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Make your TV a smart TV:

In this video, I compare Hulu to Netflix.

I am not going to just scroll through the libraries of each. I want to break down the fundamental differences and explain which is better for you
Netflix - founded in 1997
Some sources say over 700 Netflix originals
Netflix spent somewhere on the order of $8B
Shows come and go
Pricing options: 1 user at a time
Originals are driving growth
You can have multiple profiles
DVDs for extra $5, 8, or 12/mo - 5 is 1 at a time, 2 per month (rip off) and then 2 is 1 at a time, unlimited, and 12 is 2 at a time, unlimited. I would not get any of those though
Basic, $7.99/mo - doesn't provide high definition and only allows 1 screen at a time
Standard, $10.99 /mo - standard offers HD videos, two simultaneous viewings
Premium, $13.99 /mo - four screens at the same time. also the only item on Netflixoffering 4K
Offline option for
If you have T-Mobile, basic is already covered
Disney pulled their content for their own streaming service
1 month free trial
All content is released one season at a time
125M members as of April 2018
Originally very movie oriented but they have removed hundreds of titles as they move toward tv shows, and specifically, originals
Removed Friends :(
Netflix tries to make the interface mostly uniform between devices and platforms. They also added a “My List” feature
Hulu - founded in 2007
20M subscribers
Add-Ons: you can add HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax to your plan for a few extra dollars per month
Always focused more on tv shows and updating shows the next day
No more free tier
$5.99/fmo for first year then normally $8/mo
One month free trial
You will still see some commercials
$12/mo for no commercials
Can log in on unlimited devices, but can only watch on one device at a time
Some people say you can actually typically run 2-3 at a time
Hulu allows you to upgrade for an extra $15/mo for unlimited devices (according to one source)
Comes with Spotify for students in a bundle
Many of the newest episodes of a show are released one at a time (current seasons)
Hulu with Live TV is $40/mo
Live sports!!
50+ live cable tv channels
Hulu has a watchlist which is essentially like the Netflix “MY List” - also tells you when new episodes are airing
Lists “Expiring soon” items
Mythbusters, rick and morty, friends, seinfeld, live sports, impractical jokers, live news
Night Light mode (aka dark mode)
You can get the Hulu app in windows store
You can have multiple profiles, just like Netflix
“Stop suggesting”
Extras - not just episodes
Even with $40/mo, I was getting ads! WTF!!!
Even more ads in the middle of an episode - annoying
At least they tell you how many and how long they will last
I was getting 30 seconds, every 5 minutes or so
You can watch in mini player mode and browse simultaneously
Within player, choose subtitles/language, video quality, auto play, etc.
Many of these shows are on other websites with fewer or no ads at all and for free
Everyone has different taste and different friends so I recommend sampling both free trials before choosing which you like better. There are many others out there and so if you like this video, I can make reviews in the future like this one

My camera:

My microphone:

My audio recorder:

My tripod:

My video editor:

Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers! Thank you all for watching!

  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien 4 months ago Check out Hulu vs Hulu Live:
  • sir carmello
    sir carmello 1 month ago One of the things I like about Hulu is that they actually have the dubed versions of all the animes I like!
  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 8 months ago Netflix keeps taking down a lot of movies and shows to make originals.
  • No No
    No No 7 months ago They can't simply put on and keep movies as they wish. That costs a lot of money. And if they decide they rather invest that money in their own content that can stay forever than I can't blame them.
  • TheFearLessGuy
    TheFearLessGuy 7 months ago Yeah and the majority is good and there taking down crappy movies and they got a lot of marvel films...
  • Wayne
    Wayne 7 months ago @TheFearLessGuy The Marvel movies will be removed once the contract ends , and so will all of the Disney Films . I believe .
  • TheFearLessGuy
    TheFearLessGuy 7 months ago @Wayne they did a deal on the netflix originals Marvel shows. Disney decided to cancel all of the shows which is a really bad business choice. Netflix could have all of the movies from marvel but not the shows that's why its canceled. Disney made Netflix to cancel all of their shows and they're adding those shows on their own streaming place with the same things but little different story, different cast which I fucking hate, and they're making it into some kid friendly bullshit fucking shit. The punisher was by far my favorite. Disney is going to lose a lot of money and viewers because of this crap. Fucking greedy ass company.
  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien 7 months ago I do like pheanies and furb
  • Victor Watson
    Victor Watson 7 months ago I seen that as well, but thier Originals are getting real creative and very good.
  • ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360
    ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360 7 months ago Other than Travelers and the Marvel series I have no use for Netflix.
  • Mike Wurlitzer
    Mike Wurlitzer 7 months ago @No No A heads up on soon to be canceled shows would go a long way to improve NetFlix's image. They dropped the first 3 seasons of Heartland with no announcement thus preventing those who had just started to watch that series from binge watching it up to season 4. I fully understand the economics forcing content to be dropped but again a little heads up would go a long way.
  • TheAtom
    TheAtom 7 months ago (edited) That is one of the gripes I have with Netflix as well. They are over focused on originals. They are wasting so much money on them when most users just want shows that are already out there. The rights issues makes it more expensive to keep them though. Some that are still on there were from rights contracts they only had to pay for once to keep them there. But again they are ditching allot of the legacy TV shows we want so they can have more money to line the executives pockets & for originals. Since the 2000’s, Netflix has really lost their way.
  • ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360
    ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360 7 months ago @TheAtom nothing wrong with originals but they're going overboard with it. Soon they won't have marvel,dc,star wars,and pixar. They'll probably loose a lot of subscribers because of this.
  • Maverick Shaq
    Maverick Shaq 6 months ago @TheFearLessGuy It's business. Besides it's on their Disney channel app with all of those in one. What do you expect?
  • BFFL&F Video
    BFFL&F Video 6 months ago @No No i agree and i still think netflix is better but i will try hulu before i judge.
  • Richie
    Richie 5 months ago Which is why I went to hulu live. Amazing!! Lots of movies and shows!!!
  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 5 months ago To be a fair the originals are really getting good and there’s so many that’s something for anyone
  • Jay Krainert
    Jay Krainert 5 months ago I have both, but I dont have cable (except my isp). I use Netflix more often but we have 3 people sharing each account so they get used a good amount. You dont usually have to wait for TV shows to come out a year later more like 3 months when DVD is released.
  • Dj.Young Ro
    Dj.Young Ro 5 months ago Netflix like a Smartphone running out of space
  • Baylee Ridinger
    Baylee Ridinger 5 months ago IKR me and my friend looked up mean girls and it was gone
  • sco5b
    sco5b 4 months ago Yours Truly and is charging $15.99
  • Iowa Girl
    Iowa Girl 3 months ago Netflix turned to pure propaganda pushing shit shows. The Owebomas are working with them so it makes me sick. Constant name dropping of BHO and friends. Shows have obvious health care issues, ACA is mentioned, MO is mentioned, consistently you can expect 1 or more gay couple making out in everything, and of course you can expect an illegal immigrant afraid of being found out and deported. It's full retard liberal progressive mode.
  • Eyezor
    Eyezor 3 months ago TheFearLessGuy How come did they remove episodes of naruto.
  • sundance kidd
    sundance kidd 3 months ago @Iowa Girl i think theres lots of conservative right wing nutty trump loving programs on netflix too. they try to appeal to everyone including southerners and midwestern folks
  • ZangVlogz
    ZangVlogz 2 months ago IKR!
  • Adamz Swan
    Adamz Swan 2 months ago Yours Truly they took down Pokémon xy and z That is why I’m considering Hulu
  • GoldenCozmo
    GoldenCozmo 1 month ago That's one thing I hate
  • Lucy Lezama
    Lucy Lezama 1 week ago Ikr
  • I Am The Master Baiter
    I Am The Master Baiter 1 week ago @TheFearLessGuy Netflix orginal shows are trash 9 out of 10 times
  • Clairpods
    Clairpods 1 week ago No No and most of the topime they aren’t good
  • John Olivo
    John Olivo 6 months ago Hate Netflix any time I type in a movie it's never available.
  • BlueJay
    BlueJay 4 months ago Drake and Josh will be missed
  • Chooperfan Fortnitesucks
    Chooperfan Fortnitesucks 3 months ago (edited) @BlueJay i got hulu just yesterday for drake and josh and south park
  • Angel Gutierrez
    Angel Gutierrez 3 months ago Chooperfan Fortnitesucks do the have it now will buy Hulu fuck Netflix cause they have suck ass shows and the same shows I already watched
  • Whynottho
    Whynottho 3 months ago BlueJay I didn’t even know it was on there.. that’s how quick they removed it
  • Elijah Florence
    Elijah Florence 2 months ago Hulu has family guy . Nuff said get spongebob and rip netflix
  • BlueJay
    BlueJay 2 months ago @Whynottho I havent seen it on there in like a year maybe
  • Adamz Swan
    Adamz Swan 2 months ago John Olivo so true
  • Chooperfan Fortnitesucks
    Chooperfan Fortnitesucks 2 months ago @Angel Gutierrez yeah on hulu
  • Jamai Thomas
    Jamai Thomas 1 month ago All Netflix got is oringinal series
  • Chanel Mone
    Chanel Mone 1 month ago John Olivo yeah same here I think it’s only good for Shows
  • Ezra Przytyk
    Ezra Przytyk 1 month ago (edited) Yeah but Netflix originals are amazing like money heist is sooo good
  • Uoo Hoo
    Uoo Hoo 2 weeks ago You look up a movie or series and it's not available but u can rent the DVD. They NEVER have the movies I look up and yet they suggest types of movies that I don't have any interest in. Thought they're supposed to have like 80,000 to choose from. NOT 🤨
  • ULtra FroSTy
    ULtra FroSTy 2 weeks ago @Angel Gutierrez aren they buyin teen Titans 5 seasons
  • Bill clawsby
    Bill clawsby 1 week ago @Chooperfan Fortnitesucks exactly
  • Bill clawsby
    Bill clawsby 1 week ago Yeah Netflix never has anything but it comes free for my provider so I just pay for Hulu
  • wakyl Hakymzaada pashayeewar
    wakyl Hakymzaada pashayeewar 2 days ago Fuck movies no tv shows
  • Zavier
    Zavier 5 months ago I just got Hulu because Netflix was being trash talked in the comment section
  • FlamingNinjaStar
    FlamingNinjaStar 5 months ago Did you have Netflix before?
  • Meia xox
    Meia xox 5 months ago Is it on App Store I can’t find it
  • Iowa Girl
    Iowa Girl 3 months ago I have Netflix and looking for something else. If you are into every show having gay couples making out, name dropping of Owebomas and friends, sympathize with illegals fear of deportation, blacks and Hispanics having it so bad in this country...then you should go with lib. propaganda machine Netflix. I was thinking why the hell does everything have to do with that shit. Oweboma signed a contract with Netflix and it was destroyed.
  • Rëågåñ
    Rëågåñ 3 months ago @Iowa Girl Your comment made me lose about 47 brain cells, thanks.
  • Iowa Girl
    Iowa Girl 3 months ago (edited) My condolences, take care of the last 7 that you have left and count your blessings. Best of luck.🤣
  • Erin Diaz
    Erin Diaz 2 months ago you realize it is 2019 NOT the 50s??????
  • TheLotusFlower
    TheLotusFlower 2 months ago @Erin Diaz - Exactly! That person's comment is repulsive. How pathetic is it that these people still find ways to blame Obama for everything they don't like? So now Obama has destroyed Netflix? Thanks, Obama! All I surmised from that idiotic comment is she doesn't like gay people, Black people, Hispanic people, liberals, or the Obamas. Something tells me that she can't stand anything that doesn't look like her vanilla little corner of the world in Iowa.
  • Erin Diaz
    Erin Diaz 2 months ago I Have NO clue what you are talking about!!
  • Elvir Playz
    Elvir Playz 2 months ago Zavier Good choice
  • Elvir Playz
    Elvir Playz 2 months ago Meia xox yes it’s it
  • Bots4 Breakfast
    Bots4 Breakfast 1 month ago @Rëågåñ Dont mind her, it's just pure ignorance talking. Just pray for her. 🙏
  • Danolix
    Danolix 1 month ago @Iowa Girl I mean you're not wrong it is really hurting itself with political propaganda but still wtf man.
  • Iowa Girl
    Iowa Girl 1 month ago @Danolix WTF, what? I see more gay action that straight. It's a constant now on Netflix. I have a few gay friends. They're cool and they are not obnoxious and disagree with some of the shit that is being peddled.
  • Iowa Girl
    Iowa Girl 1 month ago @TheLotusFlower My parents are legal immigrants from Mexico, now American Citizens. My friends are from all over. Netflix has become a propaganda machine. If you consider Hispanics, vanilla then so be it. My BFF is from India. My husband is white from Ireland. You went full retard. Well done.🖕🤜🤛
  • Lucy Lezama
    Lucy Lezama 1 week ago Ikr
  • im drunk
    im drunk 5 months ago Netflix prices were raised to $12.99... R.I.P
  • FlamingNinjaStar
    FlamingNinjaStar 5 months ago I have the higher paying option 💀☠️
  • Angel Gutierrez
    Angel Gutierrez 4 months ago 16$ for uhd :(
  • Dann Ochoa
    Dann Ochoa 2 months ago Now hulu is 5.99. With ads obviusly. But just think how expensive is to have a license from the most recently tv shows.
  • Erin Diaz
    Erin Diaz 2 months ago yes its ridicoulus ive had Netflix for a long time and I called to ask them why are they the only one raising prices? they are the only ones who do, I told them hulu doesn't raised prices if anything they are having a 5.99 special. it includes adds but that's ok and I pay 5.99 for amazon prime being on disability and the price wont be raised. so I asked Netflix why they are the only ones raising the price and I told them they need to have lower prices for people in certain demos that cant afford for them to keep raising the price>?  the Netflix rep told me that because they are going to have better programming that's why and I told wrong hulu has wonderful shows winning awards,
  • Dann Ochoa
    Dann Ochoa 2 months ago @Erin Diaz Also. Hulu recently lower its prices. A few months ago it was 7.99, now is 5.99
  • Ainsley Del Taco
    Ainsley Del Taco 2 months ago laughs in T-Mobile
  • Ca$hMoN3Y
    Ca$hMoN3Y 1 month ago I'm going to keep my faith in netflix hopefully they get better
  • Dann Ochoa
    Dann Ochoa 1 month ago @Ca$hMoN3Y Great. Actually, a company need this kind of people to succeed and improve theirself.
  • Seb
    Seb 1 month ago @Ca$hMoN3Y Netflix are good, I don't agree with the price change but they offer some good originals
  • Yukiher senpai
    Yukiher senpai 1 month ago im drunk holy fuck it’s 15.99 now I’m switching to hulu
  • Eevee
    Eevee 1 month ago im drunk I have the 14.99 deal ☠️
  • KingSlayer
    KingSlayer 8 months ago I personally cant stand netflix anymore. They took all the cartoons i would watch away. Bobs burgers, family guy, the cleveland show, american dad. All gone. Its crap imo. Thats why im finally getting hulu tomorrow woo hoo
  • Xxprima_noctaxX
    Xxprima_noctaxX 8 months ago Hulu has good older shows, netflix has better originals
  • Xxprima_noctaxX
    Xxprima_noctaxX 7 months ago @John Luke Brand there old shows I've already seen, I like netflix better because it's all new
  • djJames
    djJames 7 months ago @Xxprima_noctaxX older shows are better
  • djJames
    djJames 7 months ago (edited) @Xxprima_noctaxX the new Neflix is trash, all they care about now is their originals and not focusing on more movies/tv shows
  • Xxprima_noctaxX
    Xxprima_noctaxX 7 months ago @djJames ya but the originals are good... if you wanna rematch shows you've seen a much of times then get hulu
  • Josh D
    Josh D 7 months ago You're a jackass for even watching those shows you fucking troglodyte.
  • biscuit
    biscuit 7 months ago KingSlayer you like crap shows
  • A GG
    A GG 6 months ago Hulu is supreme
  • 千ㄩ匚Ҝ ㄚㄖㄩ
    千ㄩ匚Ҝ ㄚㄖㄩ 6 months ago How tf I have family guy in Netflix???
  • Savio Shayota
    Savio Shayota 6 months ago If you have Sprint Hulu’s free
  • Tom Hardman
    Tom Hardman 6 months ago why i have all them on dvd and blu ray :) fuck streaming and digital for movies and is the only digital i do
  • Mr.GoldPepper
    Mr.GoldPepper 6 months ago Yess
  • Shamar Brown
    Shamar Brown 6 months ago Dont forget about the best cartoon shows when you were little
  • Richie
    Richie 5 months ago @Xxprima_noctaxX I couldn't stand all the netflix shows but hulus show like future man is pretty damn good
  • FlamingNinjaStar
    FlamingNinjaStar 5 months ago @Xxprima_noctaxX have you watched Full metal Alchemist?
  • Booster_Stranger
    Booster_Stranger 4 months ago @biscuit wtf, you gotta wash your mouth out with soap and water for that. Those shows are the shit
  • Bheese Churger
    Bheese Churger 4 months ago Netflix helped you out with the Cleveland Show
  • Iam Notarobot
    Iam Notarobot 4 months ago KingSlayer Bobs burgers is the only good one
  • Anthony Rios
    Anthony Rios 3 months ago Literally all the shows I watched on Netflix (ones you mentioned) and now I have both but never use Netflix cause it’s overrated and there’s absolutely no good shit on there
  • Lucky Glove
    Lucky Glove 3 months ago The Hulu add on stuff is just a scam
  • Christopher Blackburn
    Christopher Blackburn 3 months ago Hulu ads are hell there are like 5 ads every episode you watch and they are all 90 seconds
  • Iowa Girl
    Iowa Girl 3 months ago @Anthony Rios Netflix originals all push gays making out, blacks and Hispanics are victims, Obama and friends name dropping, the ACA, lib propaganda bs. 0webomas signed a contract with Netflix and it went to shit, just like anything they touch!
  • Erin Diaz
    Erin Diaz 2 months ago I have both Hulu and Netflix and amazon prime. I love a lot programming for each one. I cant afford cable and my brother sent me an apple tv so I can watch my shows on tv not just my laptop. I love the handmades tale, castlerock, The act, freakish, the looming tower are a few of my favorite shows on hulu, for Netflix theres Black Mirror Stranger things, santa clarita diet, Dark, Hemlock grove are a few of my favorites
  • Volne
    Volne 2 months ago For tv shows go with hulu . For movies go with netflix
  • OvO Chaos
    OvO Chaos 2 months ago KingSlayer exactly I watched all them yo
  • Ardie Studios10
    Ardie Studios10 2 months ago Same
  • Rudra Sharma
    Rudra Sharma 2 months ago Those shows are still on Netflix....
  • No videos 1k sub?
    No videos 1k sub? 2 months ago I have hulu and I give away hulu cards sense a regular plan is only 5.99/mon it's really cheap unlike netflix
  • Connor Dilks
    Connor Dilks 1 month ago Don't forget they took out the classics. Suite life of Zack and Cody, Suite life on deck, Pair of Kings, etc. What a disappointment
  • Laura Palmer
    Laura Palmer 1 month ago KingSlayer ahahha getting Hulu for the same reason 😂👻
  • Destiny Ray
    Destiny Ray 1 month ago KingSlayer Hulu is good it just has way to many ads I accidentally clicked out the show I was watching and I clicked back on and I got an ad and there wasn’t even an ad when I left it was in the middle of the show. They have ads every 5 minutes like the my show just came on and 6 minutes later an ad it was so annoying 🤬
  • Party Life
    Party Life 1 month ago Ikr! Hulu and prime are so better!
  • ULtra FroSTy
    ULtra FroSTy 2 weeks ago @Iam Notarobot why hadent they bought teen Titans da 5 sessons and or teen Titans go
  • xzavier taylor
    xzavier taylor 3 days ago I like Cleveland show and bobs burgers too
  • SirGecko
    SirGecko 6 months ago (edited) I have both Edit: Basically if you like your TV shows pick Hulu, if you like movies pick Netflix
  • FlamingNinjaStar
    FlamingNinjaStar 5 months ago What if I like anime?
  • Unleashed
    Unleashed 5 months ago FlamingNinjaStar crunchyroll 😂
  • I Dont Care o.o
    I Dont Care o.o 5 months ago @FlamingNinjaStar Funimation
  • Rest up Fredo
    Rest up Fredo 4 months ago (edited) @FlamingNinjaStar hulu should have lots of anime
  • Suhin Shrestha
    Suhin Shrestha 4 months ago Vrv
  • りん夏目
    りん夏目 4 months ago @Unleashed Hulu has a good selection. if you want to pirate anime, chia anime works well. no pictures to look at though. but only one pop up add and after that your good.
  • りん夏目
    りん夏目 4 months ago @Unleashed ps. replied to wrong person... mrbt for the person who asked what if i like anime...
  • Christian Lessey
    Christian Lessey 4 months ago FlamingNinjaStar then get Hulu because Netflix doesn’t even have DRAGON BALL🤦🏼‍♂️😂
  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam 3 months ago FlamingNinjaStar there is a great selection of anime on hulu
  • Kuush kihng VEVO
    Kuush kihng VEVO 3 months ago @FlamingNinjaStar if you live in japan or uses the vpn there's some stuff on Netflix. But I prefer hulu for now
  • Jonathan Serrano
    Jonathan Serrano 3 months ago @FlamingNinjaStar VRV
  • Dann Ochoa
    Dann Ochoa 2 months ago And thats why I only have Hulu.
  • Anime Tiddies
    Anime Tiddies 2 months ago I Dont Care o.o nah cartooncrazy
  • Tenkashi69
    Tenkashi69 2 months ago @FlamingNinjaStar hulu again
  • PagedAsp78
    PagedAsp78 2 months ago FlamingNinjaStar Hulu is the best place for you
  • Sour Cherry
    Sour Cherry 1 month ago I have anime shows I like on Hulu and others on Netflix, but I’ve seen more anime’s on Hulu then Netflix
  • -Spirit Wolf-
    -Spirit Wolf- 1 month ago @FlamingNinjaStar anime is on netflix and Hulu xD
    JOSHUA OLADIMEJI 3 weeks ago @FlamingNinjaStar hulu
    JOSHUA OLADIMEJI 3 weeks ago @FlamingNinjaStar or vrv
    JOSHUA OLADIMEJI 3 weeks ago Me too
  • rekz 0723
    rekz 0723 1 week ago @FlamingNinjaStar hulu
  • Ed Reid
    Ed Reid 7 months ago Getting Hulu for a buck a month for a black Friday purchase this year..
  • Saturn Barz
    Saturn Barz 4 months ago Ed Reid same here😂
  • Dann Ochoa
    Dann Ochoa 2 months ago Great bro. Also Hulu is great.
  • David Hardcore
    David Hardcore 1 month ago Damn WTF... I had no clue that was going on at black Friday. Smfh what a steal!
  • Ruh Roh
    Ruh Roh 7 months ago I couldnt find anything to watch on netflix so i started watching hulu
  • Matilda Erewa
    Matilda Erewa 7 months ago Me too!! I'm thinking of trying Hulu. Is Hulu better in your own opinion
  • Ruh Roh
    Ruh Roh 7 months ago @Matilda Erewa ya i think so
  • TheAtom
    TheAtom 7 months ago I have Hulu as well but I just share my friends Neflix for the stuff Hulu doesn't have that Netflix has. I just use Neflix for a handful of shows like the the DC CW shows like Flash, Arrow etc. & Hulu I use for allot of the older Adult Swim shows & other stuff. Hulu actually got allot of stuff Netflix ditched.
  • Next up Last one
    Next up Last one 6 months ago TheAtom mind sharing Hulu ;-;
  • Maverick Shaq
    Maverick Shaq 6 months ago @TheAtom you do realise hulu have all of the dc and cw shows as well aired a day after?
  • alvaro Valencia
    alvaro Valencia 6 months ago To today
  • Obsidian Gaming
    Obsidian Gaming 4 months ago Me too
  • Emily Karam
    Emily Karam 1 month ago Can u look up twilight up for me and see if it’s on Hulu?
  • TotallyNotSomeWeirdo
    TotallyNotSomeWeirdo 4 months ago Even though you have to watch ads during your show/movie, Hulu is still better. Netflix keeps removing good stuff and adding crap.
  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien 4 months ago That seems to be a common complaint about Netflix. We'll see what apple and Disney look like at the end of this summer though. Maybe they'll compete 🤷
  • animeniac
    animeniac 1 month ago I have the 11.99 version
  • animeniac
    animeniac 1 month ago @Mike O'Brien and I don't think they will, I'll stick with Hulu cause Disney owns 60% of Hulu so you might not miss out on everything.
  • Gaby
    Gaby 3 months ago Netflix raised from 14 dóllars to 17 and they keep removing shows
  • Robert Vurno
    Robert Vurno 8 months ago If Netflix added live tv sports and DVR they would be a mega giant
  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien 8 months ago They would own the media world 🙌
  • KnockingZero
    KnockingZero 8 months ago And more shows
  • AC Padilla
    AC Padilla 7 months ago (edited) They have to convert their service into a live tv service which would compete with sling, hulu tv, youtube tv, playstation and direct tv streaming services. Sling is the cheapest with its base at $25/month so wed have to cough up at least $30 a month if they did that. However, they could keep their current service separate and also have a live tv service similar to how hulu has different service offerings.
  • Chauncy Fill-ups
    Chauncy Fill-ups 6 months ago NHL, MLB, NBA all have their own apps, so why would they need Netflix when they can make their own money? Plus there are blackout games that are televised only on nbc for example. So they would be paying even more to show live games
  • Richie
    Richie 5 months ago Thing is, hulu is owned by Disney, comcast and at&t. They have the huge advantage of being cable/on demand. Netflix will have to pay a lot more.
  • Ca$hMoN3Y
    Ca$hMoN3Y 3 months ago Fr thats be dope who will do it first
  • hndez_ 13
    hndez_ 13 6 months ago Getting hulu for Everybody hates chris
  • Ken Belangel
    Ken Belangel 6 months ago If they were to get Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Hulu would win hands down
  • FlamingNinjaStar
    FlamingNinjaStar 5 months ago I'm on Netflix for full metal alchemist but I'm almost done with it
  • Emily Yukki
    Emily Yukki 3 months ago That's on live tv
  • Combustr 11
    Combustr 11 1 month ago Ken Belangel Netflix has fresh prince of bel air
  • Mrs Poulter
    Mrs Poulter 1 month ago Combustr 11 no it doesn’t
  • Combustr 11
    Combustr 11 1 month ago Mrs Poulter yes it does. I have Netflix and Fresh Prince is in there
  • HSPChaves _
    HSPChaves _ 8 months ago Amazing quality, how do u only have 2k?! Microphone is really good! Camera quality is really good! And content is awesome! Keep it going!
  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien 8 months ago Thank you so much for watching! I really appreciate the feedback!! The channel is definitely small right now but I'm working on growing it. Happy New year!
    JOSHUA OLADIMEJI 3 weeks ago Off topic
  • PhantomMenace
    PhantomMenace 3 months ago Plus Netflix always removes my favorite shows
  • Ken Belangel
    Ken Belangel 7 months ago Is anyone else on the Hulu 99¢ a month plan besides me?
  • hunter horn
    hunter horn 7 months ago Black Friday!!!
  • The Detector Collector
    The Detector Collector 7 months ago Ken Belangel Yes I have that plan too👍
    FIJI WATER 7 months ago Wait what?!?!
  • The Detector Collector
    The Detector Collector 7 months ago Rylie T yup only a buck.It was a Black Friday special.
  • joe joe
    joe joe 6 months ago Or you could get a free version every month one
  • Gege GG
    Gege GG 6 months ago I got the 99 cent month plan too.
  • winter gacha
    winter gacha 6 months ago No im doing 40$ because I wanna look good
  • Yeerr
    Yeerr 4 months ago I was doing it. But I couldn’t stand the commercials anymore so I got the $11 a month one lol
  • Kristal Price
    Kristal Price 4 months ago Yes I am
  • Zac Webster
    Zac Webster 8 months ago Netflix is way to far behind when it comes to some shows. For some shows, Netflix is not up to current seasons or is missing a lot of things. For instance, Netflix only has season one of attack on Titan while the show is currently on season 3. And the Pokemon anime does not have the complete full first season, and then they skip seasons 2-17, completely gone. Some of the most searched things on Netflix, other than trends, are things THAT ARE NOT ON NETFLIX.
  • Cristiano Morales
    Cristiano Morales 7 months ago Shut up nerd
  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 7 months ago Watch on KissAnime
  • Abdelkader Benouis
    Abdelkader Benouis 7 months ago Attack On Titans is no longer available on Netflix “on my netflix anyways” maybe because the country is different.
  • A GG
    A GG 6 months ago Hulu is supreme
  • Richie
    Richie 5 months ago Hulu has the full pokemon series. I even recorded the Grammys and watched it when I got home. It's basically having cable/on demand
  • LoZGoron513
    LoZGoron513 5 months ago @Cristiano Morales shut the hell up.
  • FlamingNinjaStar
    FlamingNinjaStar 5 months ago Hulu has all of Pokemon!? I might switch over once I watch all my shows on Netflix
  • Richie
    Richie 5 months ago @FlamingNinjaStar yes, I have hulu live so not sure if it's only for hulu live as movies and shows are expanded or if it's with basic hulu as well
  • Sophia Bonetti
    Sophia Bonetti 6 months ago I use both and like both. This is my opinion
    JOSHUA OLADIMEJI 3 weeks ago Me too
  • Rudy Rodriguez
    Rudy Rodriguez 3 months ago I like hulu better because it has all my favorite shows. netflix seems limited imo
  • Avec Neigh
    Avec Neigh 1 month ago (edited) If it's a Hulu or Netflix original you can't find it anywhere else. HAS THIS MAN NOT HEARD OF GOOGLE lol