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Space Station 13 Review | AHELP: Clown Grief Pls Ban He™

Published on Mar 17, 2019 2,179,283 views










The singularity is loose, the AI is malfunctioning and the air is plasma.

Good luck out there, spaceman.

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Outro song by Chris Remo of the Idle Thumbs Podcast.

  • Smurfferdid
    Smurfferdid 6 months ago TBH, would not mind hours of space station 13 stories
  • Filip P.
    Filip P. 6 months ago Listen to the sleepycast podcast s02ep06 griefing and game desing, swayne has some stories
  • Angust Meta
    Angust Meta 6 months ago Hell, I have like 700 hours of just OBSERVING rounds of SS13. This game cured my bored gamer-syndrome.
  • AdabA
    AdabA 6 months ago Agreed. I could listen to SSeth stories on pretty much any game for hours.
  • David B Andrews
    David B Andrews 6 months ago @Angust Meta I didn't even know you could observe games... always wanted to check this out but, like most games of its kind, the steep learning curve always put me off
  • Krzysztof Zalewski
    Krzysztof Zalewski 6 months ago Rebranding as STORYTIMEYOUTUBER lel I'm dying from laughter
  • Angust Meta
    Angust Meta 6 months ago @David B Andrews The learning curve is definitely steep yes. Observing can help you learn but not as fast as playing. Being an observer is very chill though. You can talk in deadchat and ask questions about most stuff. There are also ghost roles where you can spawn at distant places to learn some jobs/mechanics in relative peace. And every now and then the ghosts get prompted for roles spawned by random events, such as "sentient animal". I play on /tg/station.
  • Mr.Froggu
    Mr.Froggu 6 months ago Honestly I'd listen to like a podcast of Tzeentach's playthoughs of different games
  • BlackPantsLegion
    BlackPantsLegion 6 months ago I have almost 700 hours of it on my channel.
  • V Paul
    V Paul 6 months ago I have a quick one from the top of my mind so sit down, and leave questions about my sanity for later: I was playing as a botanist doing only the essentials for the survival of the station: growing space marijuana. So as i proceed to genetically modify weed seeds with every psychedelic effect known in this side of the galaxy, the Chef comes to my window complaining that he was running short on ingredients and people around the station were starving and that i was supposed to do my fucking job instead of getting high with my fellow botanists. I agreed with him as i finished rolling another joint and started growing some wheat, tomatos, oranges, and any other ingredient he had asked for with a single detail he didn't know: i genetically modified every single seed with the same psychedelics present on my weed. The crops grew strong and healhty and also rainbow colored since the psychedelics were so instable they would almost bend reality itself. The Chef didn't question why the wheat was glowing and starte baking some breads, cakes and shit. Later on almost everyone on the station was high, puking, screaming and laughting uncontrollably. Medical bay couldn't make a cure to the highly unstable psychedelic food because giant spiders started attacking the station while everyone was high and easily killed anyone on the way. Only a few ones made it to the escape shuttle just to find out the spiders made their way the escape shuttle first. For myself i just hid in a cryogenic chamber and turned it on praying that i never wake up again in that spider swarmed space station.
  • dugwyler
    dugwyler 6 months ago Space Station Firteen* FTFY
  • Moomoomoo Koko
    Moomoomoo Koko 6 months ago Meeee toooooooooooo
  • TheToxicTrick
    TheToxicTrick 6 months ago I would love that as a special or a collection of left out clips and stories. Really loved this one ❤
  • Smurfferdid
    Smurfferdid 6 months ago @BlackPantsLegion I do enjoy your content immensely, especially with my morning coffee! It'd be interesting to see a different format too though, and BoatBomber's stuff tends to be a bit too abstract or heavily edited for my tastes. Hail Cargonia
  • Canned
    Canned 6 months ago Boat bomber does nothing but SS13 stories
  • Machinegunオカピ
    Machinegunオカピ 6 months ago This and Sseth's dwarf fort video both had me shrieking with laughter, and boy, is it easier watching these than trying to figure out how to fucking play SS13 or dwarf fort too.
  • japa maron
    japa maron 6 months ago Let’s call a vote!
  • Sarky
    Sarky 6 months ago @Angust Meta Being able to revive as a "sentient virus" was a complete blast. That was until someone discovered the cure was vodka.
  • Angust Meta
    Angust Meta 6 months ago @Sarky Nice. I think you can reinfect cured people by mutating.
  • Sporco Figlio di Puttana
    Sporco Figlio di Puttana 6 months ago They're just as good as greentexts.
  • It's Me :/
    It's Me :/ 6 months ago Boat Bomber
  • Crunchy Soup
    Crunchy Soup 6 months ago Yeah I know i would love to hear these for hours, Just make it a Netflix series.
  • Sean Warren
    Sean Warren 5 months ago A week may be my line, then again, maybe two.
  • Dedeedo
    Dedeedo 5 months ago Sseth needs time to steal more stories lol
  • RedMatter
    RedMatter 5 months ago there's a channel called 'space hippie' based entirely on this, and he sounds like a softer toned sseth.
  • Smurfferdid
    Smurfferdid 5 months ago @RedMatter Familiar with him as well, but he ignores roleplay far too much for my tastes. Genuinely gets himself in situations where people are attacking him and he's like "why?" and they're literally saying why.
  • Red Vipre
    Red Vipre 5 months ago @BlackPantsLegion Checkers the Xeno-hybrid monstrosity was better than many movies I've watched, great improv from all parties. Love your VO style in general please keep em coming! (Link for those interested)
  • Destroyer N7
    Destroyer N7 5 months ago Boat bomber
  • Not Real
    Not Real 5 months ago Boat bomber he does tons of ss13
  • D D
    D D 4 months ago I remember one game I was playing a clown in a malfunctioning AI round. Being the typical clown I gathered my gloves and tools only for the AI to go rogue almost at once and start borging the crew. Being a responsible crew member I collected all the tools nessicary to fight a rogue, a flash, sunglasses and stolen hand teleporter from the captains room, which I had broken in to during the chaos. Now, I had no way of getting to the AI core but being a creature of chaos I knew luck was on my side so I set the teleporter to take me to a random location and wouldn't you know it I materialized in the AI chamber, in the wall behind a turret which proceeded to tase me repeatedly. Alerted to a intruder in the AI a small cyborg army came running only to find me stuck in a wall behind behind the turret, finding themselves unable to to either harm or remove me the gaggle (flock? herd?) the cyborgs left, leaving one member to ruthlessly mock me while I struggled to free myself, clearly not taking the threat I posed seriously. Suddenly, after several minutes of whacking it with random objects, I destroyed the turret and lept in to action. Flashing the cyborg and using to to protect myself against the other turret I opened the AI chamber and began to bang on AI which, finding it couldn't flash me due to my handy sunglasses called up it's army of cyborgs. So there I was, about 10 laser cannons focused on me from beyond thr glass, I did the only thing I could. Killbots rising their weapons, about to open fire, I suddenly stepped to the side. A hail of laser fire flew past me in to the AI, destorying it and ending the round. And thats the story of how Bitty Baby Bongos saved the day.
  • d4unit
    d4unit 4 months ago we should petition him to do it
  • Ardon
    Ardon 4 months ago gotta be honest, just like boat bomber
  • Dun Dust
    Dun Dust 4 months ago Smurfferdid hhhh
  • Patrick Handford
    Patrick Handford 3 months ago @BlackPantsLegion That's not even an exxageration
  • Patrick Handford
    Patrick Handford 3 months ago ​@David B Andrews Some jobs are very easy, if you're one of us you'll get the culture quickly
  • KaitaAlabaster
    KaitaAlabaster 3 months ago I think ive watched this video at least 15 times now, definitely would not mind more ss13 stories
  • Tony Yerbajo
    Tony Yerbajo 3 months ago @Angust Meta terry, by any chance?
  • Tony Yerbajo
    Tony Yerbajo 3 months ago @Machinegunオカピ git gud
  • Angust Meta
    Angust Meta 3 months ago @Tony Yerbajo Yeah, Terry mostly
  • Tony Yerbajo
    Tony Yerbajo 3 months ago @Angust Meta gib discord or byond nick, mate, we can play together!
  • Angust Meta
    Angust Meta 3 months ago @Tony Yerbajo Metaganging is bannable and I'm not interested anyway. Feel free to join the tg discord though and you'll find many nice people.
  • ZER02
    ZER02 3 months ago So would I...And very likely the 7K users who liked this comment.
  • Jake Jutras
    Jake Jutras 3 months ago @BlackPantsLegion Your channel is great Tex, keep on keeping on my man.
  • Johnny  Eaves
    Johnny Eaves 2 months ago @BlackPantsLegion Cargonia made me think of you haha
  • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
    Et Cogito Ergo Sum 2 months ago Seriously, this is one of the funniest videos on the whole fucking internet, i had to restraint myself of waking the whole house up with my laugh, we NEED more videos from this guy about this game, really hilarious
  • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
    Et Cogito Ergo Sum 2 months ago What version is this guy playing btw?
  • The small french kid
    The small french kid 2 months ago Watch boat bomber a staple of our community
  • the king of scotland
    the king of scotland 2 months ago I think we can all agree with that
  • Elijah Marsan
    Elijah Marsan 1 month ago Please more space station 13 stories!!!
  • Toriel the motherly monster
    Toriel the motherly monster 4 weeks ago @AdabA with his soothing voice, he's on level to Morgan Freeman.
  • Kieran Englefield
    Kieran Englefield 3 weeks ago Boat bomber does this
  • FV4030
    FV4030 1 week ago A lot of people going on about "so and so does stories" or "I have loads of stories on my channel"..... They're not Sseth, you're not Sseth, WE WANT STORIES FROM SSETH!
  • EHW2
    EHW2 1 week ago @BlackPantsLegion hey, huge fan. Love the marines episodes
  • Tyrell 39
    Tyrell 39 3 months ago >Can't handle any more players >Gets 1M+ views Well good luck with that.
  • Patrick Handford
    Patrick Handford 2 months ago Most of em didn't even play.
  • Tyrell 39
    Tyrell 39 2 months ago @Patrick Handford Ok but one percent of one million is ten thousand and I sincerely doubt that less than one percent of the viewers are going to heed this man's advice. You know, that principle about most people assuming they're the special case and all of that. Even a fraction of these viewers, I have no doubt would have a catastrophic effect on their servers if what he says was true. I mean he probably just said that to deter newfags or something of that nature in all honesty. Won't know, apparent ally I'm one of the 99.97% of people who followed his advice.
  • AngelAngelis
    AngelAngelis 2 months ago (edited) Tyrell 39 yeah, they went from 300+ to 1000+ to 2000+. It's been fun. I was one of them. It forced me to learn quick or die quick. Welding tools are really useful for keeping people away from you, or locking an asshole in a locker.
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago Most got banned for trying to emulate youtubers and being overall assholes. It got to the point where regular players started taking matters into their own hands because they couldn't take the bullshit anymore and just started beating the shit out of and trashing these rejects. You get what you deserved. If you want to learn how to play, read the wiki and ask for help, we'll gladly show you. Don't be a fucking cunt and expect to haha youtube meme your way out of trouble.
  • Werepyre X
    Werepyre X 2 months ago @Dream I've actually been avoiding trying to download the game because I knew this would be happening. Lots of bad new folks coming in and ruining things. Even on my best behavior, there'd be this sort of distrust due to being "one of the new guys".
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago @Werepyre X please don't let my tired anger deter you from a good experience, most players can recognize someone trying to actively learn and participate, and someone just playing to be a cunt. Myself and others have even defended newer players from criticism by just explaining that they were new, a majority of people understand this. My biggest piece of advice is to use the wiki for the server you're playing on and to never be afraid to ask questions, just keep in character chat (ICC) seperate from out of character chat (OOC) as everyone in the server can see ooc, so depending on what you say, you could potentially get in trouble (things relating to the game, such as "so and so is a traitor; in character is fine, because you're "alive" and you can call spess police on them). So give it a shot, be vocal, try to get into the roleplaying a bit more when you feel more comfortable and learn the game a bit more, it's more fun that way for you and everyone else.
  • Henry Ettoit
    Henry Ettoit 2 months ago @Dream how autistic are you?
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago @Henry Ettoit let me guess, you got banned.
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago @Deserve Nothing care to back that up, big boi? Or are you just talking shit? Id assume the latter seeing as i can smell your breath from here.
  • Henry Ettoit
    Henry Ettoit 2 months ago @Dream sorry i didnt even download/play the game, have better things to do in my time. You sound very butthurt, need some vaseline?
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago @Henry Ettoit okay, so youre just a shittalking gimp then? Why even comment? Im trying to help new players, go waste your own time somewhere else.
  • Henry Ettoit
    Henry Ettoit 2 months ago @Dream looool even more butthurt... let it flow
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago @Henry Ettoit took you six hours to come back with such a worthless response smdh, how fitting for such a worthless person.
  • Deserve Nothing
    Deserve Nothing 2 months ago @Dream So this is what low-functioning autism looks like. Sad.
  • Ikiwel
    Ikiwel 1 month ago Guy 1 : says how he helps and defend other players Guy 2 & 3 : HoW aUtisTiC aRe yOU ?
  • Ishkaga02
    Ishkaga02 1 month ago @Dream I really wanted to play this game just to be a shit disturber. I was under the impression that the game semi-encourages that what with there being a clown and ridiculous physics.
  • Dream
    Dream 1 month ago @Ishkaga02 there's ways of doing so, you're allowed to fuck around and goof qith people and make cool, wacky and also disruptive things, but you gotta' learn how to do it with style lol. Randomly crowbaring people is wack, hacking vending machines to shoot drinks at people is hilarious.
  • Elen Degenerate
    Elen Degenerate 1 month ago @Ikiwel I tend to be the chef. I mainly prefer cooking Guy 2 and 3. Quality pizza topping. That and if you become traitor you can fuck up sec with pizza
  • Deserve Nothing
    Deserve Nothing 1 month ago @Ikiwel "Help and defend other players" - It's video games, you autistic chimp.
  • Dream
    Dream 1 month ago @Deserve Nothing Its a role playing video game with goals in mind, people like you come in, randomly attack people or grief, then play the "muh shitcurity" card when people get fed up with your bullshit. We play it for many reason, such as the gameplay itself, like the functioning atmospherics, as well as the quality player interaction. It literally requires players cooperating in order to get anything accomplished properly, sure you can be robust as all hell, but you can also be killed in a second from a very minor mistake you overlooked, and that's another thing we love about it. If its not your style, don't play it, of you don't want to commit to the rules and style, don't play it. You don't have to be here, you know? We're having a lot of fun without you, but if you want to join us, you're more than welcome to, just realize how in depth this is, it's not just a "hurr durr vidya gaem", it has a massive amount of depth and heart poured into it over years by literally hundreds of people and coders.
  • cyan txt
    cyan txt 1 month ago When the video released it was like rapture all over byond, server population went from 20-30 to 150-250 so servers either ran at around 1 frame per 5 seconds or just went down completely. I wasn't even mad, in fact it was akin to watching a car crash .
  • Bio-Hazard Games
    Bio-Hazard Games 1 month ago Good thing the learning curve is so steep most people didnt bother
  • cyan txt
    cyan txt 1 month ago @Bio-Hazard Games Yes, but it also quadrupled the playerbase in just one video with new people still coming almost daily. And that's without the fact that the initial burst was so bad half the servers just went down or slowed down to a crawl.
  • bean machine
    bean machine 1 month ago @Deserve Nothing Yes, a video game based around player interactions. Are you being intentionally stupid or? If players come in and grief in any game, it's not welcome'd by the community.
  • Deserve Nothing
    Deserve Nothing 1 month ago @Dream I'm still not reading your autistic coping, Dream
  • Manly O'ger
    Manly O'ger 4 weeks ago I thought this was me for a second...
  • Money for the Money god!
    Money for the Money god! 2 weeks ago (edited) @Deserve Nothing he's just trying to help some newbies cut him some slack man
  • SpaceSanctum
    SpaceSanctum 1 week ago @Tyrell 39 they did have a catastrophic effect
  • Steven Royce
    Steven Royce 5 months ago *walks into hallway where cultists have drawn several runes and summoning circles* Janitor: "Ok, what is this"
  • AgentFogster
    AgentFogster 5 months ago "Im not cleaning up this shit"
  • Cero Ashura
    Cero Ashura 3 months ago @AgentFogster lmao
  • Harold
    Harold 2 months ago Aurora Borealis.
  • Yhetti64
    Yhetti64 2 months ago "No look it's just crayon"
  • Elen Degenerate
    Elen Degenerate 1 month ago The Janitor: True hardass of SS13.
  • James Deacon Wiśniewski
    James Deacon Wiśniewski 1 month ago Come on, you can't get mad at us for doing this. We're *cultists*. It's what we *do*, man.
  • Caffeinated Wizard
    Caffeinated Wizard 1 month ago @Elen Degenerate the most important job.
  • AnAnagramProbably
    AnAnagramProbably 3 weeks ago (edited) Ingame you actually can draw faux cult symbols in red crayon. I've had a Asshole silicon taze me and call sec because I was colouring the chemlab red. Claimed I was using blood. I gave him the crayon but he just took it and lied to sec. If he wasn't silicon this would all be fine
  • Csúb - Az Űrmedve
    Csúb - Az Űrmedve 5 months ago My first round of Space Station 13 was quite a tragedy. I chose Mime, because I wanted minimal responsibilities. It turned out I got more than I bargained for. As a Mime I was mute. Unable to speak. I only had crayons, I got from the floor, a white paper where I wrote "I am mute" and a sexy saxophone. Since I was new to the game, I just stood in the bar playing George Michael - Careless Whisper. People cheered, thanked me, loved me, took pictures. I was famous. I escorted people pulling dead bodies through the station. I gave the dead one last journey. It was emotional. Something happened, we locked ourselves in a maintenance room. We had some kind of priest, constantly praying for our safety, while I George Michaeled as he prayed. We survived. I heard screaming from the distance. I didn't care. My only job was to entertain and boy did I deliver. Something terrible happened. The escape shuttle arrived. People ran to, I followed them with my music as a morale booster. Everything was on fire. I saxophoned through fire and flame but the the door was locked. No one noticed. I could not speak. My vow of silence was absolute. I tried gestures, nothing worked. So I used my saxophone one last time. They left me behind. As the shuttle left, I was sucked out to space, forever playing Careless Whisper in the cold void. 10/10. Would Mime again.
  • Max Friesen
    Max Friesen 5 months ago Just your average day on tg station
  • T Florpin
    T Florpin 5 months ago 👏amazing story
  • M Mirlas
    M Mirlas 5 months ago Incredible
  • hazael augier
    hazael augier 5 months ago meanwhile in marine vs xenomorphs leon jonhson:just drag me and put me on that bed and take me to the hospital bed Bob bobby:IdONt hAve Drag oPtIon Pd:bob is me i remember trying use pull
  • Pelinal Whitestrake
    Pelinal Whitestrake 5 months ago F.
  • Chris Ptasiński
    Chris Ptasiński 5 months ago liek if u cri evri tiem
  • Macskásbögre
    Macskásbögre 5 months ago Te itt? :D
  • Azosztigen
    Azosztigen 5 months ago na bazdmeg rád se számítottam itt
  • HildonNaturalWater
    HildonNaturalWater 5 months ago Jelenléted sok mindent megmagyaráz a kontenteddel kapcsolatban :D
  • MrBaranygabor
    MrBaranygabor 4 months ago @HildonNaturalWater Egyetértek.
  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar 4 months ago Eventually, the Mime stopped thinking.
  • Banju Bullet
    Banju Bullet 4 months ago CLOWN IS BETTER HONK!!
  • HonooRyu Perrone
    HonooRyu Perrone 2 months ago this is one of the best stories ive ever heard, but thats probably because im a normy
  • Shadow Borg
    Shadow Borg 2 months ago They should have known better than to cheat a friend.
  • Mister Spiffy
    Mister Spiffy 1 month ago Im crying
  • Breb
    Breb 1 month ago the fuckin' feels
  • Ruben Wu
    Ruben Wu 2 weeks ago "I'm never gonna dance again"
  • Siddharth Choudhary
    Siddharth Choudhary 2 weeks ago very emotional
  • Red Shyguy
    Red Shyguy 2 weeks ago F
  • i d k
    i d k 1 week ago Uhhh there's no sound in space
  • Weekend Warrior
    Weekend Warrior 5 months ago Better sanitize your mailbox before opening it Sseth.
  • TheInverseGentleman
    TheInverseGentleman 5 months ago The real Weekend Warrior was the space arseholes we made along the way
  • Chuck Kentucky
    Chuck Kentucky 5 months ago Time for a new upload eh jk love u man
  • Sinwhisper
    Sinwhisper 3 months ago (edited) "...but just before he left medical, he turned around and said, 'THANKS NIGGE--'" Single greatest moment of all of your videos.
  • MrKalashnik0va
    MrKalashnik0va 5 months ago First time playing, > joined the space marine sever playing as a marine > Didn't know what I was doing > Found a rifle from the armory > Spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to load it > I finally did it and felt so proud of myself > I walked out trying to find everyone else in the debrief > I eventually find it and walk into the room > A commander stops me and tell me to shoulder my weapon > Me being the bumble fuck I am just tried clicking randomly and end up shooting him in the face... In front of 50 other marines and the admiral > Immediately recognizing just how hard I fucked up, I bolted out the room before the rest of them could react > What ensued was a 10 minute long ship wide man hunt as I ran from one side of the ship to the next hiding where ever I could > They find me, taze me, beat me, and I end up spending the next 30 minutes in the brig facing execution > Then a hijacked landing ship ends up crashing into my cell, and I get squashed like a ripe tomato as xenomorphs just start charging out >The end What a game. Sincerely, Uncle Bubble Fuck
  • LUV. jpg
    LUV. jpg 2 months ago Omfg. Im in tears. Im loving these fucking stories man.
  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 2 months ago I’m shocked this tale didn’t end with you getting bwoinked
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago read the damn wiki you moron.
  • Doran Martell
    Doran Martell 2 months ago I automatically downvote people who are only capable of explain themselves with that meme.
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago @Doran Martell whom are you replying to?
  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 months ago @Doran Martell "downvote"
  • LUV. jpg
    LUV. jpg 2 months ago Doran Martell nobody liked that and all downvoted you
  • MrKalashnik0va
    MrKalashnik0va 1 month ago @Joseph Stalin If I did, I was freaking the fuck out way too much to notice. I was in flight or fight mode, the reptilian brain was in full control. Or... The admin wasn't on that day
  • MrKalashnik0va
    MrKalashnik0va 1 month ago @Doran Martell Meme? Isn't it just a standard 4chan text format? Now lighten up Little Miss Sunshine.
  • Doran Martell
    Doran Martell 1 month ago @LUV. jpg Proven wrong.
  • Caffeinated Wizard
    Caffeinated Wizard 1 month ago @MrKalashnik0va to the ass bandits who don't know what 4chan is. It is called meme arrows rather than what it is. Shitposting. Nice shitpost.
  • Desert Dweller Longplays
    Desert Dweller Longplays 1 month ago @Doran Martell >downvote
  • Lol Ok
    Lol Ok 1 month ago @Doran Martell >Downvote
  • Zek Ken
    Zek Ken 1 month ago @Doran Martell >downvote
  • Frost
    Frost 1 month ago @Doran Martell >downvote
  • Ghirahim le fabuleux
    Ghirahim le fabuleux 1 month ago @Doran Martell >Downvote
  • Joseph Stalin's Daughter
    Joseph Stalin's Daughter 1 month ago Damn shit sounds wild
  • Partial Bullet
    Partial Bullet 1 month ago WHAT THE FUCK?
  • Sam
    Sam 5 months ago "Help Sec To Surgery" The Clown blurted "He's turning her into a Papa John's!" Funniest shit i've ever heard.
  • brewedjuice
    brewedjuice 4 months ago "because you cant consent to being a pizza" i was actually having trouble breathing
  • that feel
    that feel 2 months ago ROFL
  • Genevieve Renaud
    Genevieve Renaud 2 months ago "Hi you're my favorite pizza place" lol
  • Kilian Rissone
    Kilian Rissone 2 months ago well he was actually a clown so i guess he didi a good job.
  • White Void
    White Void 2 months ago I had to pause the video there because I was suffocating
  • Captain Niko
    Captain Niko 5 months ago In a rare moment of lucidity and kindness surfacing in his racist little mind, the red afro guy stoped at the door, went back to you and wanted to say thanks.
  • Thomas Gibbs
    Thomas Gibbs 5 months ago In the tongue of his people
  • TARS
    TARS 5 months ago @Thomas Gibbs You cannot blame him for speaking the only words he's ever known, bless his soul.
  • Thomas Gibbs
    Thomas Gibbs 5 months ago @TARS you're right, it isn't the man's fault for being born with the pigment he has
  • Andrew Whiting
    Andrew Whiting 4 months ago Nicest people I ever meet were open racists, makes ya think.
  • Bawizno Lmayo
    Bawizno Lmayo 4 months ago Andrew Whiting the fuck?
  • Andrew Whiting
    Andrew Whiting 4 months ago @Bawizno Lmayo Properly reply to a post before asking a question.
  • Bawizno Lmayo
    Bawizno Lmayo 4 months ago @Andrew Whiting How should I "properly" reply then?
  • Andrew Whiting
    Andrew Whiting 4 months ago @Bawizno Lmayo Oh neat, you did it. And to answer your question, openly racist people won't often pretend to be nice to others, so if they are kind, its because they want to be. Bit of a oxymoron, but its a fascinating thing I've noticed.
  • Bawizno Lmayo
    Bawizno Lmayo 4 months ago @Andrew Whiting I still don't know how to "properly" reply.
  • Dr. Agogo
    Dr. Agogo 4 months ago @Andrew Whiting Openly racist individuals are the kindest people you've ever known, simply because they are only kind to others if they really want to be kind? what kind of bullshit did i just read
  • Elen Degenerate
    Elen Degenerate 3 months ago @Dr. Agogo You read the reason why "normies"(ie anyone with a functioning frontal lobe) piss on 4chan/reddit sewer goblins. If you ever wonder "why does everyone hate on X forum of circlejerkers" just remember reading that. That is why. irregardless of political affiliations, etc. Frankly, YouTube comments are the lesser of many evils in least the sewer goblins cannot echo chamber as easily
  • Cunt Goblin
    Cunt Goblin 3 months ago (edited) @Dr. Agogo What he was implying is that openly racist people are honest and that their kindness is genuine, they don't fake it because honest people tend not to be conformists. Now either read a book for once and acquire basic reading comprehension or stop larping as if you were retarded over the internet.
  • Dr. Agogo
    Dr. Agogo 2 months ago (edited) @Cunt Goblin I am well aware of what he was implying. However, having your main supporting argument for open rasists being the kindest people youve ever met simply consist of them not feigning kindness is complete bullshit. Hell, if anything it simply means the opposite. Something is wrong with yall.
  • Elen Degenerate
    Elen Degenerate 2 months ago @Cunt Goblin name checks out
  • James Deacon Wiśniewski
    James Deacon Wiśniewski 1 month ago @TARS Gary? Wait, shit. Wrong game.
  • Fus
    Fus 1 month ago @Elen Degenerate "name checks out" 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Elen Degenerate
    Elen Degenerate 1 month ago ​@Fus I wish I got a dollar every time some wanker made that comment, fuck id be rich by now! Alternatively I could just make a talkshow as I am a gay man and the direct opposite of Ellen Degeneris but still....a dollar per "name checks out" comment would come close
  • Conatus
    Conatus 1 week ago >we're more kind >we're more kind >bake the cake bigot >basket of deplorables >learn2code >seth rich >every communist state >pedophiles, bestiality degenerates literally can't be kind. literally slowly turning into dark elves from warhammer - I love how they actually begin to mimic bdsm death elves as time goes on. "racists" generally are the only ones with empathy since they show interest in others genuinely and not only as mounds of flesh to sate themselves upon. (p.s. not just carnal satisfaction, your egos and vanity count too)
  • Earthworm Jim
    Earthworm Jim 6 months ago Spend 2000 dollars on a top of the line gaming rigg only to play dwarf fortress and space station 13
  • The Bandog
    The Bandog 6 months ago lmao
  • Luan Do Duy
    Luan Do Duy 6 months ago At least you don't have to complain about Chrome using too much RAM
  • Mr Penguin
    Mr Penguin 6 months ago @Luan Do Duy Chrome uses too much ram.
  • James Tomlin
    James Tomlin 6 months ago No kidding~ my old 5k rig sometimes stutters with DF
  • Mr Penguin
    Mr Penguin 6 months ago @James Tomlin Dude, play on the biggest fortress you can make.I got 1 fps on a gaming rig while playing, 8 while paused.By biggest fortress, I mean expand the fort zone to the max.
  • Shen TheKinkouMaster
    Shen TheKinkouMaster 6 months ago @Earthworm Jim only 2k on pc that was meant to run dwarf fortress? Holy moly, my nasa super computer stutters
  • Bandit Keith
    Bandit Keith 6 months ago and other shit like might and magic lolololol, thats why hes gotta do runescape
  • Oliver Göransson
    Oliver Göransson 6 months ago @Luan Do Duy Check out "The great suspender" on the chrome addon store, you won't regret it.
  • LordSathar
    LordSathar 6 months ago Worth
  • EmperorSigismund
    EmperorSigismund 6 months ago That's gotta be the biggest single core the world has ever seen.
  • very epic
    very epic 6 months ago Dont forget minecraft
  • DivinityOfBLaze
    DivinityOfBLaze 6 months ago Honestly probably need it for DF. Also DF on steam with graphics heck yeah
  • RustyBrusher
    RustyBrusher 6 months ago lol I play on a potato laptop
  • Soltaar
    Soltaar 6 months ago Nice.
  • LordBummingtonThe3rd
    LordBummingtonThe3rd 6 months ago @Luan Do Duy Chrome will always use too much RAM
  • Aurelius of Phoenix
    Aurelius of Phoenix 6 months ago Money well spent!
  • evilwaldo57
    evilwaldo57 6 months ago all i do is fort my dwarfs. my friends refuse to understand.
  • Sean Warren
    Sean Warren 6 months ago @Oliver Göransson indeed, it's what I use on my craptop
  • ianmaluk1
    ianmaluk1 6 months ago Good decision.
  • Bacon
    Bacon 6 months ago Worth every penny bruh. I'm playing Cataclysm thanks to Sseth here. Dont get the wrong idea, im not complaining. Im just waiting for SS13 to calm down, want to try it.
  • DarkWolf326
    DarkWolf326 5 months ago Only $2000? Top of the line? I doubt it.
  • Alex T
    Alex T 3 months ago Mine was 2.5gs (on black friday) without the monitor or anything. I use it to play town of Salem, a text based game.
  • planescaped
    planescaped 3 months ago I'm playing Shining Force 3 on Mednafen on mine. >__>
  • Subscribe To Barry
    Subscribe To Barry 2 months ago Oh believe me, if you try to run DF on a potato you're going to have a rough time. Your graphics card doesn't matter tho.
  • DarkRipper117
    DarkRipper117 1 month ago Don't forget about the most demanding game ..... Minecraft
  • Aramis Johnson
    Aramis Johnson 1 month ago same
  • Andrzej Sawicki
    Andrzej Sawicki 1 month ago And now Starsector.
  • GG Zamis
    GG Zamis 1 week ago Same
  • Pol-Rat
    Pol-Rat 4 months ago Seth -"I ignore every rule on the station" Mandalore- "Please guys read the station rules" WHO DO I LISTEN TO
  • Jacob Nugent
    Jacob Nugent 4 months ago READ the RULES
  • johns johno
    johns johno 4 months ago Ignore the rules. Getting banned is winning the game!
  • Zorro9129
    Zorro9129 4 months ago Mandalore if you're lawful, Sseth if you're chaotic.
  • johns johno
    johns johno 4 months ago @Zorro9129 Chaos is more in line with the vision of SS13
  • Zamerson JB
    Zamerson JB 3 months ago You cannot have one, without the other, chaos cannot exist without order, and vice versa.
  • Asgrahim
    Asgrahim 2 months ago The Strange Case of Dr. Mandalore and Mr. Sseth.
  • Benjamin Francisco
    Benjamin Francisco 2 months ago You need to know the rules, in order to maximally ignore them :D
  • Ramón López Buggatti
    Ramón López Buggatti 1 month ago @johns johno that mentality is what turns out to ruin most rounds, and makes for a permaban in serious stations.
  • Caffeinated Wizard
    Caffeinated Wizard 1 month ago @Ramón López Buggatti order is merely structured chaos. The gods of chaos always find a way.
  • Ramón López Buggatti
    Ramón López Buggatti 1 month ago @Caffeinated Wizard If chaos is structurated, then it becomes order. Welcome to the order side.
  • Caffeinated Wizard
    Caffeinated Wizard 1 month ago @Ramón López Buggatti look at san frasisco and LA. Shit in the streets dope needles everywhere. This is why public sanitation is important. If everything is actual shit people will act like shit heads. Public sanitation workers, road maintenance, all give you the illusion of order. Which is why you should give a damn when some asshole decides to firebomb a storefront or riot like some kind of disgusting caveman. You're not on the side of order unless you're willing to step in and uphold it.
  • Ramón López Buggatti
    Ramón López Buggatti 1 month ago @Caffeinated Wizard calm down dude. I was just talking about not being an asshole in a game for edgy special ed. kids, and then said some stupid shit for lols. But shure i dont like people rioting shops irl. Society is safe.
  • Pooper McScooper
    Pooper McScooper 1 month ago Mandalore... then ignore it
  • Technotuna
    Technotuna 1 month ago Let me put it this way. Read the rules, and play by the rules. Only ONLY start to break those rules when you finally fit into a niche and become a part of the server's community. I was allowed to break the (idiotic) rule on clone amnesia, gas mask wearing in public, and even allowed by the admins and the crew to hack/pry doors open during emergency or when power had gone out because I was consistent about it with my character and RP and I was an active member of the server's community. Learn the rules, follow the rules, and then understand that breaking them is almost universally an unspoken part of the rules.
  • George Clowney
    George Clowney 1 month ago I dont understand they are the same people
  • Aleksa Petrovic
    Aleksa Petrovic 4 weeks ago Lord Mandalore is mini angel on your right shoulder and Lord Sseth is mini devil on your left shoulder.
  • rejvaik
    rejvaik 3 weeks ago Sseth
  • Chronische
    Chronische 2 weeks ago They don't contradict each other. You need to know the rules to better ignore them!
  • Hans Bass
    Hans Bass 6 days ago (edited) Read it and then completely ignore the rules
  • Comrade General Vladimir Pootis
    Comrade General Vladimir Pootis 4 months ago Sseth releases review of Space Station 13 SS13 Servers: "Why do I hear boss music?"
  • Breb
    Breb 3 weeks ago Bwoink
  • HaVOK
    HaVOK 5 months ago I think "space station 13 stories with Sseth" would be a good youtube series
  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 3 months ago HaVOK hell yes
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago play the game instead, and read the damn wiki
  • Brandon Maynard
    Brandon Maynard 3 months ago Tells 1.5 million people not to play an obscure game laughs in winrar
  • OpticalJesu5
    OpticalJesu5 6 months ago "We would literally ve here for hours." No please this is some of the funniest stories I've heard please do more.
  • Hong Meiling
    Hong Meiling 6 months ago (edited) Play the game its legit. The average game is like this.
  • BlackPantsLegion
    BlackPantsLegion 6 months ago after 10 years of playing, and 700 episodes on my channel, I can say that this is pretty much run of the mill average for ss13. Crazy stuff is, well, unique.
  • Connor De Boer
    Connor De Boer 6 months ago more more more
  • PC Port
    PC Port 6 months ago @BlackPantsLegion Hi Tex. Knew I'd see you here somewhere~
  • Hong Meiling
    Hong Meiling 6 months ago @BlackPantsLegion YOOOO I like your stuff.
  • MiraTheKilla MTK
    MiraTheKilla MTK 6 months ago I agree. Gimme an hour of the lols
  • iizJak
    iizJak 6 months ago Check out boat bomber's channel I like his vids on ss13
  • Huge Mistake
    Huge Mistake 6 months ago @BlackPantsLegion I played it again for the first time in years because of this video. As soon as I joined in, I got kicked out of my wheelchair and the guy stole it from me, wheeling off down the corridor in it. I had to crawl along the floor after him to get it back.
  • Unknown Anonymous
    Unknown Anonymous 5 months ago @Huge Mistake I started playing for the first time.... With no knowledge of the controls.... And spawned as the fucking AI. And I was still able to figure out the traitor before everyone. Nuclear lizards man...
  • Grey Bayles
    Grey Bayles 1 month ago I second this. I would really sit here and listen to seth tell SS13 or Dwarf Fortress stories for hours.
  • DiegoAlanTorres69
    DiegoAlanTorres69 1 month ago @Huge Mistake That's the funniest thing I've ever read
  • Sintarzus
    Sintarzus 2 weeks ago @BlackPantsLegion that's a lot of footage! Guess you got a new subscriber
  • Brolapse
    Brolapse 5 months ago Please note that WinRAR is not free software. After a 40 day trial period you must either buy a license or remove it from your computer.
  • milk
    milk 5 months ago It's pretty free for not being free. I've been using it for over a decade without spending a cent on it.
  • Agustin
    Agustin 5 months ago 7zip ftw.
  • Weggorino
    Weggorino 5 months ago You know you can just close that notification that tells you to buy it and continue using it for free forever, right?
  • Barb\Bill Town
    Barb\Bill Town 5 months ago I smell bull shit
  • Cold Cuts
    Cold Cuts 5 months ago Chinesemalwarezip is the best
  • Mujtaba Walji
    Mujtaba Walji 5 months ago Weggorino he was joking
  • DarkwellorBZ
    DarkwellorBZ 4 months ago instructions unclear, purchased license
  • Not Alpharius
    Not Alpharius 4 months ago @DarkwellorBZ as it was in the prophecy! The End Times are near!
  • traditionalist man
    traditionalist man 4 months ago Wrong you don't need to buy a licence unless you're using it as part of a business/work.
  • SPTX
    SPTX 3 months ago It only prompts you to pay, but you can still use it. Not sure about the limitations. I have a cracked copy for compatibility and 7zip is just superiour anyway.
  • No Inspiration
    No Inspiration 1 month ago r/paidforwinrar
  • Joshua Zane
    Joshua Zane 3 months ago "What do we do with this knowledge? Nothing good." This ranks among my favorite quotes.
  • Hirame Sensei
    Hirame Sensei 4 months ago "You can't consent to being a pizza" AUTISTIC ANCAP SCREECHING
  • Corrie Guerin
    Corrie Guerin 4 months ago Flash-banging and then spacing furries. You have my interest.
  • Dream
    Dream 2 months ago Fake and gay.
  • kaplahworm
    kaplahworm 6 months ago "we'd literally be here for hours" .... You say that like it's a bad thing
  • Luna
    Luna 6 months ago the people want more.
  • Torcularis
    Torcularis 6 months ago I concur. Cover us in SS13 stories, daddy Sseth!