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Google Pixel 3A review: a $399 phone with a great camera

Published on May 7, 2019 1,037,850 views










Google’s Pixel 3A or Pixel 3A XL is the best phone under $500, and it’s actually competitive with more expensive phones in one very important way. The Pixel 3A has a great camera. While it has many of the same compromises you usually make when you buy a cheap phone, the photos it takes are nearly indistinguishable from what comes out of a Pixel 3.

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  • The Verge
    The Verge 4 months ago Do you think the Pixel 3A is right for you?
  • Sofiane Ela
    Sofiane Ela 4 months ago Yes
  • Aakash Massey
    Aakash Massey 4 months ago Yes
  • Sifatun Nabi
    Sifatun Nabi 4 months ago Yes
  • Edd Du
    Edd Du 4 months ago The Verge nice review 👍 the processor is the thing I was worried about the most, but for an basic phone it’s perfect for $399
  • Pengcheng Ma
    Pengcheng Ma 4 months ago Maybe, I am not interesting in taking photo, I care about performance.
  • Prathamesh A
    Prathamesh A 4 months ago Only 64gb storage?
  • malik hussain
    malik hussain 4 months ago I'll wait for Moto z4
  • Deep Naha
    Deep Naha 4 months ago The Verge I’ve waiting for this type of great phone!
  • Always VIRAL
    Always VIRAL 4 months ago Oled display, dual speakers, headphone jack, great camera and great software for $399 is insane! However camera processing is slower due to slower chip which will effect gaming and battery. I love the kinda purple colour
  • Khobohi
    Khobohi 4 months ago please make a video comparison pixel 3a/3a xl with pixel 2xl. Thank you very much
  • arash
    arash 4 months ago You didn't mention vibration motor. Is the Same as pixel 3 ??
  • Ronit
    Ronit 4 months ago why not add 50 bucks to the price tag and upgrade to 845 and make this phone a slam dunk?!
  • Shane Thompson
    Shane Thompson 4 months ago @arash wondering this aswell
  • Ruhul Amin
    Ruhul Amin 4 months ago Yes
  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta 4 months ago At 40k ,Its better to purchase one plus 7 or samsung s10 ,google everytime fails with pricing
  • Ghawte Sulem
    Ghawte Sulem 4 months ago starts at 574$ in india
  • Rhygarth
    Rhygarth 4 months ago F.. me with the size of that chin they could have put a front fingerprint sensor in it
  • Rupesh Garg
    Rupesh Garg 4 months ago I would still take the poco f1 rather than the pixel 3a have been using one for 5 months and not disappointed plus the camera quality is icing on top and will for sure uodate to poco f2 after 3-4 months of its launch
  • Ghawte Sulem
    Ghawte Sulem 4 months ago @R.Haque nah man its not
  • Parker Reed
    Parker Reed 4 months ago Just ordered the 3 XL on Friday. No regrets. :D
    NIGHTMAREMAN _ 4 months ago This is what the Pixel 3/XL should've looked like but noooooo Google... They were drunk but I guess they sober up when they made these bad boys!
  • Lukas Dvorok
    Lukas Dvorok 4 months ago Xiaomi MI 9 have SD855, 3 rear cameras, one can install GCam port on it, 20W wireless charging for 450 USD. Much better value for your money. If Pixel 3a price would be 300 USD max, it would be better deal, for 400 USD it just nah...
  • Ricardo Nakayama
    Ricardo Nakayama 4 months ago I don't get it... Wtf is android one for, then?
  • Jeff Rothman
    Jeff Rothman 4 months ago Yes. I'm excited to get a great camera in an affordable phone. I can not get my head around paying a grand for a phone, but photo quality is my biggest phone priority. Great review.
  • V I N I C I U S
    V I N I C I U S 4 months ago 1 word : YES
  • Luke Pruscino
    Luke Pruscino 4 months ago If it had water resistance and wireless charging then yes... but not this phone... I’m happy with my XR
  • Naim Rahman
    Naim Rahman 4 months ago Ooohhh yeaaaah buddy!
  • Lukas Dvorok
    Lukas Dvorok 4 months ago "Nothing else like Pixel 3A on market right now..." :D You guys must have been living under rock for last year or two. GCam can be installed on almost any Snapdragon phone right now. There are at least 5-10 other phones that offers better price/value as we speak. :) It's a bit disappointing that mobile phone reviewers in US do not have knowledge about that. :) I forgot to mention 450 USD MI 9 can do 4k 60fps and have 370k+ points on Antutu with SD855, not a crappy SD670 for 400 USD. Have much smaller bezels. Nothing else right now on market like Pixel 3a... What a joke :D Really good one... :)
  • hari shankar
    hari shankar 4 months ago Buy Redmi note 7 pro and install gcam mod apk
  • Barak Shalit
    Barak Shalit 4 months ago Wallpaper????
  • John Simpson
    John Simpson 4 months ago No. Who would buy a phone without an SD card slot?
  • Andrew Baksota
    Andrew Baksota 4 months ago 1+7 pro. 8 GB ram, scan under display, no Basel, 855 snapdrgn. Why should I buy these ??.
  • Neel Udar
    Neel Udar 4 months ago No. I would rather wait for one plus 7t😐
  • Dominik Seljan
    Dominik Seljan 4 months ago Yup
  • Liam Powell
    Liam Powell 4 months ago No, I already got a launch iPhone XS that I'll keep for 3 or 4 years.
  • Jonathan Frank
    Jonathan Frank 4 months ago I haven't changed phone, since I've got a Pixel XL, in 2017, as a remplacement from Google, for my Nexus 6P, but the Pixel 3a is definitely what I was waiting for. Just ordered one, and can't wait to have it!
  • David Tofer
    David Tofer 4 months ago Waiting my Pixel 4 XL ;-)
  • Tony Da Realest
    Tony Da Realest 4 months ago Absolutely! This is mostly what I always wanted. A cheaper capable, pixel phone with a headphone jack. Will definitely have this by the end of the year.
  • Tony Da Realest
    Tony Da Realest 4 months ago @Lukas Dvorok here in the States this actually is one of the better value phones though.... You must not live in the United States......
  • Jarvias Owens
    Jarvias Owens 4 months ago Yes
  • GoldenRetroGaming Gaming Memes
    GoldenRetroGaming Gaming Memes 4 months ago (edited) @Lukas Dvorok But it's not the same. You won't get the same image quality with Gcam unless you have a phone with the same Sony camera sensor.
  • Sakarias Karlsson
    Sakarias Karlsson 4 months ago (edited) Nah i stick with my xz1 compact a while longer but its still cool and i love how this is a budget phone resurgence
  • rojjo
    rojjo 4 months ago Yes..or an open box/heavily discounted Pixel 3 on Black Friday. Since 5G will be common in 3-4 yrs, not worth spending $800 and more on a new phone now.
  • Tyler Travis
    Tyler Travis 4 months ago Me? No, I need something faster. My wife? Yup, just bought her one!
  • Windson Ma
    Windson Ma 4 months ago Absolutely Not
  • Deepjyoti Ghosh
    Deepjyoti Ghosh 4 months ago 574$ in India. Op6t costs less than 500$.
  • Windson Ma
    Windson Ma 4 months ago Expensive Anger Management Anyone?
  • Erol Yuce
    Erol Yuce 4 months ago Still using my Nexus 5, if it goes i may get the Pixel 3A
  • George Sayegh
    George Sayegh 4 months ago Was that shot on the pixel 3a at the end? Thats pretty amazing how sharp it looked
  • Cat Dude
    Cat Dude 4 months ago Meh, its good for most people but for me specifically I'd rather just buy a pixel 2 on ebay or swappa
  • RictorIAG
    RictorIAG 4 months ago Would you rather have a new Pixel 2 XL for $450 off of ebay or a Pixel 3a XL for $479?
  • PINK
    PINK 4 months ago No because of the headphone jack.
  • Gage BlackW23
    Gage BlackW23 4 months ago Yes
  • MODDED apk
    MODDED apk 4 months ago No way. Buy ONEPLUS 5
  • عبدالله الشرقي
    عبدالله الشرقي 4 months ago No, l still prefer iPhone xr
  • andrew lowe
    andrew lowe 4 months ago Software and camera are undeniable brilliant but in the UK 400 or abit more can get you a good android phone.
  • klynch572
    klynch572 4 months ago Nope! I'm happy with my Galaxy S10E!
  • werthy is my name
    werthy is my name 4 months ago Well the price is awesome. But I currently have a Galaxy s7 still. My s7 has a 820 snap dragon processor. And holds 4 GB of ram. So no issue there. But my CPU is still better....
  • Yash
    Yash 4 months ago There is little to no reason to stay with google if there is no unlimited original quality unlimited storage.
  • Sabrina Gerald
    Sabrina Gerald 4 months ago i'm really concerned about the processor. everything else is amazing, also love the headphone jack, but from the demonstration and google's not so great reputation with phones slowing down, i'm not too sure.
  • Mohammad Sohair
    Mohammad Sohair 4 months ago Nope
  • Glen Eagles
    Glen Eagles 4 months ago No wireless charging, no daydream ver and no free high quality photo storage - pass
  • E bon
    E bon 4 months ago Nah!
  • Isaac Sumner
    Isaac Sumner 4 months ago Yes, if I hadn't already nabbed the Pixel 3 through Fi at a great price. I hope Google learns to stop trying to be Apple, because Apple is ridiculous lately. Great phones for the masses!
  • Chrisdian Patty
    Chrisdian Patty 4 months ago It should had 710
  • Mike Gustafson
    Mike Gustafson 4 months ago Maybe.... 🤔
    TERETHA 4 months ago Yes, I do!
  • KFX
    KFX 4 months ago No. Xiaomi Pocophone does job well
  • Sahil Kashyap
    Sahil Kashyap 4 months ago Not at all it's expensive in INDIA better get a OnePlus 7 for that price
    TERETHA 4 months ago @werthy is my name I have thes7 edge. This phone is still doing it. I bought it in feb 2018 for a little 299. plus tax.
  • Pitambar Hazra
    Pitambar Hazra 4 months ago Will it have 4g support??
  • Joel Robert Justiawan
    Joel Robert Justiawan 4 months ago Half. One half is the yes, is because *HEADPHONE JACK*. Other half is NO! Because Lagg
  • David Petersen
    David Petersen 4 months ago I just ordered the 3axl... Can't wait, replacing my gen 1 Pixel xl
  • Robert Pedigo
    Robert Pedigo 4 months ago Only for people that don't care or understand why a processor matters.
  • Vin2live
    Vin2live 4 months ago In India, the pixel 3a is at 575 US Dollars
  • byung park
    byung park 4 months ago No
  • Venu Krithish
    Venu Krithish 4 months ago I would rather wait for a poco f2 and just install a pixel experience custom ROM. In India the 3a costs about 550-600. That is insane compared to the US pricing
  • RatnaDeepak Aluru
    RatnaDeepak Aluru 4 months ago No. U could invest a little bit more and get a premium phone
  • priyesh pushp
    priyesh pushp 4 months ago The Verge yes it is but only if I don’t have $750 or more...
  • LA Clippers
    LA Clippers 4 months ago These phones will go for $199 on prepaid within a year. It happened to the iPhone SE which went for $399 in 2016. Expect really good Black Friday deals for this.
  • Mr. Pickles
    Mr. Pickles 4 months ago I need pixel 3a Purple-ish
  • Timothy Watson
    Timothy Watson 4 months ago I half want to sell off my Pixel 3 with twice the storage just to get something that has a more durable body (plastic) and a headphone jack. Lack of a 128 GB option is unfortunate, but this 3a has so much parity with the regular 3, that I don't think they could've ever made that move. Purple-ish!!!
  • sbstek
    sbstek 4 months ago No. The Pixel 3a XL is feels like an update to Xiaomi Mi A2.
  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly 4 months ago No cause samsung a70 exists and far better screen. If I want a great camera I used a great camera.
  • Nemesio Ciau
    Nemesio Ciau 4 months ago For $400, for the camera? No. Just get a camera or save up for a slim point and shoot. It's not worth dealing with the slow processor and slow overall function. You'll regret it in the long run. At best, it can compliment your flagship, not replace it.
  • Timothy Watson
    Timothy Watson 4 months ago @sbstek why is that a bad thing?
  • Sneh Thakker
    Sneh Thakker 4 months ago Can't say anything right now cause OnePlus 7 is going to launch in few days
  • Anish Ahmed
    Anish Ahmed 4 months ago Performance is very weak. I don't need camera I need performance.
  • Shahz Arminz
    Shahz Arminz 4 months ago no
  • Pr!nce
    Pr!nce 4 months ago I'd like the phone to be really snappy at times. Although I'm not a heavy user, this might not be the best fit. Since I have used a Nexus device I can tell they optimize their phones to deliver good performance.
  • Ravi Teja S
    Ravi Teja S 4 months ago Yes it is. C’mon it’s just 399 bucks 😍🥰😍🥰😍😍😍🥰
  • Zachary Ficker
    Zachary Ficker 4 months ago R.Haque The Google store lists it as having 3.5mm headphones in the box
  • Edward Routley
    Edward Routley 4 months ago Nope
  • Ovesh Chanda
    Ovesh Chanda 4 months ago I thought... until I heard the price .. (40000 In India) insane.. now I can buy One plus 7 or Nokia 8.1
  • Ovesh Chanda
    Ovesh Chanda 4 months ago @Shubham Gupta same Bhai.... Go for Nokia 8.1 or op7 or s10e
  • Brent Bunye
    Brent Bunye 4 months ago Yiz
  • Ashwin Shashidharan
    Ashwin Shashidharan 4 months ago Hey, I need those wallpapers man, before you se click on the link let me say that I already have all the Wallpapers from your site and this is none of them I need this wallpaper man.
  • Sheik Dhawood
    Sheik Dhawood 4 months ago The Verge 400$ phone with google camera mod can take pictures similar to pixel ......thats just a software it can be ported.......therefore now there is no reason too buy a pixel 3 /3a
  • Robert
    Robert 4 months ago They should of called it a Nexus A
  • TwstedTV
    TwstedTV 4 months ago People should be aware that the Pixel 3a and 3aXL is a HUGE compromise on performance. Several people have already reported this in several blogs. You should never get a phone with anything under Snapdragon 825. Those Pixel 3a and XL have HUGE performance issues as people have already reported, You can notice the delay in page swipes & opening apps along with many other tasks when it comes to those devices. Yes the phones are cheaper, but the performance hit is huge. And the more you use the phone & install more apps, the more performance issues you will have. Just warning people. be very very wary when companies do this kinds of things.
  • Robert
    Robert 4 months ago @TwstedTV I thought the SD 670 was close to a SD 835 in performance. The 4 hour on screen time worries me. My S8 gets a crazy onscreen time over my old Nexus 5x.
  • Yuri
    Yuri 4 months ago I'm sold. Finally my time with iPhone comes to an end.
  • Mandip Dangol
    Mandip Dangol 4 months ago 2019 Huge bezels and you guys think it's the phone to buy? Seriously?
  • Drayos _
    Drayos _ 4 months ago No, i've got the Oneplus 6T.
  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 4 months ago Had I not just got a refurbished Pixel 1 it would be perfect for me.
  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 4 months ago @John Simpson they want you to use Google Drive so they can spy on you, probably. Maybe use Nextcloud instead?
  • Wang Hanson
    Wang Hanson 4 months ago No. Too expensive for a budget phone.
  • Parag D
    Parag D 4 months ago @Edd Du you can get a basic phone for way less
  • Vinay
    Vinay 4 months ago Starts from 399$. FANTASTIC! But in India it starts from 575$ so yeah definitely not a budget phone for me
  • Wang Hanson
    Wang Hanson 4 months ago @Vinay You should consider Xiaomi or Nokia instead of Google
  • Vinay
    Vinay 4 months ago @Wang Hanson I thought it will also costs 399$ in India... i was ready to buy it But it's priced 575$ here I really need a phone... and i want pure android experience... i can't wait for Mi A3
  • Ciaran O Dea
    Ciaran O Dea 4 months ago Yes was going to upgrade to 3 but now can buy 3A and lower phone plan and not get locked into 2 year contract!! One issue when you say photos are high quality instead of original quality would average person notice????
  • sam rolando
    sam rolando 4 months ago this IS the phone for. waiting for this since the first leak came out to upgrade from my nexus 5x. a perfect substitute
  • SirRoger
    SirRoger 4 months ago yes because headphone jack
  • SuperTalleyho
    SuperTalleyho 4 months ago I got spoiled with essential phone updates. I already pulled the trigger on the 3a.
  • Jim Ertel
    Jim Ertel 4 months ago I will stay with my Pixel 2 😉
  • V20 User
    V20 User 4 months ago Nope. Not a fan of big bezels phone.
  • daverizz
    daverizz 4 months ago No removable memory. Why not? I know, i know... it's because they want you using their cloud service, and eventually signing up for that sweet sweet monthly recurring revenue. If they had included microSD, I'd be down in a heartbeat. If not? Eff it. Not my phone then.
  • Choo Kwang Zhee
    Choo Kwang Zhee 4 months ago No microsd card no talk.
  • Nizar Ahmed
    Nizar Ahmed 4 months ago I wish they Incorporated a better processor with it.
  • Renat
    Renat 4 months ago No. Bezels are too big
  • Romen Moreno
    Romen Moreno 4 months ago @Prathamesh A yes but it has unlimited storage for pictures and videos...
  • Prathamesh A
    Prathamesh A 4 months ago @Romen Moreno I saw that, the thing is unless the pixel 3 which has unlimited "original sized" free storage this one only has "high quality unlimited" storage which might downgrade those 4k videos and photos to some extent. Also I'm a student (I get unlimited Google drive storage- so this does not really matter to me) However with even budget phones getting 128gb options + micro SD slots, This dosent seem right
  • Prathamesh A
    Prathamesh A 4 months ago Also they messed up the India pricing 40k INR will be OnePlus 7 territory soon and maybe go till 50-55k and get an s10
  • Prathamesh A
    Prathamesh A 4 months ago @Shubham Gupta the S10 is still around 55k though 😥
  • Swiper_The_Jetta Mk4
    Swiper_The_Jetta Mk4 4 months ago Honestly this is what the pixel 2 and 2xl should have been cause how i see it its just a affordable one
  • אסף ביטון
    אסף ביטון 4 months ago I prefer Android one in half the price (Xiaomi mi a2) with the same specs (using ported pixel camera app).
  • Reddit Monster - r/AskReddit
    Reddit Monster - r/AskReddit 4 months ago Yes
  • Point Of View
    Point Of View 4 months ago I do prefer my original regular Pixel 3 in just black color 😘😍🥰
  • SpiderDice
    SpiderDice 4 months ago Did you just comment on your own video?
  • Knodesant Knode
    Knodesant Knode 4 months ago Pixel 3a xl is better
  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 4 months ago most likely. But i'll still wait a year and go used, unless major quality problems are discovered.
  • Pratik Tikle
    Pratik Tikle 4 months ago No way, will rather go for OnePlus
  • Sai
    Sai 4 months ago Nah, I'm in love the Poco
  • Bran
    Bran 4 months ago Is it worth upgrading from a 2 XL ? it's under 200 if I trade, plus the trade credit and spec wise they look pretty close. Also, I've read the 670 is on par with the 835, so.... hmm.
  • werthy is my name
    werthy is my name 4 months ago I'm already looking up my carrier to upgrade to the pixel 3a :)
  • Balaji Dasarathan
    Balaji Dasarathan 4 months ago Yes
  • rahul narayan
    rahul narayan 4 months ago No. Too costly in India
  • R.R
    R.R 4 months ago HONOR View 20, Xperia XZ2 are now £399 on Amazon UK.
  • Rasa Kateb
    Rasa Kateb 4 months ago no bought an s10+ last week
  • Commandtechno
    Commandtechno 4 months ago better than my moto x4
  • hnygrl
    hnygrl 4 months ago Just ordered it. I'm actually going BACK to the Pixel FROM the iPhone. Imagine that? I miss Android.
  • DeeIsReal Chosen 1
    DeeIsReal Chosen 1 4 months ago Nope I'm rolling with the LG Gr8
  • PLC
    PLC 4 months ago I've been waiting for an affordable Pixel for years! I don't game and I think the processing speed issues won't bother me so much. I'm just worried about the lack of water resistance.
  • purnomo purnomo
    purnomo purnomo 4 months ago no, i miss 5Se
  • A Who Snackbar
    A Who Snackbar 4 months ago That 1-second delay in opening apps is a deal-breaker for me. I am a billionaire and every second matters. Sorry Pixel 3a.
  • Astrid
    Astrid 4 months ago How does the camera compare to the samsung s10e?
  • Astrid
    Astrid 4 months ago (edited) I'm weighing up between this phone and the samsung s10e. Battery and camera are pretty important to me. As the 3a costs $649 AUS, the price between the two is less in Australia.
  • Jerry Qiao
    Jerry Qiao 4 months ago Yes!
  • Andre Cordeiro
    Andre Cordeiro 4 months ago They have to sell it here in Brazil!
  • Bose Chiranjit
    Bose Chiranjit 4 months ago It doesn't have a expandable storage
  • Cristhian Mejia
    Cristhian Mejia 4 months ago I am pretty happy with my Galaxy S8+ I got a Pixel and had it for about a week, I did not really like it, so I think I will keep my Galaxy S8+ until something better; Android or iOS comes along.
  • Alexander Landry
    Alexander Landry 4 months ago As a user of the original Pixel XL since launch, heck yes. I was looking at a battery swap from Google, and I'd need a temporary phone during repair. When all is said and done, including time, work, and "hassle", it's substantially cheaper and easier for me to upgrade to a 3a than to repair my OG XL, and I'll honestly get a good number of upgrades and perks by doing so.
  • Geo
    Geo 4 months ago Shout out to the Nexus 5 ...What a great phone.
  • Anita Manjhi
    Anita Manjhi 4 months ago Not at all
  • Veera Prasada Rao Kale
    Veera Prasada Rao Kale 4 months ago No! Cuz it’s $570 in India! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 4 months ago Heck yeah
  • Paul L
    Paul L 4 months ago @Erol Yuce I still loved that phone!!!
  • Jonathan Cohen
    Jonathan Cohen 4 months ago @John Simpson Mostly everyone.
    MΛHIR KHΛN 4 months ago Not at all I need 845 or 855
  • Yordan Montero
    Yordan Montero 4 months ago Hey man great review!!!!!! But i have a question is this the new trend from Google releasing a premium phone at the end of the year and then budget friendly version at the beginning of the next year?, like the pixel 3 came out October last year now we get the pixel 3a and the rumors indicate the pixel 4 coming out in October, so are we getting a pixel 4a next year or this is just an experiment from Google?
  • Narasiman Rajendran
    Narasiman Rajendran 4 months ago If this phone has the same image processing chip as pixel 3 then yes
  • Gabriel Antonio Cedeño Sánchez
    Gabriel Antonio Cedeño Sánchez 4 months ago Absolutely, it does what mid-rangers try to do and beats them at it
  • Avinash Singh
    Avinash Singh 4 months ago Yes
  • Geoffrey Lee
    Geoffrey Lee 4 months ago Absolutely, the camera is the most important feature for me. I have no regrets over buying my regular Pixel 3 but my next phone will be a budget Pixel assuming Google continues with a cheaper variant with equal camera quality.
  • John Simpson
    John Simpson 4 months ago @Jonathan Cohen I just don't understand why. They must be constantly transferring files on and off their phones. My Moto X4 can accept a 2 TB SD card. That should be the norm.
  • ydc90
    ydc90 4 months ago got the 3A XL the day it was launched and it has been a dream!! :)
  • The DodoBird
    The DodoBird 4 months ago Yes, I have never had a high expectations on electronics (because I have only owned an iPad Mini 2) so this is perfect! Cheap, Battery Life is awesome, Google Assistant and so much more!
  • pat cola
    pat cola 4 months ago @arash yes
  • David Petersen
    David Petersen 4 months ago Been a week, 3a XL is working flawlessly...
  • Jazzie Red
    Jazzie Red 4 months ago Yes, because I want to take pictures on my bike rides, access my bank account, watch YouTube videos, and Twitter against the political machine that is today. 😁
  • Jazzie Red
    Jazzie Red 4 months ago @Jonathan Frank Am I the only person in the world still using a Nexus 6p? I feel so all alone!
  • adil Elkhallouki
    adil Elkhallouki 3 months ago Yes
  • Probaha Singha Roy
    Probaha Singha Roy 3 months ago I use only 86 dollar smartphone 😅
  • Channel Daniels
    Channel Daniels 3 months ago Definitely yes... updates, smaller size, and price... sign me up
  • Nicolas Gomez
    Nicolas Gomez 3 months ago The Verge well, if you come from a sub 300 android smartphone.... It’s speed is pretty good or decent. Its all a matter of perspective.
  • Riley Woods
    Riley Woods 3 months ago Nemesio Ciau what phone do you have mate
  • Wolfie Walfimations
    Wolfie Walfimations 3 months ago Personally yeah, I’m really keen on the idea of switching from iphone to one
  • Danielle Voiculescu
    Danielle Voiculescu 2 months ago I just got the 3a XL. Love it!
  • mass gaming
    mass gaming 2 months ago The Verge yes
  • Krae Malone OFFICIAL
    Krae Malone OFFICIAL 1 month ago @malik hussain 😂😂😂😂
  • Azúcar
    Azúcar 2 weeks ago Yes
  • breathing.fluid
    breathing.fluid 4 months ago Google: And we’re pleased to announce the new P- Verge: Here’s our Pixel 3a review
  • Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris 4 months ago LOL
  • Asdfghjkl I am wrong but
    Asdfghjkl I am wrong but 4 months ago Don’t they get to review them early and then just release the videos as soon as they are allowed
  • JaydenCFC04
    JaydenCFC04 4 months ago Asdfghjkl yes
  • Ganesh Kumar
    Ganesh Kumar 4 months ago new Pp?
  • Ayush Agarwal
    Ayush Agarwal 4 months ago Quite Literally
  • Navdeep Singh
    Navdeep Singh 4 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • OtakuAlex
    OtakuAlex 4 months ago Literally 😂😂
  • Boo Lord
    Boo Lord 4 months ago hahaha
  • Jason Rush
    Jason Rush 4 months ago Lmfao
  • PandaCHEONG
    PandaCHEONG 4 months ago Everybody and their mom dropped a 3a video today
  • Vladi Sebo
    Vladi Sebo 4 months ago when xiaomi or other company has so much better phones and cheaper prices Verge bought-outs dont care. This is PAID AD.
  • Matt Lopez
    Matt Lopez 4 months ago @Vladi Sebo nobody in the United States care about xiaomi phones. Most Americans buy their phones in a carrier store.
  • Vladi Sebo
    Vladi Sebo 4 months ago @Matt Lopez i am using the options that are. and when is someone lazy and don´t know what are internet e-shops like amazon or others then be it. Just use the more expensive options really rest of the world don´t care.
  • Ravi Saa
    Ravi Saa 4 months ago 😂😂 God
  • TobberHarley
    TobberHarley 4 months ago @Vladi Sebo no, this is finally an affordable phone with the fastest Android updates, the BEST camera and a 3.5mm jack. You can't get that anywhere else at that price...
  • ana araque
    ana araque 4 months ago 😭
  • dudebro
    dudebro 4 months ago LOL!!!
  • marinmarinhola
    marinmarinhola 4 months ago @TobberHarley you sort of can, but it takes slightly more knowledge and time. I'm currently using the Pocophone F1 with Pixel Experience, which is stock android, has the same camera sensor as the pixel phones(and pixel experience has the same camera app as Pixel phones, so photos are identical) , the same processor as the Pixel 3 XL, and all that at 330 bucks for the 128 gig version (also, with amazing battery life). Only the Oled screen of the Pixel A exceeds the Pocos IPS display, but everything else is better, for cheaper.
  • TobberHarley
    TobberHarley 4 months ago @marinmarinhola pretty sure you get better camera hardware on the Pixel 3a. It's not only software you know. Plus Pixel Experience requires custom ROM fiddling and will not be supported officially like a Google phone.
  • marinmarinhola
    marinmarinhola 4 months ago (edited) @TobberHarley. The Poco has the same Sony sensor as on the Pixel 3 XL, plus on the poco you get the second camera for added sharpness and depth compared to the A (though that rarely makes a difference, and colors on the Poco are slightly less accurate than the Pixels, but it's really minor). Also, Android is open source, you do get the official updates, just not through Google, but an independent developer. But acquisition method aside, it's the same software updates, just slightly tweaked for the Poco by the Developer.
  • TobberHarley
    TobberHarley 4 months ago @marinmarinhola a phone where you need to void the warranty by flashing ROM yourself and keep it updated manually does not really count. For most people it's just not an options and doesn't compare to official update support from Google. I think it great that you CAN do it but I would always prefer not having to mess with stuff like that...
  • Silviu Panainte
    Silviu Panainte 4 months ago The title should ve been ”A 399$ camera with a great phone”.
  • Angelo Pe Benito
    Angelo Pe Benito 4 months ago True, but it's more of a "decent" phone than great. OnePlus, Xiaomi, and even Poco are better value with very, capable shooters. Can't speak for OnePlus, but both the Mi 9 and the Poco F1 support Gcam.
  • Silviu Panainte
    Silviu Panainte 4 months ago (edited) @Angelo Pe Benito True. I can speak for OnePlus, got the 6t. Amazing phone, decent camera. It supports gcam and sometimes the photos look better with it. The Pixel 3a it's pretty good value, amazing camera, stock Android, dual speakers, headphone jack, OLED screen, but the design looks sooo dated and the processor is mediocre. I don't take many pictures so the OP 6t was the best choice for me.
  • Gopi Krishna
    Gopi Krishna 4 months ago @Silviu Panainte I didn't see any reason for going to 6T for 550$, given poco has similar features(-oled) for 250$ with nice camera
  • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson
    Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson 5 days ago I’ve found the 3a for $150. Which would make it the highest value smartphone
  • Nithin Murali
    Nithin Murali 4 months ago Headphone jack was a standard thing earlier. They remove it and brings it back and suddenly it's a killer feature. 😂
  • Knodesant Knode
    Knodesant Knode 4 months ago Nithin Murali why is earbuds so special anyway just use the google earbuds
  • Mihael Roškar
    Mihael Roškar 4 months ago I guess it's cheaper as it doesn't have to be waterproof.
  • hvip4
    hvip4 4 months ago Shhhh, get back in line or they'll come for you
  • ArtaZ
    ArtaZ 4 months ago Now imagine Apple do this
  • Kip Anderson
    Kip Anderson 1 month ago And lack of it is the number 1 thing I hate about my Pixel 2!
  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 weeks ago Nah, it's just the fact they market the headphone jack as a cheap functionality, knowing this 3a is a midrange and they put a jack on it instead of the flagship Pixel 3.
  • Kip Anderson
    Kip Anderson 2 weeks ago I'll just say that I won't be getting the 3 for lack of this option. I need reliable audio out. Bluetooth and USB solutions simply aren't it.
  • Christopher Walsh
    Christopher Walsh 4 months ago (edited) Tech reviews are always so disconnected from what matters to people! " It doesn't have two camers on the front, and the app opens a second later" K, I'll survive.
  • ChainsGone2012
    ChainsGone2012 3 months ago Exactly
  • Jevon Sims
    Jevon Sims 2 months ago Quality also matters to people which is why Samsung offers more than Google.
  • Kip Anderson
    Kip Anderson 1 month ago @Jevon Sims That is just funny. I've used both. Completely off-base.
  • Armaan Tornow
    Armaan Tornow 4 months ago Companies: Makes metal phone Me: Puts plastic case on instantly Google has entered the chat
  • Jémarc
    Jémarc 4 months ago Lol amd my. Nokia ended itself
  • thatjakelad
    thatjakelad 4 months ago he said oled? If it's oled and had a headphone jack... It's better than the regular pixel
  • Daniel Maler
    Daniel Maler 4 months ago And plastic can't break
  • k7
    k7 4 months ago goled!
  • AndyTolly123
    AndyTolly123 4 months ago I enjoy the more mature ones as well. *ghpmhp*
  • darksteel78
    darksteel78 4 months ago @Daniel Maler But the screen can break...and the screen on this one is more fragile to drops apparently. I hope people use cases so having glass doesn't matter anyway.
  • Soarinnn
    Soarinnn 4 months ago It's using a less powerful processor but that's minor among the rest of it's features
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago OLED but still only FHD+ screen not 2k or 4k...but still it's a plus has solid competition now
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @darksteel78 he meant plastic back..same design what pixel 2 had n ya it's more durable than glass back..but no wireless charging
  • Buttfrags
    Buttfrags 4 months ago @darksteel78 Well I know for a fact that a good chunk of people like to not put cases on their phones. And it is a fact that while plastic is not unbreakable it is still very durable and much more durable than any kind of glass you kind find right know.
  • Buttfrags
    Buttfrags 4 months ago @zoheb saikia 1080p is more than enough for smartphone screens you won't notice a difference on such a small display. And only a handful of sony phones have 4k.
  • Bilal Sheikh
    Bilal Sheikh 4 months ago Processor is the most important part of a phone. So not really.
  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z. 4 months ago (edited) People don't realize that a FHD is better than a QHD on a smartphone. I know you are probably thinking "But QHD has a better resolution". Yes it does however you can't tell the difference on a 6" screen. The FHD uses less processing power and less battery. To me it isn't worth the trade off to have a higher resolution when you can't notice it with the naked eye
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @Buttfrags but what about 4k video recording then or 4k streaming
  • Immanuel Kant
    Immanuel Kant 4 months ago @Buttfrags You do notice a significant difference if it's oled.
  • Immanuel Kant
    Immanuel Kant 4 months ago @Dustin Z. You can tell the difference for sure if it is OLED.
  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z. 4 months ago @Immanuel Kant Yeah if you are talking about OLED vs non-OLED You can definitely tell the difference. So I would rather have a FHD OLED then a QHD Non-OLED
  • Immanuel Kant
    Immanuel Kant 4 months ago @Dustin Z. That didn't make any sense what soever. OLED = worse when it comes to sharpness -> higher resolution (needed).
  • Buttfrags
    Buttfrags 4 months ago @zoheb saikia The 3a supports 4k30 which is more than enough for sharp and stable video.
  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z. 4 months ago (edited) @Immanuel Kant OLED=Better with contrast and blacks. Go watch Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 on OLED and get back to me. When I say OLED I am also referring to AMOLED, POLED and every other variant. They are all OLED based.
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @Buttfrags I know I'm taking about it only has 960p screen with a 4k recording camera..wouldn't that be crap..I know even iPhone does the same thing...atleast the main pixel line up has more than 1440p it's not that downscaling when playback
  • darksteel78
    darksteel78 4 months ago @Buttfrags Agreed. The back of my Pixel 1 is currently broken because it fell out of my jacket pocket while I was getting out of my car... and a day before I was going to get a case too. :-( I'll probably end up getting this phone since I've been holding out for so long.
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @Dustin Z. u can notice when changing resolution in YouTube or Netflix app n it only shows 720p Lol
  • Buttfrags
    Buttfrags 4 months ago @zoheb saikia Dude the 3a has a 1080p not a 960p one. Also the point of recording 4k videos on your smartphone is to upload them to your 4k monitor or tv not to view them on your small non - 4k smartphone screen. You clearly don't know what youre talking about.
  • Buttfrags
    Buttfrags 4 months ago @darksteel78 Yes, you should get it. Don't worry about the processor it can still run any game on play store fine on high to medium settings.
  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z. 4 months ago @zoheb saikia I would say you can definitely tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 6" screen. However 1080p to 1440p I can't tell the difference on a 6" Screen. You can only go so far with resolution on a 6" display before it becomes unnoticeable. Unless you have your face within 1" of the display. My point is that resolution isn't everything. I own both a OnePlus 6t and a Google Pixel XL. The OnePlus 6t even with a lower resolution has a better display then the Pixel XL.
  • Immanuel Kant
    Immanuel Kant 4 months ago @Dustin Z. I know that OLED has better blacks and everything but most OLED screens (on phones basically 99,999%) use a pentile matrix that uses less subpixels per pixel resulting in a more blurry image compared to LCD at the same resolution. That's also the main reason why Samsung implemented a 1440p screen in the s6 already.
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @Buttfrags it's rhetorical question has low res screen that's my point..n uploads r going to go in YouTube or FB or other social media which will compresses it no matter there is no point in arguing..that was my's the deal with every phone screen doesn't matter the main thing is that's is only $399 with these's great value
  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips 4 months ago dont forget that its a less than 6 inch phone! which nowadays are hard to find with these specs😂
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @Buttfrags so by ur counterpoint the person who took his video in 4k30fps on pixel3a should not watch that video he took but should transfer it to a 4k tv or monitor n then watch it before uploading..Lol 😂😂😂🤣🤣 What universe do u live in
  • Buttfrags
    Buttfrags 4 months ago @zoheb saikia Its not low res screen dude. But yeah its a great at $399 especially in America where budget phones options are limited.
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @Dustin Z. same thing I said..but resolution wouldn't matter sure but u can clearly tell the difference between 4k60fps n 4k30fps or 1080p24fps to 1080p60fps.. That's the more major difference I care about when viewing videos
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @Potato Chips 6inch is good size
  • Nuno Herdeiro
    Nuno Herdeiro 4 months ago @Bilal Sheikh lies. Battery and display are. Processors as long as its at least a snapdragon 660, its already fast enough and you will not notice any lags
  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips 4 months ago @zoheb saikia with my small hand,im fine 6.0 inch,but bigger than that naaah
  • Zil
    Zil 4 months ago That bezels looks so outdated
  • Mad Catz
    Mad Catz 4 months ago Will it lag tho? I feel they should least put snapdragon 710 on it
  • klynch572
    klynch572 4 months ago Yeah. But he didn't mention screen size/resolution or battery size. Wth?
  • Inner Peace
    Inner Peace 4 months ago No ip68
  • Nam Khanh Ng
    Nam Khanh Ng 4 months ago Good luck waiting a million years for opening apps
  • HAQx . org
    HAQx . org 4 months ago @zoheb saikia you don't need more than fhd
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @HAQx . org why not.. Dude I would prefer 8k
  • Bilal Sheikh
    Bilal Sheikh 4 months ago (edited) @Nuno Herdeiro you will. There's a reason Snapdragon 855 costs more than 670. So you're wrong. Fast enough isn't good enough for the long term. You can have a 720p screen and that'll work for most people, for example, iPhone XR. But a slower processor will be felt everyday, especially if you're coming from a flagship.
  • Saif Anzary
    Saif Anzary 4 months ago it's kinda gOLED
  • richard lobo
    richard lobo 4 months ago @Bilal Sheikh it is if you are comparing 2 phones side by side. But if you have a single phone then you will not realize the difference.
  • Bilal Sheikh
    Bilal Sheikh 4 months ago @richard lobo maybe you won't. But I will.
  • Matt Lopez
    Matt Lopez 4 months ago @zoheb saikia pixel 2 was aluminum and glass
  • zoheb saikia
    zoheb saikia 4 months ago @Matt Lopez nope it was the same material above aluminum
  • Matt Lopez
    Matt Lopez 4 months ago @zoheb saikia glass above the aluminum, I have one in my hand right now
  • Zangetsu Black
    Zangetsu Black 4 months ago @Dustin Z. Why don't all manufacturers give us the option to choose between 2K, 1080p and 720p like Samsung does?
  • Tim R.
    Tim R. 4 months ago zoheb saikia 2K is FHD.
  • Kai H
    Kai H 4 months ago thatjakelad Nearly all phones with headphone jacks are better
  • mistr scaredy
    mistr scaredy 4 months ago @Dustin Z. uh, people literally comment on 4k videos at a glance versus 1080p.
  • Starmast3r
    Starmast3r 4 months ago The processor is actually faster than the one in the original pixel.
  • Clarity
    Clarity 4 months ago The Nexus phones were oled + headphone jack. Google's Pixel line is overpriced for what it gets you.
  • 3165dwayne
    3165dwayne 4 months ago @darksteel78 dragon trail is pretty damned tough
  • 3165dwayne
    3165dwayne 4 months ago @Buttfrags yes, it's good enough, but you'll notice the difference when you're coming from a higher resolution screen.
  • Buttfrags
    Buttfrags 4 months ago @3165dwayne Not really...
  • david rubio
    david rubio 3 months ago @AndyTolly123 dead
  • Manegar
    Manegar 3 months ago @zoheb saikia from what I know, there aren't any 4k phones yet.
  • Manegar
    Manegar 3 months ago @Nam Khanh Ng I have a phone with a Snapdragon 430 and it opens apps fast enough.
  • LA Clippers
    LA Clippers 4 months ago These phones will go for $199 on prepaid within a year. It happened to the iPhone SE which went for $399 in 2016. Expect really good Black Friday deals for this.
  • oiTzBiGJo
    oiTzBiGJo 4 months ago Facts. Got a Pixel XL 2 now. This literally isn't gonna be different, just a fixed screen and back. 🤣😭
  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful 4 months ago Unlesss the phone gets discounted quick, which can happen!
  • Dante Dacosta
    Dante Dacosta 4 months ago @LeBeautiful we know google loves canceling things
  • Antelmo Martinez-Rubio
    Antelmo Martinez-Rubio 4 months ago Nexus 5x user has finally found his long awaited replacement!
  • Sparky
    Sparky 4 months ago Me too! Finally an upgrade to my beloved Nexus 5X!
  • Jesús Alfonso Salazar Guerrero
    Jesús Alfonso Salazar Guerrero 2 months ago Lol I'm still using the Nexus 4
  • Valentyne S.
    Valentyne S. 2 months ago yep, I just got my pixel 3a, reminds me of the Nexus line, which were my favorite android phones. They should go back to Nexus for cheaper model (where they work with different manufactures with each new iterations) , and Pixel for premium.
  • Jesús Alfonso Salazar Guerrero
    Jesús Alfonso Salazar Guerrero 1 week ago @Valentyne S. What do you think of the plastic back? Does it feel good to the touch? Does it bend when you put in your pocket?
  • Love Life
    Love Life 4 months ago Apple: our new iPhone has a great camera and only cost $1000 Google: Hold my beer
  • Othynrix
    Othynrix 4 months ago when headphone jack is a talking point for a smartphone you know there's problems
  • Orien Day
    Orien Day 4 months ago When your budget phones look better than your highest end model
  • Sebby 94
    Sebby 94 4 months ago Not saying much as the Pixel is 2/3 yrs behind Huawei and Samsung in design
  • Rizky Arbie
    Rizky Arbie 4 months ago @Sebby 94 umm, Samsung yes. Huawei? lol
  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan 4 months ago Rizky Arbie Huawei P30 ? Huawei surely has their design figured out by now
  • Nik3
    Nik3 4 months ago Rizky Arbie Huawei has steadily upped their game. Don't be ignorant now.
  • Very lit
    Very lit 4 months ago the lion sleeps tonight
  • Feyzan
    Feyzan 4 months ago Hahaha this phone look extremely outdated.
  • Kruzer Blade
    Kruzer Blade 4 months ago Samsung apple oppo vivo quite a few. TBH. Especially samsung and Apple. Google really needs to gain ground right now.
  • Reed Anuar
    Reed Anuar 4 months ago I don't see it as a budget phone though, but mid tier
  • Point Of View
    Point Of View 4 months ago I think you're kidding my original regular Pixel 3 in just black color is far way more awsome to those A versions and heavier in hand... 😎😋
  • Orien Day
    Orien Day 4 months ago @Point Of View but the regular version isn't the highest end model. The XL is
  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge 4 months ago Rizky Arbie I've seen budget phones perform better than their "midrange" models
  • ben owen
    ben owen 4 months ago @Sebby 94 you don't buy a Pixel for the design, you buy a Pixel for the software experience with timely updates and the amazing camera that is easy to use and is the best camera on a smartphone. I'd rather have bloat free software experience with all the perks you get with a Pixel than the bloated skinned Android from Samsung and Huawei. Stock Android forever.
  • Point Of View
    Point Of View 4 months ago @Orien Day Absolutely not 😉 Both are equally the same level of range and have strictly the same specs and only the overall size and battery capacity change and the front face aesthetics (better for the regular with no notch). 👍
  • Orien Day
    Orien Day 4 months ago @Point Of View yes, while I agree with what you're saying as essentially they function as the same device, by virtue of one of them having a battery capacity exceeding that of the other that model automatically becomes higher end by definition. I'm not saying the XL is a better device
  • Point Of View
    Point Of View 4 months ago @Orien Day from this point of view (oh that's my nickname 😁) i may agree but the most important is that Google has decreed that both are equally flagship models 👍
  • Sebby 94
    Sebby 94 4 months ago @ben owen poor design is exactly why no-one buys a pixel. All of your reasonings are such niche markets (with exception of camera quality). People don't care for latest android and Samsung have already had the new features on their phones for a couple of years anyway. Also in the camera department it really depends what you want, new samsung & huawei flagships offer so much in the camera department, want the same boring photo everytime get a Pixel, want saturated images, wide angles, clearer zooms, better video recording, more beauty features then get a Samsung or Huawei. If they want Pixel to succeed they need to win on design too. Also in 2019 a flagship shouldn't be way behind the competition in any area, especially one as important as design.
  • pat cola
    pat cola 4 months ago (edited) @Sebby 94 Only so much you can physically do to a standard rectangular slab of glass and metal...and now once again polycarbonate. I couldn't care less if there is a "chin" or not. I just want my phone to be a joy to use you know ? It's those little things on a phone that makes the whole experience worth it's purchasing. I have found that with the Google pixel 3a
  • Manegar
    Manegar 3 months ago @Sebby 94 Again, those are FLAGSHIPS. You can't exactly compare a 400$ phone to an 800$ or much expensive one.
  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 4 months ago It’s slower? For the price, I’m patient
  • Hector Ruiz
    Hector Ruiz 4 months ago Lewis Johnson you can say that again!
  • Dominic Naylor
    Dominic Naylor 4 months ago The Pixel 3a is about $90 more expensive here in the UK. And no dual front-speakers is a bit of a killer for me.
  • w35t51d369
    w35t51d369 4 months ago Dominic Naylor we have 20% tax, the USA have to pay tax ON TOP OF $399 cost of the phone.
  • himanshu sage
    himanshu sage 4 months ago thank you for an excellent and honest review.
  • Jp Dìaz Rosso
    Jp Dìaz Rosso 4 months ago Headphone Jack+Súper Camera +Stock Android (Android One)= ♥️
  • José Justiniano Pérez Carbajal
    José Justiniano Pérez Carbajal 3 months ago Yeah
  • Yash Pradhan
    Yash Pradhan 4 months ago they haven't even finished announcing it lol! XD
  • Santosh Moopanar
    Santosh Moopanar 4 months ago Yeah but just in India
  • Modeski
    Modeski 4 months ago @Caitlin evelyn speak proper english first
  • Sam Kuo
    Sam Kuo 4 months ago What about the one plus 6 it has a good camera
  • blackcobra95 ___
    blackcobra95 ___ 4 months ago (edited) Nobody paying $1000+ for a phone, the majority think it's just $29 dollars a month... For 36 MONTHS
  • AmpedUpTech
    AmpedUpTech 4 months ago He made a mistake in this video. The apps are not loading fast probably coz of the Storage Technology used and not coz of the SOC. Apps loading times depends more on the storage type than SOC. Pixel 3A is using eMMC instead of UFS that's why apps loading time is high as compared to Pixel 3.