST implementation of the notch on any smartphone!" is that because it only just has the front facing camera in it? literally no other tech.
  • ThisNameIsCurrentlyUnderConstruction
    ThisNameIsCurrentlyUnderConstruction 10 months ago Until the s10 comes out
  • André Alonso Boo
    André Alonso Boo 10 months ago @Yu Wang opo and one plus are owned by the same company that's why the models are similar
  • raney150
    raney150 10 months ago Chris Hinds, that is the only tech needed there.
  • Jean V
    Jean V 10 months ago @Yu Wang how much you wanna bet that they took the jack because the case didn't have a jack?
  • Malik
    Malik 10 months ago (edited) Xiaomi mi mix 3. No notch. That's what you call impressive
  • Kyle Logan
    Kyle Logan 10 months ago Here we go Mic Rose must be a pro reviewer
  • Chris Hinds
    Chris Hinds 10 months ago raney150 notmif you want proper facial recognition or a bigger speaker. I’m not saying it’s bad at all. It looks fantastic. But notches are there for a reason..... well at least the iPhones is.
  • THEFIRE360
    THEFIRE360 10 months ago cause theres literally only one thing in there, A camera
  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh 10 months ago @Q. yupp, but oppo and one plus are independently different companies and when it comes to phones they are surely rivals
  • mahchymk93
    mahchymk93 10 months ago Eww, this is a fucking hideous notch. Either full notch or no notch, teardrop notches look like shit
  • AngryTank Killa
    AngryTank Killa 10 months ago I still prefer the Essential phone Notch, if not that the next best notch is the Iphone X notch, the rest just look terrible especially the pixel.
  • Aryaman - Anime on Piano
    Aryaman - Anime on Piano 10 months ago Can you explain how? I'm genuinely asking because I don't know. Can someone tell me?
  • B C 08
    B C 08 10 months ago Nah, still has a double chin. iPhone X is still the best implementation, the notch is only has big as needed for the Face ID and there is no stupid chin.
  • xXx_quackSc0porM90_xXx
    xXx_quackSc0porM90_xXx 10 months ago They need to add expansion storage..
  • joey mancuso
    joey mancuso 10 months ago the xiamoi mix 3 has the actual best notch implementation, period
  • Coenraad Koster
    Coenraad Koster 10 months ago @Q. then it's not smart for 1 company to make 2 of their phones have the same design
  • chiru charly
    chiru charly 10 months ago Look At Nubia Z18...
  • Michael Zaragoza
    Michael Zaragoza 10 months ago @Faiz Naqiuuu first doesn't mean best
  • Faiz Naqiuuu
    Faiz Naqiuuu 10 months ago @Michael Zaragoza i didn't say it's the best
  • Jason Bassett
    Jason Bassett 10 months ago It can't do unlock at night. I'd rather have a notch and a camera that can work at night and be used for passwords, banking apps and payments. I love the finger print under the screen
  • Faiz Naqiuuu
    Faiz Naqiuuu 10 months ago @Chris Hinds the earpiece is either under the screen like oppo find x or on top of the notch
  • Mack V
    Mack V 10 months ago This phone wasn't even the first... Essential phone, and many others have already done this.
  • Faiz Naqiuuu
    Faiz Naqiuuu 10 months ago @Jason Bassett infrared sensor like Pocophone F1 and iPhone x can be unlocked at night
  • onee-chan yamero
    onee-chan yamero 10 months ago ThisNameIsCurrentlyUnderConstruction the s10 wont have any notch
  • raney150
    raney150 10 months ago Chris Hinds I don't want facial recognition at all. A fingerprint is better. I don't want to unlock my phone everytime I wake the screen. I would like a speaker there though. But notches are not the way to accomplish that. Notches are ugly as hell..
    MRD GAMING 10 months ago Not once did I say this was the "first" time a notch was used. I said, in my opinion, "this is the best implementation". With that said, I DO NOT LIKE THE NOTCH, AT ALL. We live in an era now where more and more companies are adding a notch to house some of the phone's hardware, in an effort to go for a more bezel less screen. However, many of those companies have done a horrible job at it. Just look at the newly released Pixel 3. That notch tho! Look, if a company feels the need to add a notch, there's a way to do it. Maybe this isn't the way, but again,"it's the best implementation" so far.
  • Nintendork
    Nintendork 10 months ago Galaxy line tells you no need for a notch.
  • Morten
    Morten 10 months ago '𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓸 𝓴𝓷𝓸𝓽𝓬𝓱'
  • Genes
    Genes 10 months ago Mic Rose This notch serves no purpose. It’s just there to copy Apple design.
  • James Wagstaff
    James Wagstaff 10 months ago Yu Wang you completely miss the point... that’s why it’s so cheap it’s the oppo r17 but improved all over
  • A Normal Name
    A Normal Name 10 months ago You can even turn it off!
  • Amal Jay Jith
    Amal Jay Jith 10 months ago @Malik with a stupid sliding mechanism.... if U wanna c an awsome full day display with best body design ever just wait for the S10... Dats going to be one revolutionary tech..😎
  • Rayreza Lerianto
    Rayreza Lerianto 10 months ago Oppo and vivo
  • Aron Estabillo
    Aron Estabillo 10 months ago No. It's the ugliest one for me. They should have stuck with the old design.
  • Joemar Ingente
    Joemar Ingente 10 months ago Oppo f9 have this implementation also. Phones now are really getting better
  • Jacek Blaumann
    Jacek Blaumann 10 months ago soon the will remove in 2019
    MRD GAMING 10 months ago @Genes dumbass, apple copied essential phone
  • Shoaib abbas
    Shoaib abbas 9 months ago (edited) Essential P1 was the first notch phone
  • TheSher
    TheSher 8 months ago @Sam Strickler r/whooosh
  • gratefully - csgo
    gratefully - csgo 7 months ago @Yu Wang oneplus is a brand of OPPO
  • Marko Djordjevic
    Marko Djordjevic 7 months ago A fingerprint sensor is just as good as facial recognition. And you can use it any time. But with face unlock you still have to position the phone so it can see your face. For example if your phone is on a table and you want to unlock it to maybe see a message you have to pick up the iPhone or put your head above it. With the fingerprint sensor under the display it's really easy to unlock it.
  • angelic moondust
    angelic moondust 2 weeks ago @Yu Wang they came out at the same time????????
  • Joseph Garza
    Joseph Garza 9 months ago He had to flex the Tesla 😂
  • Patsuli
    Patsuli 5 months ago He has same apps in every video. Not even sure if he got his tesla allready
  • Douglas Rogers
    Douglas Rogers 5 months ago haha
  • Jounaaass
    Jounaaass 1 week ago Lol nobody flex with tesla
  • Sinia
    Sinia 7 months ago OnePlus 6T looks amazing but I will stick to my beautiful 5T for the option of the headphone jack
  • Douglas Rogers
    Douglas Rogers 5 months ago I think the 6 has one too.
  • mOsTtHiCcEsT
    mOsTtHiCcEsT 4 months ago If you can't afford bluetooth headphones.. thats your loss i don't mind that it doesnt have headphone jack bcus i use bluetooth
  • Sinia
    Sinia 4 months ago @mOsTtHiCcEsT if you own a pair of audio technicas that you use across multiple devices like audio interface etc, you will not be able to have them as Bluetooth as not all audio devices support Bluetooth. It is not about what you can afford. It is about usability, and removing a feature does not make the phone more usable
  • mOsTtHiCcEsT
    mOsTtHiCcEsT 4 months ago @Sinia that's whats the adapter is for. Stop complaining and buy another phone.
  • Sinia
    Sinia 4 months ago @mOsTtHiCcEsT what about if I also need to charge my phone?
  • Joshua Thiel
    Joshua Thiel 4 months ago Realizing my 5T is the last OnePlus without a notch & has a headphone jack
  • Sinia
    Sinia 4 months ago @Joshua Thiel we are the last lucky ones
  • Deepak Shadija
    Deepak Shadija 4 months ago @Joshua Thiel im also using 5t still but after one plus 7 launched , i feel like i need to upgrade, so im buying 6t , not new but a few months used phone at a great price.
  • the islander
    the islander 1 month ago OnePlus have earphone for their phone. TypeC earplug.
  • Vangmay Jayant
    Vangmay Jayant 3 weeks ago @Joshua Thiel I've turned off the notch on my OnePlus 6 and it looks pretty cool because in that dark part I get my battery and network icons. There's also the headphone jack and arguably a better design (though glass can be fragile)
  • CringeyDingie
    CringeyDingie 9 months ago Is this what you wanted?
  • Jesus
    Jesus 9 months ago Lol I see apple fan boys in the comment section 👀 stay mad lmao. The iPhone X cost around $300-$400 to make. And selling it for $1,100? Y'all are just buying the brand. The last thing I bought from Apple was the airpods. And my last iPhone was the 5. Never again will I buy that overpriced crap🙅🏽‍♂️
  • Tupisupi
    Tupisupi 8 months ago I still use my iphone 5 looking to upgrade to oneplus 6t (mclaren edition) or the s9. Im leaving apple too too expensive
  • Danstry
    Danstry 8 months ago Jesus iPhone X cost 80 to make. id assume this phone cost 50-90. you have to remember apple has great customer service, hundreds of store, and thousands of employees. they have a ton of stuff to pay, and way better service then OnePlus, so you can’t really blame them for overpricing. but i do agree OnePlus 6T> iPhone XS
  • bee jayy
    bee jayy 8 months ago When you guys discuss cost you must include the labor it took to get it to that point, not the parts only.
  • Bautista Ernest Jhonn
    Bautista Ernest Jhonn 8 months ago @Danstry tons of stuff to pay? that should be the burden of the company and not the costumer, way better services? lol they wont even repair a broken screen in a mac overpricing is still overpricing the reason its called overpricing is because even if you equate all of the additional expenses the price is still unreasonable
  • Bautista Ernest Jhonn
    Bautista Ernest Jhonn 8 months ago @Danstry tons of stuff to pay? that should be the burden of the company and not the costumer, way better services? lol they wont even repair a broken screen in a mac overpricing is still overpricing the reason its called overpricing is because even if you equate all of the additional expenses the price is still unreasonable
  • Yoda
    Yoda 8 months ago Lmao you faggots are so upset over other people buying Apple, you must have some sad fucking lives
  • algebwarf
    algebwarf 7 months ago you tell 'em jesus
  • Simba
    Simba 7 months ago @Danstry you an idiot....$80 to make a iPhone x? iPhone x 65gb cost 370 and some change
  • Matthew Fonseca
    Matthew Fonseca 7 months ago Yesterday I gave up my iPhone x for a OnePlus 6T. Done with iPhone
  • _miyahh_xo
    _miyahh_xo 7 months ago Yoda calm down. Can a man give his opinion? 😑
  • Matthew Fonseca
    Matthew Fonseca 7 months ago @Yoda calm down man. Do you have nothing better to do than to talk crap to strangers? Relax
  • I am retarded and my opinion doesnt matter But
    I am retarded and my opinion doesnt matter But 5 months ago (edited) @Danstry great customer service.... I don't think so... CBC did a report on how apple ripped of customers by charging a 1000$ for repairing a minor defect and another repair shop was sued by Apple for repairing broken IPhone screen... Btw apple lost the lawsuit...just search it on YT....
  • N o o r
    N o o r 5 months ago Yoda LMAOO
  • Douglas Rogers
    Douglas Rogers 5 months ago iphone 5 is one of the last good iphones.
  • Arjun Salwan
    Arjun Salwan 4 months ago No apple "fan boy" said anything until dragged into the conversation. Attacking people on their choice of preference seems to be Android boys' best defense apparently. Live your life, and let others live theirs.
  • Joel Perez
    Joel Perez 4 months ago @Danstry the I phone x cost 370 to make so OnePlus isn't that much lower so for them to be selling it at around 300-400 profit is still good considering apple is charging 1000$ for a shitty ass phone that cost 370
  • James Charbonneau
    James Charbonneau 8 months ago Just got my McLaren edition. I went from the 5t. Man this phone is everything I have dreamed of. I chose to hide the notch because it still allows the clock and such to use the top space. Amazing device. At this point OnePlus is the best device on the market. I am forever a fan!
  • Michael Jarquin
    Michael Jarquin 9 months ago This video shows up as an ad for me
  • FriedRice 4
    FriedRice 4 9 months ago Same
  • mrxun
    mrxun 9 months ago one plus is using mkbhd as an ad again! last time mkbhd ended with 19mil views