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Mercedes EQC 2020 review - see if it's a Tesla Model X beater!

Published on May 15, 2019 1,717,257 views










See Mat's behind the scenes video here:

This is the Mercedes EQC! It’s the first all-electric car to be produced by Mercedes, and it arrives with a range of just over 250 miles thanks to an 80 kWh lithium-ion battery that produces 408hp and a 0-60mph time of 5.1 seconds! But are these stats impressive enough to match the £65,000 price tag? And would you choose it over a Model X?! Join Mat in his latest review to see what you think!

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  • Chris Holloway
    Chris Holloway 4 months ago The range anxiety is strong with this one...
  • Don't tell me, show me!
    Don't tell me, show me! 4 months ago May the range be with you
  • Valkyrie_
    Valkyrie_ 4 months ago Lol yes it is.
  • m3 h
    m3 h 3 months ago Looool i have range anxiety its annoying
  • RS-T
    RS-T 3 months ago Nope, it’s a short range fighter
  • David Hood
    David Hood 3 months ago And it’s as efficient as an old man trying to use an iPhone.
  • fox foxxes
    fox foxxes 3 months ago Another question what happens when your phone dies and you can’t scan to charge
  • Tristan Thomas
    Tristan Thomas 3 months ago 2014!
  • Johannes Heßling
    Johannes Heßling 3 months ago @fox foxxes charge your phone in the car?
  • Sunrise in Isaan
    Sunrise in Isaan 3 months ago @Johannes Heßling bit inconvenient... did you see the size of the charging port?
  • GoSolarPlz
    GoSolarPlz 3 months ago Range anxiety is mostly bs unless you’re a traveling salesperson. Most people don’t drive 320km in a day. If you do, you have the fast charge capability to charge up while you have a pee break and grab a coffee. It seems no matter how much range these new evs achieve people are always worried about range anxiety. Trust me I’ve had evs since my first 2013 focus electric which only had 140km range and no dc fast charge capability and even that was good for 90-95% of my driving needs. Newer evs with 250-300+km range, range anxiety isn’t a factor. Remember 95% of the time you’re charging at home while you sleep and starting each day with a full charge if you need to.
  • SJM
    SJM 3 months ago They have anti-anxiety meds for that.
  • RandomShart
    RandomShart 2 months ago @GoSolarPlz 300 miles on a charge and I'm ready to buy. Won't be long now. BMW had a good scheme where if you occasionally needed to do a properly long journey then you could take in your i3 and pick up a 320d. Good interim solution.
  • Alex Safavinia
    Alex Safavinia 3 months ago Why this guy isn't hired for Top Gear? Great car reviewer and host in general. Love your videos. Keep it up!
  • Richard Nedbalek
    Richard Nedbalek 3 months ago Alex Safavinia We love you, Matt!
  • saba1978
    saba1978 3 months ago Alex Safavinia there's no one to replace the trio of top gear, it would be a serious car show not the hilarious one
  • dim5th
    dim5th 3 months ago He will get more money with his channel probably.
  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 3 months ago he is not famous
  • The inquisitive
    The inquisitive 3 months ago @Richard Nedbalek His Brummie accent?
  • 2gud4umenglez
    2gud4umenglez 3 months ago He has gained so much previous fans from his past workplaces (review channels) - a large portion has came to this channel just for him. I'd say no one wants him to go top gear as its a washed up show now.
    LukaNoANIMATIONS 3 months ago Cuz Top Gear sucks
  • Gickel Arasu
    Gickel Arasu 3 months ago Its very simple Top Gear do not like smart people who has some humour !!!!
  • Nabakanta Deuri
    Nabakanta Deuri 3 months ago he rejected the offer
  • Autos Y Cultura
    Autos Y Cultura 2 months ago And honestly he is handsome as hell !
  • Marcos González
    Marcos González 2 months ago Love u Matt
  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 2 months ago ALEX - because he is a Shill for BIG OIL that's why.
    BLACKFIRE _X 2 months ago Top gear doesnt deserve him
  • Luke H
    Luke H 2 months ago Lol I was just thinking that.
  • Naresh Rama
    Naresh Rama 1 month ago Tesla is better
  • Kenny Private
    Kenny Private 1 month ago @dim5th it isn't his channel. He just works for carwow.
  • rope
    rope 1 month ago cos top gear is shit
  • Fredrick Gitonga
    Fredrick Gitonga 1 month ago @carrot is the next topgear
  • GTI Gaming
    GTI Gaming 3 weeks ago @Richard Nedbalek Mat*
  • CloverHAL
    CloverHAL 2 days ago Top gear means the end of a career I fear
  • Kevin Meier
    Kevin Meier 3 months ago "first electric only vehicle" B 250 e? Electric smart? Electric SLS? “93 years history" lol
  • salah ziraoui
    salah ziraoui 3 months ago He said first electric "SUV"
  • Mr.Bubbles
    Mr.Bubbles 3 months ago @salah ziraoui Nope, read the description "This is the Mercedes EQC! It’s the first all-electric car to be produced by Mercedes, and it arrives "
  • George
    George 3 months ago @Mr.Bubbles it's the first electric car. The others where electric variants of ice cars.
  • meinekleineweltreise
    meinekleineweltreise 3 months ago Johnny Ericsson : Yeah, based on the glc!
  • ec1888cfc
    ec1888cfc 2 months ago 93 year* history
  • ec1888cfc
    ec1888cfc 2 months ago @salah ziraoui 93 year* history
  • []
    [] 1 month ago Kevin Meier “All Electric” probably means that it’s full line is electric. SLS originally came with a engine and so did the Smart so probably isn’t counted
  • Maxawe Some
    Maxawe Some 4 weeks ago @[] This is a GLC with batteries. The irony is that the SLS was designed from the ground up to be both ICE and electric compatible, the battery tech just wasn't there yet.
  • Benjamin Freeman
    Benjamin Freeman 2 weeks ago Most don’t know but Mercedes-Benz first car was a diesel-electric hybrid.
  • thalamay
    thalamay 1 week ago Not to mention the Mercedes Electrique. But that was roughly 115 years ago, so it must have been before their history began...
  • ezyfnef
    ezyfnef 4 months ago This dude is oozing charisma and humor. You're astoundingly brilliant at what you do. P.S. We'll never forget how Top Gear sabotaged the Tesla.
  • Imaad Nimakwala
    Imaad Nimakwala 3 months ago ezyfnef what did they do?
  • Jaimie Duthoy
    Jaimie Duthoy 3 months ago @Imaad Nimakwala i think hes referring to the speadster test. I "broke down" several times. But that was not the case. As yesla is high tech they watched the logs and couldb't find any error. I even believe Musk suite Clarkson.
  • Manas BN
    Manas BN 3 months ago @Imaad Nimakwala they showed Tesla roadster to have run out of charge a few mins into their show. They also said it had multiple failures after that. The Tesla employee who dropped the car off chanced upon a pre written script which already determined they would show the car in bad light even before driving it. Their logs showed none of the problems alleged. Musk sued Clarkson but lost. He appealed and lost again. They argued that it was for entertainment. Clarkson said the court case was extremely stressful and vowed never to review Teslas. Until he was forced to review the model x in the grand tour.
  • RandomShart
    RandomShart 2 months ago @Manas BN Clarkson was quite honest and complementary about the roadster, just also had some reasonable criticism. Musk doesn't do criticism, so he sued.
  • Mats Andreassen
    Mats Andreassen 2 months ago @RandomShart No. Clarkson and his team lied. They planned to and they did.
  • RandomShart
    RandomShart 2 months ago @Mats Andreassen Yes. Go back and watch the review without the Musk tinted glasses. Well over half of it was incredibly positive, the negatives were truthful about electric cars at the time.
  • Mats Andreassen
    Mats Andreassen 1 month ago @RandomShart They faked the car breaking down due to running out of juice. If you dispute that, then of course we'll never agree on this.
  • RandomShart
    RandomShart 1 month ago @Mats Andreassen Tesla lost the court case and an appeal. That's all that matters. I doubt you would agree that the review was overwhelmingly positive for an electric car at the time when there was no charging infrastructure and their range was particularly poor. They are good now, that we can agree on 🙂
  • Otakar Libal
    Otakar Libal 1 month ago @RandomShart but are they good now? In which case is an electric car actually better than a gas car? I have a car mainly to drive long distances. I eventually have to drive 400km in the morning and then 400 again back in the evening. To not take all day I have to go at around 140/190kmh. Electric car would not allow me to do the trips I need to do. It seems like it is good for communiting around the town then. However, the only problem is that if you live in a city, in an apartment, you most likely do not have a garage to charge it in and you are stuck going around public chargers and waiting around. I don't have anything against electric cars. I just still struggle to see the routines that they would fit into. Until you are able to go at 150kmh for at least 300km on a charge and then charge it all the way in max 20 minutes under all circumstances, I just can't consider an electric car, they still have way too many drawbacks.
  • RandomShart
    RandomShart 1 month ago @Otakar Libal yes they are good now but I agree charging infrastructure could still be a problem for many. My wife travels similar distances regularly (400m round trip) but we have ability to charge at home and the Tesla supercharger network on main motorways (UK) is very good. For that reason she will be looking at long range Tesla for her next car. Overall to make them mainstream, initial price still needs to come down, a lot, and long term used market proposition and running costs is yet to be proven. Otherwise if you can afford one and have somewhere to charge it then they are good option for majority of drivers.
  • Daniel Filippus
    Daniel Filippus 1 month ago @Otakar Libal They are very close now with the Model 3 and your requirements. You can actually drive 145kmh for at least 299km and charge it all the way in 25 minutes. Will this be good enough for you?
  • Teli Lala
    Teli Lala 4 weeks ago @Otakar Libal Soooo you drive 190km/h and atleast 4 hours each day at that speed? Better search for a better job, because that one is certainly not good for your health or the people around you. And i honstely despise those extreme comparsions because they dont matter for 99.5% of the people. Going around the town? Nah man. You can drive 300-400km a day without even charging once. That is WAY more than "communiting around the town".. And all those long range teslas fullfill your desire to drive 150km/h with 300km range and allow you to charge 200-300km more range in 20 minutes. So the drawbacks are just in your mind or because you have a crazy oldfashioned job.
  • Otakar Libal
    Otakar Libal 4 weeks ago @Teli LalaI work from home. So I don't drive that often. I have to do a trip like the one I described because of my work maybe three, four times a year. The rest is traveling for holidays or friends visit which all usually involves 700-900km in a day to get wherever we are going. My main reason to have a car is to do long trips that would not be possible to do in other forms of transport in the same timeframe. I don't do them often, so I don't use my car all that often but that is why I have it. If you want to be environmentally friendly while going around the town, use metro, it is electric, but it doesn't require batteries so it is even better for the environment. If that is what you really care about. I do not understand how is doing 190kmh bad or very different from doing 100kmh? I of course respect the speed limits, most of my trips involve Germany so when it is allowed and safe to go that fast I do it. When you drive nicer german cars at those speeds, in places that are designed for it you realize is not that big of a deal. The reason why I spend more on a car is that it gets me to places faster and in more comfort. If I wanted to be going 100kmh I would buy Fiat Panda or something similar. I was really set on my next car being electric, but when I tried a Tesla model s p80d, I set the GPS for where I wanted to go, got on the highway and within five minutes the car was nagging that I am not going to get to the next charger unless I go at 100kmh. So at this time for me it is definitely not worth the money. I would get to the place faster in even the cheapest gas car. I am still excited for electric cars, but for me I can't justify the expense yet.
  • Otakar Libal
    Otakar Libal 4 weeks ago @RandomShart makes sense. I can imagine the supercharger network is a lot better in the UK, also the speed limits are lower, than around here so the high speed thing is not a big deal for you. For now I will just have to wait, but it is exciting that for you guys it genuinely makes sense.
  • RandomShart
    RandomShart 4 weeks ago (edited) @Otakar Libal It is quite exciting but I agree not quite there for you yet, maybe another few years. I recall in past if someone bought a BMW i series car but needed to take a very long journey, like the one you mention, BMW would loan you a diesel as and when required. Quite a good compromise for you if you only do these long journeys 3 or 4 times per year. Personally, I don't really like current BMW i3 etc, so you might want to wait for some of their newer models...
  • JayDoubleU
    JayDoubleU 3 months ago I feel like Mercedes could have done a better job on front design.. but still a really cool car
  • Cheng Wei
    Cheng Wei 3 months ago the grill is a little disappointing
  • eni xhafa
    eni xhafa 3 months ago (edited) Mods
  • LazarkGaming
    LazarkGaming 3 months ago 420 km range, and 69% charge. I can't be the only to see this.
  • Pete Coventry
    Pete Coventry 3 months ago i saw 210?
  • LazarkGaming
    LazarkGaming 3 months ago @Pete CoventryI was joking about the convenient funny numbers.
  • James Bhanvra
    James Bhanvra 3 months ago Are you even old enough to drive a car?
  • Pete Coventry
    Pete Coventry 3 months ago @James Bhanvra who?
  • LazarkGaming
    LazarkGaming 3 months ago @James Bhanvra Don't judge the profile picture, I just can't be bothered to change it when I made it at 15. I'm 22 now.
  • maerris 03
    maerris 03 3 months ago Hah
  • bigbutt96
    bigbutt96 1 month ago nice
  • Achille Austin
    Achille Austin 1 month ago lol I was just about to comment
  • Jocuri si Amuzament
    Jocuri si Amuzament 4 months ago I didn't even realize that 16 mins has passed. Great job man..!
  • Matthias Götzke
    Matthias Götzke 3 months ago Sadly the headline question was not answered. How does it compare other than interior leather quality. What about the rest. Range , price, speed of charging (hour/km) compared to X?
  • Kai
    Kai 3 months ago By comparing the spec sheet. Definitely worse.
  • pilgrimproost
    pilgrimproost 3 months ago (edited) He did answer, kind of... The acceleration test at 14:26: The car did not produce a "Tesla Grin." It was more like a polite smile. His eyes kept flicking back and forth between the road and the speedometer readout. It appeared to me that he was looking at the speedometer for confirmation that the car was speeding up. In a Tesla, there's no doubt and no need for reassurance. There's none of the eye-flicking between the dash and the road when it launches like what happens in this video. Instead, the eyes go wide-open in unrestrained and joyous surprise. The eyes remain locked on the onrushing blur of scenery occurring outside the windshield. The mouth flies open into a huge wide grin. Loud howls of pleasure and sustained laughter burst out of the mouths of the driver and passengers. With Mercedes? A muted short "whooop." Translation: The Mercedes is a nice car. Undeniably, its a quality build. If you want pampering and the feeling of a nurse strapping Depends diapers on you as you lay on your deathbed, Mercedes is a great car to have. If you want to live again, buy a Tesla. (edits for formatting)
  • rollingthunder
    rollingthunder 3 months ago Tesla is better in every way except interior quality.
  • ProFett Mohamett
    ProFett Mohamett 3 months ago He didnt want blame MB.
  • Devon Ellesse
    Devon Ellesse 3 months ago Im tired of old farts telling me leather interiors are superior in quality. I just think they are gaudy (and add lots of weight)
  • TheBoring Top10
    TheBoring Top10 3 months ago U know how much plastic is used in Tesla’s cars?
  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith 2 months ago @Devon Ellesse It's all subjective, but Mercedes has always been known for their luxury and refinement. This is much nicer than the Tesla, but if you want that eye-melting acceleration, there's nothing like a Tesla (yet).
  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف
    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف 2 months ago @Devon Ellesse Of course leather is always better. Nothing beats a Mercedes interior.
  • Devon Ellesse
    Devon Ellesse 2 months ago @Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف longer range and faster acceleration is better than a stuffy leather couch inside the car 😋
  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف
    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف 2 months ago @Devon Ellesse Once you get into a luxury car, you will never step down from that level, trust me. It's great to have fast acceleration, but on the long run, you will hate yourself for choosing it over comfort.
  • Devon Ellesse
    Devon Ellesse 2 months ago @Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف you have never driven a Tesla (the #1 selling luxury car in America 2018)😋
  • Hansli Peterli
    Hansli Peterli 2 months ago Interior quality and design, also the exterior looks are nicer then the X. But thats all. Atleast its not a complete joke. Give the germans another 2-3years and maybe just maybe there will be some actual competition.
  • Devon Ellesse
    Devon Ellesse 2 months ago @Hansli Peterli IF tesla sits still 😋
  • Todestuete
    Todestuete 2 months ago (edited) @pilgrimproost The non-Performance versions of the Model X have around the same acceleration as the EQC. The P90D does 0-100 in 3,4 secs, the P100D in very impressive 2,9. But it is (wait a minute, WAS) MUCH more expensive. I could do the same with a BMW 5 series. If you want very nice car, get a 530D, if you want to live again, buy an M5 competition. Which, btw, was much cheaper than a Tesla Model X P100D, which was imo overpriced. Seems like tesla agrees, after the recent drastic price reduction it's actually very interesting. We'll see if Mercedes will offer AMG versions. In the mean time, 5 secs for 0-100 is perfectly fine and you have to ask yourself if the few times per year you go "ludicrous" (extensive pre-heating etc.) is worth the extra cost.
  • Triscuit Square
    Triscuit Square 2 months ago EQC: - Range: 230 (Official EPA not until next year) - 0-60: 4.8 Model X Base: - Range: 255 - 0-60: 4.6 Model X is also a much bigger car with three rows so the fact it's faster and more range with the same size battery is even more impressive.
  • gdaaps
    gdaaps 2 months ago @pilgrimproost tesla cost much more, doesn't it
  • Miguel Lopes
    Miguel Lopes 2 months ago @Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف The Model 3 interior is of the same quality level of a Merc C class. And they cost the same, so your idea is not up to date.
  • Miguel Lopes
    Miguel Lopes 2 months ago @Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف Great, then a Model 3 is the best combination.
  • MrNoName
    MrNoName 2 months ago Matthias Götzke interior is better in the Mercedes obviously better real leather etc. Tesla is 3 rows aka more practical price wise the Mercedes has a lower msrp but Mercedes is known for charging for every option so I’m sure they’ll probably end up for a very similar price. Tesla charges faster currently there’s 250kw chargers rolling out plus there’s more super chargers everywhere which makes it usable for long distance traveling.
  • Thomalex89
    Thomalex89 2 months ago @Hansli Peterli I heard that there will be an AMG version of this car.
  • Nawfal Najeem
    Nawfal Najeem 1 month ago @Devon Ellesse I'm sure Mercedes will catch up to Tesla. Tesla did get a headstart. Give them like half a decade.
  • Cars&Roads UK
    Cars&Roads UK 1 month ago @Devon Ellesse kiddo you have no clue what are you talking about. that piece of crap tesla is ridiculously expensive. those retarded americans cant even align the damn panels on it. the interior quality is shit. this merc is made for european market. in europe we dont need to travel as much as the americans. the distances are easily covered by this. on top of everything .. people travelling hundreds of miles a day will go for a diesel instead. electric cars are a decent idea but not with the current battery technology. when the batteries will last for 1000 miles on a charge and they will charge in 15-20min then the electric cars will become feasible. till then .. just overpriced crap
  • goodfella21f
    goodfella21f 1 month ago Devon Ellesse its just leather and more buttons. Tesla is better.
  • goodfella21f
    goodfella21f 1 month ago Cars&Roads UK mercs are overpriced, unreliable expensive to maintain, maintenance queen piles of german shit.
  • Cars&Roads UK
    Cars&Roads UK 1 month ago @goodfella21f maintenance is not more expensive than any other premium car. reliability it's very good as long you take care of it.
  • goodfella21f
    goodfella21f 1 month ago @Cars&Roads UK yea it is. mercedes parts are expensive and break down a lot. they're trash.
  • John W
    John W 1 month ago Devon Ellesse . The #1 EV, not luxury. They just sell them at the same price as a luxury car.
  • goodfella21f
    goodfella21f 1 month ago @John W what's luxury about Mercedes? Leather with more buttons? Extreme shit quality and unreliable? Nightmare to fix when it eventually does breaks down? Extreme depreciation? Constant maintenance?
  • John W
    John W 1 month ago (edited) goodfella21f . I think your use of language sums up quality of your opinions.
  • Maxawe Some
    Maxawe Some 4 weeks ago What do you expect, it's a compliance car, they put an electric engine and batteries into a GLC.
  • John W
    John W 4 weeks ago Maxawe Some . A 400PS, 240 miles range “Compliance Car”??? So that would be similar to the Tesla Model 3 Standard EV then?
    AKTINODIAGNOSI BACKUP 3 weeks ago @TheBoring Top10 Οof cheap quality a lot, of good quality zero
  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy 3 weeks ago @John W Oh, is the model 3 a compliance car too then?
  • John W
    John W 3 weeks ago @Devon Ellesse . Not luxury, just luxury price.
  • John W
    John W 3 weeks ago @Tim Murphy. MANY teslafans describe the EQC as a "compliance car" which it clearly is not. It is not that different in range and performance to the standard tm3, hence if the EQC is considered a "compliance car" by Teslafans, then using their own logic, so is the standard tm3. In fact Tesla do sell a very low range version of the tm3 to Canada so definable as a "compliance car" there. The point I am trying to make, ALL modern EVs are NOT compliance cars. It is a redundant phrase, only used by Teslafans that have no idea of the real world.
  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy 3 weeks ago @John W I think I missed your irony, I agree that there seems to be a lot of mudslinging a bit like in the phone world with people being quite emotional about their choice and the status that they feel it gives them.
  • Alan May
    Alan May 2 weeks ago TheBoring Top10 you know how much plastic is used in Mercedes cars?!
  • Alan May
    Alan May 2 weeks ago Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف nope , wool is the best
  • motomusiq
    motomusiq 2 weeks ago Silent cars will be killers - they detach the driver from the sense of speed and cause people to drive faster just to be stimulated. Pedestrian and cyclist fatalities continue to rise as a result
  • Nathan Onselaer
    Nathan Onselaer 4 months ago "The handling is very good but not as involving as in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS" lmao😂😂
  • No One's Business
    No One's Business 4 months ago Lame.... someone already said that
  • Nathan Onselaer
    Nathan Onselaer 4 months ago @No One's Business happens
  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee 4 months ago (edited) "I just don't think it's as involving as a Porsche 911 GT3 RS" 😂😄 Most likes I've ever had. Was not expecting this kind of attention before. Thanks y'all! 😄
  • WantedForTwerking
    WantedForTwerking 4 months ago Joshua Lee i lost it😂😂
  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume 4 months ago sort of similar tho lol :P
  • Ad
    Ad 4 months ago Very relevant indeed 😂
  • TheForresterOD
    TheForresterOD 4 months ago Had a proper laugh throughout that entire segment 😂😄😂😄
  • Delta Media - Brawl Stars & More!
    Delta Media - Brawl Stars & More! 4 months ago Whats the TimeStamp Please?
  • Tom Bombadil
    Tom Bombadil 4 months ago @Delta Media - Brawl Stars & More! Starting at 14:37
  • Cevair Zufer
    Cevair Zufer 4 months ago It should show 3-4 km/h more so it then took probably 5.2s.
  • James
    James 4 months ago LOOOLL that part actually made me laugh
  • Datcu George
    Datcu George 4 months ago He was trying to bash Doug DeMuro there, imao.
  • Orateng Orateng
    Orateng Orateng 4 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • niki123489
    niki123489 4 months ago @Datcu George more like Top Gear.
  • connor platt
    connor platt 4 months ago Datcu George I feel like it was the dude that does the “track battles”. Can’t remember the name of the YouTube. Sounds just like him though
  • connor platt
    connor platt 4 months ago Evo YouTube channel
  • Kumar
    Kumar 4 months ago Shots fired at Daddy Doug.
  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 4 months ago 1.7kth like boi
  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml 4 months ago damn! I should have not checked the comments before watching the video! 😢
  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee 4 months ago Albert Einstein thanks, most I've ever had. Was not expecting this much at all 😄
  • Tucker RL
    Tucker RL 3 months ago Wow, thanks for letting us all know that this was your most liked comment!
  • 5000 subscribers with no videos?
    5000 subscribers with no videos? 1 week ago Joshua Lee don’t do edits, you just ruin your own comment
  • Jaroslav Volek
    Jaroslav Volek 3 months ago So I don’t write comments normally, but I just have to let you know that these reviews are just perfect. Thanks 🙏🏻
  • Kenjieeee
    Kenjieeee 3 months ago WoW first 7 secons in and already you forgot the Mercedes-Benz B 250 and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé eDrive
  • 5T4N1
    5T4N1 3 months ago He said electric only car, which is correct because both of the cars you mention have ICE powered versions too.
  • Jaimie Duthoy
    Jaimie Duthoy 3 months ago B250 is a ice converted car. The other a plug in. This is the first proper BEV
  • Paul Harrington
    Paul Harrington 2 months ago @Jaimie Duthoy ...based on an existing Mercedes, just like the B250e....also it will be built on the same production line as its ICE brother....just like the B250e was.
  • Jaimie Duthoy
    Jaimie Duthoy 2 months ago @Paul Harrington yea I know, but let's give them 'some' credit 😏. I wonder if the etron is a converted Q5 or Q7? And BMW ? there 's no demand for an EV , what the CEO says?? 😵😱
  • Venny Liu
    Venny Liu 3 months ago Why does this video give me Black Mirror vibes
  • DrScopeify
    DrScopeify 3 months ago It's called camera filter which tints the color of the video... Similar filter indeed to black mirror lol.
  • Shrey Satapathy
    Shrey Satapathy 17 minutes ago this just proves that nothing can beat a Tesla Model X
  • Bibek Bhandari
    Bibek Bhandari 4 months ago Spiderman got old and is doing car reviews now.
  • TrapStar
    TrapStar 4 months ago @mohammed5696 No he's Spiderman's wife!
  • natchanon puvanont
    natchanon puvanont 4 months ago Bibek Bhandari I agree with you🤣
  • natchanon puvanont
    natchanon puvanont 4 months ago Bibek Bhandari i think he can be a actor he did it very well👍
  • YouTube Police
    YouTube Police 4 months ago (edited) Holy damn. He actually does look like the older version of Tom Holland!!!
  • Ashraf Raja
    Ashraf Raja 3 months ago @mohammed5696 No he just looks like Tom Holland
  • 1981
    1981 1 week ago Whats wrong beeing a old spiderman? 😎
  • dim5th
    dim5th 3 months ago 14:54 You nailed it mocking motor journalists trying to convey nuanced subjective impressions into ground trouth <3
  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander 3 days ago My uncle used to have a Tesla model X so I pick the Tesla
  • Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher
    Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher 4 months ago "I'd like you to cancel! JUST SHUT UP!" Great job, Mercedes.
  • Stephen Vincent
    Stephen Vincent 2 months ago Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher She did!
  • anEnigma
    anEnigma 2 months ago 0:01 This's not their first full electric, dont forget the not so popular B250e
  • TJ Loveday
    TJ Loveday 4 months ago (edited) Think Mat could single handedly save top gear
  • ϟϟ White Wolf ϟϟ
    ϟϟ White Wolf ϟϟ 4 months ago He doesn’t have the enthusiasm of a Television personality. Clarkson or nothing at all
  • Alex H Berea
    Alex H Berea 4 months ago Oh I think he does, prrretty fun to watch
  • Alan B
    Alan B 4 months ago He can be annoying after 10 minutes so couldn’t put up with him for a full hour.
  • RcyberGaming
    RcyberGaming 4 months ago Chris Harris is the only reason top gear is still making episodes.
  • Purplefabian
    Purplefabian 4 months ago @ϟϟ White Wolf ϟϟ clarkson is annoying matt is way more entertaining
  • Purplefabian
    Purplefabian 4 months ago @Alan B clarkson is literally a manchild
  • c a s h
    c a s h 4 months ago @Purplefabian and that's a good thing
  • Nick
    Nick 4 months ago Top gear has as much chance to be saved as a manual gearbox
  • D.B.
    D.B. 4 months ago Purplefabian And a total asshole... which is exactly why he’s entertaining on tv.
  • Piri aka Trackwrecker
    Piri aka Trackwrecker 4 months ago Hard agree
  • Raditya Indera
    Raditya Indera 4 months ago He's not. Stupid.
  • Neal Majors
    Neal Majors 3 months ago i second this notion
  • 1969Vanessa G
    1969Vanessa G 3 months ago @Alan B Please, chin up Mr. Easily Annoyed
  • Charles John Thompson III
    Charles John Thompson III 3 months ago It's difficult to save something that ended years ago...