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Game of Thrones - Season 8 Review

Published on May 20, 2019 1,144,741 views










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Chris Stuckmann reviews Game of Thrones Season 8.

  • Elektra
    Elektra 4 months ago HBO offered the writers more seasons and episodes. Let that sink in.
  • Marko Žigo
    Marko Žigo 4 months ago True, 10 seasons were planed but the writers were so lazy the barelly made 8...
  • Duke of Lorraine
    Duke of Lorraine 4 months ago @Marko Žigo They weren't lazy. Disney paid more for a Star Wars trilogy
  • ablurt_55
    ablurt_55 4 months ago GRRM even said that the marerial was there for the show to go on for 5 more seasons. D&D wanted to rush and finish it because they were hired for Star Wars :(
  • Abe
    Abe 4 months ago Does it matter? Let it sink in
  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien 4 months ago @Abe ^^ Exactly
  • NotA Ethug
    NotA Ethug 4 months ago They wanted to make star wars movies I'll never support d and d again for ruining somethingnperfectly great
  • DJ Blue
    DJ Blue 4 months ago They wanted to work on star wars
  • Abe
    Abe 4 months ago @NotA Ethug you chose to worship this show. No one else did
  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien 4 months ago @NotA Ethug They didn't ruin it. Dani died like she should have. It was fine.
  • Young Dab-A-Roosa
    Young Dab-A-Roosa 4 months ago I've never watched a full episode of GOT Let That Sink In!
  • Hustle Tha GOD
    Hustle Tha GOD 4 months ago They wanted to make their Star Wars trilogy instead
  • keith hefferman
    keith hefferman 4 months ago Elektra that’s what drives me nuts. What writer/creator turns down more episodes?!!
  • Abbas Akbar
    Abbas Akbar 4 months ago Now they're going to go ruin the next Star Wars trilogy. Great
  • Kieran Mc
    Kieran Mc 4 months ago Alien Alien of course she died like she was supposed to. No one has a problem with where the show went, the problem is how it got there
  • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble
    Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble 4 months ago that's pretty annoying
  • Metal Monkey failed English
    Metal Monkey failed English 4 months ago @Alien Alien no she shouldn't she's pretty.
  • hassam Kkkk
    hassam Kkkk 4 months ago Abe some people want to see a story they love realized through a well written entertaining tv show , instead it was butchered, so yes it does matter , it doesn’t for shmucks like you , but it does for others
  • Kenneth J. Fox
    Kenneth J. Fox 4 months ago Wait, what???
  • Typhoo Lannister
    Typhoo Lannister 4 months ago @Abe Yes it does. Unless you're okay settling for a shit show. People that are happy with season 8 are probably used to shitty sex. Let that sink in
  • Typhoo Lannister
    Typhoo Lannister 4 months ago @Alien Alien It was ruined only a moron would think otherwise.
  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 4 months ago Should have done another 5 seasons like George RR Martin said.
  • Rio
    Rio 4 months ago (edited) well more episodes means more time for a story to build up. But d&d decides to rush this epic finale and everyone loses their minds.
  • Typhoo Lannister
    Typhoo Lannister 4 months ago @Robert Kelly There should have been a season between 5 and 6 then 8 being Danys conquest, 9 the white walkers and 10 taking out Cersei then having mad queen Dany.
  • Kawaii Arcade Masters!
    Kawaii Arcade Masters! 4 months ago Spin off!!!!!!!!
  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez 4 months ago Duke of Lorraine soo lmfao it aint like star wars is doing so hot anyways
  • JcGross
    JcGross 4 months ago D&D were greedy assholes. They should've stepped down if they didn't want to make it properly! They should've left 3-4 years ago.
  • Zandy Zain
    Zandy Zain 4 months ago Most Budget went to that breathtaking CGI
  • Frank Vizen
    Frank Vizen 4 months ago They needed to rush off and get started with star wars
  • 24vix
    24vix 4 months ago Opodartho
  • Killercoldice22
    Killercoldice22 4 months ago ur a fuckin idiot, danny was never going to turn evil and kill women and r r martin even gave a spoiler saying thats not what he has planned for her in the books. He also mentioned that the white walkers do make it all the way south. Don't try to defend shitty writing from D and D. They lost there way and rushed it in 6 fucking episodes.
  • The Joker
    The Joker 4 months ago And when they said no, HBO should have replaced them. This is on them as well as D&D. And it's on George as well for not finishing the books. If he didn't take 10 years to write a book, this wouldn't even be an issue.
  • asari shepard
    asari shepard 4 months ago they wnated to f**k it up. They could have handed it over, but no, they had to bitchslap the fans.
  • Stonesorrow
    Stonesorrow 4 months ago And without slashing the budget. D&D had virtually all the cards on hand, and folded and quit.
  • dusk1234567890
    dusk1234567890 4 months ago (edited) They always wanted only seven seasons. They gave HBO eight. Let that sink in.
  • dusk1234567890
    dusk1234567890 4 months ago (edited) ablurt_55 Have you read the books? There’s only 10 or more seasons if you keep every boring character and journey. There is so much padding in the books and crappy extraneous characters that get introduced that are not interesting. D and D included too many of the books characters in my opinion. Dorne and Euron could’ve been deleted but book readers would complain. Even the drone guy who got his head crushed should’ve been deleted. He added nothing.
  • 1997lordofdoom
    1997lordofdoom 4 months ago (edited) @Duke of Lorraine Well, it's not like HBO was giving them crap money and they were in dire need of them. They are just greedy bastards with no integrity.
  • Akshay Pawar
    Akshay Pawar 4 months ago @Alien Alien respect other's perspective. People have facts proving there's logic missing in season 8. Which makes no relatio. To previous season. It's like totally different series for this one season.
  • feyzal92
    feyzal92 4 months ago Meh, more seasons doesn't mean shit. Fatty Martin still hasn't finish his books yet for the show to follow the source material.
  • AnthonyB04
    AnthonyB04 4 months ago Let me explain to you how GOT would have played out if they had gotten more episodes: Episode 7, Bran becomes the Evil Raven. Is killed of by Poddrick. Episode 8. Sansa takes the nortnern armies, who all survived the night king aswell, to Storm's End and kills all citizens on a Giant DIrewolf. Is then killed of by Samwell Tarly, who trippes and pushes her down some stairs by accident. Episode 9. Sam is now the one. Installs democracy, people vote the bastard son of Joffrey Baratheon to be king, because well expectations subverted. Episode 10. Has not aired because no-one is watching anymore.
  • kityhawk2000
    kityhawk2000 4 months ago They should have let someone else finish it if they couldn't be bothered
  • England Goals
    England Goals 4 months ago HBO just wanted to milk the cash cow
  • Ultra instinct Shaggy Zoinks
    Ultra instinct Shaggy Zoinks 4 months ago Fuck Disney and D&D.
  • Mike Cairns
    Mike Cairns 4 months ago @Marko Žigo Or maybe they wanted to end on a high note instead of letting it become stale. Personally, I loved season 8. It wasn't perfect, but I was very satisfied with the ending.
  • Mike Cairns
    Mike Cairns 4 months ago @Duke of Lorraine No, they decided to end with season 8 long before anything to do with Star Wars.
  • SupahFly
    SupahFly 4 months ago people lately have been claiming that grrm actually told dnd to make the last season bad wich is obviously a lie. as he said they would have to write their own ending as he simply didnt want the show to spoil the books ending. wich is why he dropped off the production since season 5. to give them time to develop their own ending and build up to that wich dnd completely ignored and didnt do. they used the main build up from the books just to redcon it in the sake of subversion of expectation. i bet they didnt even think about how they would fuck up everything, im also convinced they just wanted to get rid of it as they knew they couldnt write a good finish
  • 9sunskungfu
    9sunskungfu 4 months ago @Abe you chose to lick a man's hairy unwiped anus. No one else did.
  • KnockoutPill
    KnockoutPill 4 months ago GRRM OFFERED THEM EVEN MORE!!!!!
  • Syrus Angi
    Syrus Angi 4 months ago Perhaps they had other priorities and GOT didn't seem to cut it. Unfortunately
  • Maxisamo1
    Maxisamo1 4 months ago @Abe Yes, it does. The main issue is the show was rushed in the last two seasons. Almost everything that happened could be justified if given enough time to develop. The showrunners rushed it because StAR wArS!!!
  • Jan Diether Valero
    Jan Diether Valero 4 months ago Dan and Dave shows they’re incompetent writers when they don’t have the source material to work with...
  • Mike Cairns
    Mike Cairns 4 months ago @Abbas Akbar How can you ruin a franchise that was already trash to begin with?
  • Musa Kgoete
    Musa Kgoete 4 months ago they chose money over the fandom....those two fucked things up for everyone
  • asari shepard
    asari shepard 4 months ago @Stonesorrow way to win the lottery and give it back. they squandered a gift.
  • Madcat4301
    Madcat4301 4 months ago Why am I NOT surprised?
  • Recardo Lugg
    Recardo Lugg 4 months ago Opens door
  • Garlic Bread Fan
    Garlic Bread Fan 4 months ago The show runners wanted to do Star Wars a franchise that’s already fucked now it’s more fucked.
  • Roshill K
    Roshill K 4 months ago (edited) They should've fired those 2 and replaced them by someone else and kept the show going.
  • Churn Blanston
    Churn Blanston 4 months ago Hmm??? Seem GRRM himself said that HBO only wanted 7 seasons and he kept arguing for about dozen.
  • Zac Marvel
    Zac Marvel 4 months ago They were done. If something isn’t doing it for you anymore would you keep at it? If the passion wasn’t there how good do the episodes would have been? Let that sink in.
  • Derrick Lugo
    Derrick Lugo 4 months ago The cast and crew wanted to move on. The actors wanted to book different gigs and the writers wanted to move on to different things. It’s evident the last two seasons of the show
  • Creed
    Creed 4 months ago It's easy to say that but you forget that this is a TV show and there is a lot more to think about. Clearly D+D weren't interested in doing more seasons but you also have to remember that the actors were only contracted up to season 8 so you would have to consider if they actually wanted to do more seasons and of course they would also come at a much higher price.
  • RedHerring87
    RedHerring87 4 months ago As you say... it was fine. It should have been outstanding...
  • Churn Blanston
    Churn Blanston 4 months ago I'm so glad I have an audience philosophy that saves me from so much of the disappointments I see other audiences/fans fall victim to. Most critiques I hear almost always hinge on the audience looking at the story from a creator's view (God's eye), as tho they r equal to the creators of the show/movie (co-Gods). I, on the other hand, almost totally suspend disbelief, unless something too egregious pulls me out (and it has to b blantant). For example, when Gendry ran a continent in time to save Jon's crew, I was definitely pulled-out; that was an egregiously implausible moment. But, beyond that, I didn't get pulled-out very much at all. So, I don't look at these stories from a creator's perspective (and I'm hobbyist writer myself). I give the creators a lot of latitude to tell the story the best they can with whatever limitations they r coping with. I watch the story as if it were documentary and the people filming don't always get the best and most needed shots. So, when something doesn't make immediate sense, or the pacing feels rushed or uneven, I don't start pointing my fingers at the creator. Instead, I try to piece together what makes sense in my head (i.e. head cannon) that I think would've been shown if it could've. After all, in the real world, I don't blame God for his "bad writing" when someone acts out of character to who I believed them to be: I just adjust how I see that the person after being shocked by them. I hate it when critics cry "bad writing" when often it's obvious they didn't even give the story much of a 2nd glance beyond their own gut reactions. It's just too easy and lazy to blame the writers when it might actually b the critic who is a "bad audience" . I know, I this entitled era of the customer/fan is always right and "deserve" what they want because they invested with their attention, blah,'s blasphemous to blame the "loyal" and "true" fanbase, but sometimes it's just true that people r too quick to point fingers outward rather than inward first. With all that said, I really enjoyed GoT and was satisfied with how things ended. Bran being King makes sense given the entire story and themes involved. Daeny going psycho makes sense, given her character arc and all the foreshadowing stating it was 50/50 for her. As soon as Ned got his head cut off, I believe no fan was allowed to b entitled about anything in this story. It went were it was supposed to go, whether "you" liked it or not. This is a generalized rant, not aimed at Chris or anyone specific, btw.
  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 4 months ago Typhoo Lannister Yes 100 ep
  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown 3 months ago (edited) @Alien Alien if Endgame was 15 minutes long but it ended the same way, would it be fine? or, more accurately, suppose they introduce Adam Warlock in the first 5 minutes of Endgame, he kills Thanos and undoes the snap 15 minutes later and they spend the rest of the movie fighting Hydra, would it be fine?
  • Loveyastill Then
    Loveyastill Then 3 months ago Correct. Don't support star wars. Make those assholes pay for not finishing what they started. This show made those idiots famous.
  • The Total Noob
    The Total Noob 3 months ago @Duke of Lorraine For that reason I hope Star Wars becomes a train wreck. I mean it already is, but it's not going to get better.
  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien 3 months ago @Matt Brown I don't watch comic movies.
  • Alita Skywalker
    Alita Skywalker 3 months ago @Abe oh! Look.... It's the edgy dude.
  • Point of privilege
    Point of privilege 3 months ago I like how Stuckmann is in the viral Soy Smile collage.
  • Dane Mitch
    Dane Mitch 3 months ago Elektra But D&D are so full of themselves thinking they could actually tie the loose ends of this vast and intricate world and plot of GoT into 6 episodes. But it’s impossible. They should have passed the job on to other writers that have real talent and who have read and are passionate about the books. D&D could not even keep the consistency, logic, and context of the story. Their writing is terrible and a joke. A bad joke.
  • Faizal Ali
    Faizal Ali 3 months ago If they really wanted to work on it they should've at least passed it on to someone else capable
  • Karan Dev
    Karan Dev 3 months ago @Alien Alien Hypocrisy at its bloom.
  • shawn newton Boxing
    shawn newton Boxing 3 months ago Really? So what the fuck is wrong with them? Why end a great show prematurely?
  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien 3 months ago @Karan Dev What do you mean?
  • Brandon Rochon
    Brandon Rochon 3 months ago @NotA Ethug so true.. so disgusting
  • DotsV
    DotsV 3 months ago Wait. HBO wanted the world's most popular show to keep going? Why?
  • Milan David
  • Kai 11151
    Kai 11151 3 months ago Could have had 17 if they followed the books
  • Jeremy Joyce
    Jeremy Joyce 3 months ago Law of diminishing returns. Let that sink in and allow it to silence the dbaggery that motivates Modern fandom.
  • Vincecouk
    Vincecouk 3 months ago @Marko Žigo not true at all.
  • Noe Hernandez
    Noe Hernandez 3 months ago Elektra what’s even more infuriating was the fact that hbo wanted to go till season 10 and they knew D and D where gonna leave so they started looking for new writers and they said no we will finish it and dint let hbo look for new writers that’s not lazy it’s fucking idiotic and makes em seem like such entitled assholes, fuck em
  • Superficial Serpent
    Superficial Serpent 3 months ago Abe. Yes, because George RR Martin said that the show could’ve lasted for 10 seasons because there’s so much source material that was cut out. It matters to the story because there is a pace GiT was known for, and this season did not live up to it.
  • DarkIceLight
    DarkIceLight 3 months ago so disney ruined star wars and use it to ruin GoT. Fuck that!
  • Juzu Juzu
    Juzu Juzu 3 months ago @dusk1234567890 If you think Oberon didn't add nothing, well, I think you are in a very small minority. Books of course have lots of stuff that TV show shouldn't include. However this show got more rushed by the season, so just having all of what was included in the show, it should have been 10 seasons of 10 episodes.9 seasons would be the minimum for having any consistency for the story. Now all the most important aspects of the show got cropped away, and they had to use teleportation constantly. Though the quality of writing became so horrible on season 7, that I'm actually kind of happy that they ended the show. D&D were horrible writers when the book material ended. That's partly on GRRM, but with such established characters, if that's the best you can do, you shouldn't even write kids puppet theater.
  • Juzu Juzu
    Juzu Juzu 3 months ago @feyzal92 Any half competent writer would have enough source material from the established characters and the world from previous seasons. D&D were just horrible writers.
  • Juzu Juzu
    Juzu Juzu 3 months ago @DarkIceLight Disney ruins everything. Especially children, cos that's their mission.
  • Howdy Pardner
    Howdy Pardner 3 months ago Alien Alien lmfao u hate dany so much but the show ended with her. That’s how important she was there is no show without dany and they killed her for outrage bc they know she’s the best character they have. That probably kills u that your faves are so uninteresting no one cares what happens to them now
  • feyzal92
    feyzal92 3 months ago (edited) @Juzu Juzu What source material, moron? The books are not even complete. The show consistently dropped in quality since it passed the books. What the fuck are you even talking about, moron? Learn what a fucking source material means.
  • DarkIceLight
    DarkIceLight 3 months ago @Juzu Juzu u r so right q.q
  • Metal Monkey failed English
    Metal Monkey failed English 3 months ago @Alien Alien fuck off shes my precious she can burn me all she want
  • Jack Cox
    Jack Cox 3 months ago @Alien Alien your alone in that opinion, and there were many other horrible things
  • Ddd Dddd
    Ddd Dddd 3 months ago They were probably sick of writing tge show. Sucked that they didn't put 100 percent effort in it
  • New Age
    New Age 3 months ago God damn it all, theres a parallel universe where we got all 10, ill content myself with that
  • alvaro quintero
    alvaro quintero 3 months ago 10 seasons sounds really dragged out, maybe season 7 and 8 just having 10 episodes like the other seasons instead of 7 and 6 would have been ok.
  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien 3 months ago @Jack Cox I wasn't alone.
  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder 3 months ago Elektra I think they were all burnt out.
  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder 3 months ago ablurt_55 very sad, proves they dont care about the fans, and starwars sucks compared to G. O. T.
  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder 3 months ago Abbas Akbar of corse cuz they cant write, obviously.
  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder 3 months ago Typhoo Lannister Totally agree
  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder 3 months ago JcGross Amen to that statement👌👍👀
  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder 3 months ago D n D need to bend over like they made John Snow bend over and take it up the Bu.. Lol
  • Solitude
    Solitude 3 months ago Wait. What the fuck?!
  • Xman99
    Xman99 3 months ago Another issue is that some of the actors didn’t want to continue that long. Just like how they killed off stannis in season 5.
  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder 3 months ago Xman99 cant say I blame them
  • Dave Snyder
    Dave Snyder 3 months ago Xman99 Did the guy that played Stannis want to quit early?
  • Xman99
    Xman99 3 months ago @Dave Snyder Yeah he did, thats why they killed him off so early.
  • dusk1234567890
    dusk1234567890 3 months ago Juzu Juzu Oberon didn’t add anything other than introducing Dorne. Even book readers, when I asked what the point of his character was, said that he introduces Dorne. Remove Dorne, you don’t need him. He could’ve easily been replaced by Bronn. That would’ve solved so many issues.
  • KyleKatarn
    KyleKatarn 3 months ago When you're super rich more money doesn't mean much
  • James Botwright
    James Botwright 3 months ago Then what matters? You’re an idiot, let that sink in.
  • Jordan Lindenbaum
    Jordan Lindenbaum 3 months ago @Killercoldice22 Bullshit...he gave them the ending and that is EXACTLY where she will end up when(if) the novels are finished. The final season was rushed and a bit of a mess, no question about it, but Dany was always going to end up being a tragic figure who turned bad in the end. All the hints were there throughout, anyone who was paying attention that actually understood the theme of the show saw it coming several seasons ago(many from the beginning). It is a show(and novel) that is highly critical of the way power corrupts and the horrors of war...she had 3 freaking dragons!! That made her more powerful than anyone. Someone with a savior complex and 3 atomic weapons.... Once she lost the people that kept her grounded (Jorah, Missandei) as well as two of her allegorical nukes(Viseryon and Rhaegal) and felt the small betrayals by the people in KL, including her lover(who just happened to have a better claim to the throne than her) start to pile up, her decision (and yes, it was a conscious decision...she did not go insane) to nuke everyone was inevitable. Did they sell the moment perfectly? No. Despite years of foreshadowing, did it still feel rushed? It did. But this was the ending they built towards since the beginning; not just D&D, but George Martin himself.
  • osnat shemtov
    osnat shemtov 3 months ago Elektra 🤭
  • Andrew McL
    Andrew McL 3 months ago They should've handed the show off to someone else instead of cutting it early.
  • Tim and Anna Dilley
    Tim and Anna Dilley 3 months ago ablurt_55 WHAT?? Ok, I wasn’t pissed before, I’m fuckin pissed now
  • Tim and Anna Dilley
    Tim and Anna Dilley 3 months ago NotA Ethug I’m in shock but this makes sense. Wow
  • Kshitij Rawat
    Kshitij Rawat 3 months ago David & Dan only. Let's not blame all the writers, who did some fantastic work throughout the show
  • TheLonliestMonk
    TheLonliestMonk 3 months ago That Disney money tho
  • Michael MacArthur
    Michael MacArthur 3 months ago I'd agree, I've no problem with the outcome for the shows characters but how we got there could have been better excuted had the show just slowed down a little.
  • john dolores
    john dolores 3 months ago @Duke of Lorraine They could pass it on. But no, they are Cunts.
  • Duke of Lorraine
    Duke of Lorraine 3 months ago @john dolores we've had vicious writers, we've had idiot writers, but I don't think we've ever been cursed by vicious idiot writers
  • Casper Gauti
    Casper Gauti 3 months ago ablurt_55 i ain’t watching a D&D star wars.. damn chucks
  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 3 months ago Abe ... Had the showrunners not been tempted by the SW offer, and if they had agreed to more seasons, then yes, it ABSOLUTELY would have mattered. But apparently Benioff/Weiss decided on the shortened approach earlier in the series’ development, way before the SW thing ever fell in their laps.
  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 3 months ago Alien Alien... I think you should suffer.
  • LurkerAnonymous
    LurkerAnonymous 3 months ago @Duke of Lorraine So they were greedy? That's even worse. Fuck dumb and dumber!
  • LurkerAnonymous
    LurkerAnonymous 3 months ago And they had two years to make the last episode...
  • Yorozuya yo eien nare
    Yorozuya yo eien nare 3 months ago @Duke of Lorraine So what, they're about to fuck up Star Wars too? Oh ffs...
  • Yorozuya yo eien nare
    Yorozuya yo eien nare 3 months ago @Alien Alien It was shit
  • Luís Matos
    Luís Matos 3 months ago @Young Dab-A-Roosa oh that means you're special!
  • Mr Wills
    Mr Wills 3 months ago At the start, the writers and all concerned had believed GRRM would’ve completed the books. As that didn’t happen they were left to improvise and then run it by GRRM
  • Abderrahim Jami
    Abderrahim Jami 3 months ago source or it didn't happen
  • Ken Sherman
    Ken Sherman 3 months ago Marko Žigo do you have a source for that ?
  • Ken Sherman
    Ken Sherman 3 months ago Robert Kelly when did he say that? I believe you just would like to read it as well
  • Bucket List
    Bucket List 3 months ago they practically begged for them not to shorten the final two seasons.
  • hydra66
    hydra66 3 months ago @ablurt_55 at least they finished. GRRM's been working on it for the last 20 yrs
  • Jesujej
    Jesujej 3 months ago (edited) @Abe not with these writers lol
  • Atvgokilabis
    Atvgokilabis 3 months ago @The Joker HBO offered to help by sending more writer but FUCKING D&D refused the help.
  • Atvgokilabis
    Atvgokilabis 3 months ago @Killercoldice22 LOL no idiot, Dany is going to be the mad queen, the final has been set by GRRM, just the way to get there is the problem. Stick with your stupid blind devotion to Danny when you dont understand what GRRM has been saying.
  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez 3 months ago Churn Blanston no they didnt that was d&d dipshit
  • Darrin Bell
    Darrin Bell 3 months ago @Duke of Lorraine I have a hard time buying that that's the reason. It's possible HBO could've worked around their schedules. HBO probably would've been willing to take a break for 2-3 years before coming back with another season. Or they could've found other show-runners. I think it's more likely they actually thought they were doing great with the ending.
  • Duke of Lorraine
    Duke of Lorraine 3 months ago (edited) @Darrin Bell if you look at the number of eyeballs (which is mostly what HBO really care about) then they were doing great, HBO was finally willing to trust D&D despite mistrusting them ever since the first pilot, that's why the series was only reconducted one season after another. HBO offered unlimited money, D&D said 6 episodes would be enough, HBO greenlit that despite GRRM's protests. As Littlefinger said : "mistrusting me was the wisest thing you've done"
  • Darrin Bell
    Darrin Bell 3 months ago Duke of Lorraine correction: I meant that it’s more likely D&D thought they were doing a great job with the ending. HBO was probably as underwhelmed as the rest of us. HBO might actually have been relieved that they didn’t spend even more money on it after they saw the season 8 D&D delivered to them.
  • Manny Lugz
    Manny Lugz 3 months ago D&D's greed and George RR Martin's inability to write is the real reason why GoT's ending failed bigtime. There should have been 5 more Seasons to wrap up all the characters, and more importantly Dany's descent to madness.
  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago WTF
  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago Why didn't those dumbasses just take some vacation. This needed 2 more seasons (at-least). This is bullshit man.
  • Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad
    Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad 3 months ago @Abe That's the most retarded thing said on YouTube this year. Cognrats.
  • 9 year old epic gamer soldier
    9 year old epic gamer soldier 3 months ago Wait for some reason i remember HBO being the ones saying that the 8th season has to be the final season. That pisses me off so much. If they had just said yes i'm convinced that it would have at least been better than what we got.
  • 9 year old epic gamer soldier
    9 year old epic gamer soldier 3 months ago (edited) @ablurt_55 Wait really? That pisses me off even more. I care for Game of Thrones so much more. I will never support them for ruining and rushing the best tv show of all time.
  • Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad
    Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad 3 months ago @9 year old epic gamer soldier That has never been the case... It's never been HBO's decision. You misremembered hard.
  • Killercoldice22
    Killercoldice22 3 months ago @Atvgokilabis dumby George said this last week. She wasnt going to be the mad queen. That's where we are all getting this from. She was going to die fighting the white walkers or be the queen and rule. But she wasnt going to be evil. He made that much clear. Jackass
  • John L
    John L 3 months ago wonder if the first couple of the Star Wars episodes is gonna be crammed with porn like the the first two seasons of GOT :P
  • Gregory Michaels
    Gregory Michaels 3 months ago @Alien Alien They absolutely ruined it. I have zero interest in even watching the old seasons now knowing the ending was as fucking lame as it was. I'd have rather the Night King killed everyone and it ended with the dead taking over the continent then the fizzle ending it had.
  • Willowy13
    Willowy13 3 months ago And they said no. New showrunners, writers, whatever?
  • Sydney O'Bier
    Sydney O'Bier 3 months ago Glad to know their now going to go fck up Star Wars even worse than it already was
  • ArtwithKrissy
    ArtwithKrissy 3 months ago Mr Martin wanted it to carry on too .
  • Bob Dobbz
    Bob Dobbz 3 months ago @NotA Ethug SMH They didn't ruin anything. TV series often have disappointing endings--Sopranos, Dexter, Lost, Rome season 2, etc. If the show is ruined now for you, that's on you for not managing your expectations better, and because you're probably just a negative person in general. I had more fun watching this show than any other show ever--the only thing that could ruin that for me is me.
  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago Season 8 was an opportunity lost. I don't know if D&D were fatigued having to continue to live in the Game of Thrones world or were in hurry to enter the Star Wars universe, but they truly screwed their fan base. I have no interest in watching another D&D written/directed/produced program ever again. I feel betrayed. And I know a shitload of my GOT friends feel the same way. Fuck you D&D. I invested 8 years in GOT only to have you screw up the final season.
  • Bob Dobbz
    Bob Dobbz 3 months ago @Paul It's not that bad though. It doesn't reach the ridiculously high bar of the earlier seasons, but it's still better than 90% of TV. And really you should have lowered your expectations after they surpassed the books.
  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 3 months ago I dont mean to sympathise with d and d but... Look at all this hate... Now imagine the demand 2 years ago... They got sick of it. And prolly got mad that people thought they could do a better job.
  • Randall Holloway
    Randall Holloway 3 months ago Fucking what??!!! Is this for real?
  • NotA Ethug
    NotA Ethug 3 months ago @Bob Dobbz I think maybe you're slightly retarded
  • gmee123
    gmee123 3 months ago @Abe Yes. It does matter. Now YOU let that sink in. It's a reasonable expectation for the time investment people have given, to expect the show to at least have a reasonable ending. Shame on D&D. Shame on them both.
  • Steven Fuentes
    Steven Fuentes 3 months ago Star wars better be the best fucking movie ever
  • Nahuel
    Nahuel 3 months ago They wanted the Star Wars money.
  • Kristian Cooke
    Kristian Cooke 3 months ago Wrong in 2014 dumb and dumbass stated in an article that it was only goin to run for 7 seasons But HBO and everyone else wanted 10 they compromised on 8
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 3 months ago Marko Žigo dumb and dumber settled for 7.5 seasons
  • unstoppableExodia
    unstoppableExodia 3 months ago For some time now the writers had always wanted the show to last 7 seasons. This was before they were roped in to save Star Wars. So as far as the show runners are concerned they spoiled us by splitting season 7 across two separate years. Yes the suits at HBO offered them more money, whatever they needed to end it right and to not fucking rush it but they refused. So in their minds they're the artists with heaps of integrity who wanted to end the series on their terms and to not drag it out and risk it overstaying its welcome. So even though they have millions of dollars to wipe away the tears, the negative reaction to the way the show ended should be a concern for them now that they've left GoT behind. They're under tremendous pressure with what they do with Star Wars now. Fans will be incredibly cynical and the suits at Disney will be nervous knowing that Star Wars has a gigantic mountain to climb to win back the love of the fans.
  • Aaron Gaul
    Aaron Gaul 3 months ago @keith hefferman Do you like pizza? Do you want to eat pizza every day for 10 years? People get burned out. They felt they could wrap it up, yeah it wasn't perfect but still a great series.
  • Aaron Gaul
    Aaron Gaul 3 months ago @1997lordofdoom Really? So you don't like what they did at the end and that makes them bastards without integrity? Give me a break. Its a TV show
  • Aaron Gaul
    Aaron Gaul 3 months ago @Loveyastill Then I think you overestimate the reach of this show and the general audiences interest in crew vs cast. I guarantee if you asked 1000 fans to name a writer for $1000 they couldn't do it. Hell, I don't know their names - and unless the writers have a time machine, they were locked to 8 seasons way before they were approached to write Star Wars. So no, they were not made "famous"
  • Aaron Gaul
    Aaron Gaul 3 months ago @Dane Mitch So I am confused, did you hate this entire show but still watch all 8 seasons?
  • Aaron Gaul
    Aaron Gaul 3 months ago @Noe Hernandez "dint let hbo look for new writers" WTF are you talking about? You think if HBO wanted 2 more seasons they wouldn't just hire new writers, but oh wait, they couldn't because the writers didn't let them? That's not how it works.
  • Aaron Gaul
    Aaron Gaul 3 months ago @Superficial Serpent Yeah, and Lord of the Rings couldv'e been 6 movies, and they would suck instead of being great. Maybe if he didn't take 8 f&*king years to write a book they would have agreed to take it to 10, but it was clear they wern't getting anything more from George.
  • James Underwood
    James Underwood 3 months ago Your comment is copy - pasted. Let that sink in.
  • Paul Daniels
    Paul Daniels 3 months ago When people left to right all over the world are terribly disappointed, that must mean something... Let that sink in...
  • Rin
    Rin 3 months ago Abe Thank you!! D&D clearly couldn’t handle the story and characters without the full books for adaptation. The series went drastically downhill in the last 3 seasons, not just S8. Even if they stuck with more seasons and episodes, I don’t think we would have gotten a better quality ending or hypothetical season 6 - 10. It would have just been a slower downhill slide.
  • Juan Jose
    Juan Jose 3 months ago Duke of Lorraine fuck star wars
  • Scott Benoit
    Scott Benoit 3 months ago R u lying? Cause if not the end sucks
  • Loveyastill Then
    Loveyastill Then 3 months ago @Rin you may be right. They were working on other projects, but the truth may just be that they were in over their heads once they ran out of source material.
  • Loveyastill Then
    Loveyastill Then 3 months ago @Rin However, I don't understand why they couldn't simply let someone else more talented finish it. It really isnt that hard. I have watched YouTube videos that showed how to fix the season. And those were without changing much of what these guys did. This is what is so unfortunate and confusing about it.
  • Loveyastill Then
    Loveyastill Then 3 months ago @Aaron Gaul but all GOT fans know their names. They did "inside the episode" after each episode to my recollection. This show wasn't like other shows. It was hugely popular with a fanatical fan base. That popularity catapulted them to fame. They are not as known as Spielberg or Lucas, but huge. I do agree that the timing doesn't support my argument with respect to Star Wars being their motivation to move on. It is likely just as others said--they had no idea what to do with it once they were out of source material. They aren't really writers, more so just directors.
  • Aaron Gaul
    Aaron Gaul 3 months ago Loveyastill Then I watched every episode and every Inside the Episode and didn’t realize those were the writers. In prep for the final season I binged the whole series and I would have to look at IMDB to tell you their names, so no, not every fan knows. To be fair to them, they wrote some amazing episodes after they were off book, something that they never expected to have to do. Martin had something like 5 years to finish the current book before they got past it, and he’s been working on it for 8 years now. At this point I wonder if he is just trolling all the readers, he recently said he was working on a video game now along with the book. If I were waiting for the book I would be pissed, but as I’ve never read any of them I don’t really care.
  • SteveTheFazeman
    SteveTheFazeman 3 months ago HBO has a tendency to employ Wile E. Coyote's old timey plunger to detonate their series finales with over-engineered and under effective plots.
  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake 3 months ago Well... That is unexpected
  • Aurum TheBrave
    Aurum TheBrave 3 months ago I'm so mad at this.
  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake 3 months ago @Aurum TheBrave And it's only the beginning.
  • Bastiondar
    Bastiondar 3 months ago Elektra, are you serious? I thought HBO was the one that ended it. Did DnD want to go do Star Wars that badly?
  • ZOD4
    ZOD4 3 months ago It's very rare for the network to not offer more seasons to shows that make them lots of money.
  • mindlesstube
    mindlesstube 3 months ago Doesn't have to sink in that far if you had lot of money I'm sure you would want to stop working as soon as possible
  • McFly
    McFly 3 months ago There's very little to "sink in". D&D are simply incompetent writers, and they are aware of it - they had GRRM's cliffnotes and they used their sense for drama and spectacle to "connect the dots" in the flashiest way possible, hoping that the greatness of previous seasons coupled with shocking twists and fancy visuals will somehow hide the obvious bad writing. More seasons and episodes would just further exemplify that fact, and would most probably just make things more painful - and if anything, D&D were obviously aware of this, advocating for as little episodes as possible to wrap stuff up.
  • Skorflash95
    Skorflash95 3 months ago @Abe It does matter Let it sink in
  • Skorflash95
    Skorflash95 3 months ago (edited) @Alien Alien Most of the bullet poins are fine, it's how they got there that was rushed, way too rushed. But hey, let's see how George RR Martin goes about it in the books.. If and when he decides to release them.
  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien 3 months ago @Skorflash95 I hear ya.
  • henok ghebreghergis
    henok ghebreghergis 3 months ago Now, let it sink in.
  • Skorflash95
    Skorflash95 3 months ago @henok ghebreghergis Too much sinking, the Titanic feels overshadowed now :/
  • Ebiegberi Adonkie
    Ebiegberi Adonkie 3 months ago Them D&D want to wank off Star Wars so they were done with GOT
  • Typhoo Lannister
    Typhoo Lannister 3 months ago @Abe Yes. What's the point in watching a series and being invested in the characters if the ending is going to be rushed and half arsed? Sure they wanna move on to Star Wars but how do we know we won't get a decent start to a trilogy only for them to lose interest and mess up the other two films. It would of been great to get more seasons of this fleshed out world and everybody except two writers wanted that.
  • Lauren P
    Lauren P 3 months ago If they were over GoT and wanted it to be done prematurely so they could move on to SW... why the fuck did they not just hand the show over to someone else who actually cared about doing right by it and maintaining it’s integrity???
  • huswsimonbla
    huswsimonbla 3 months ago That Star Wars Money though.. also they would have to really work for that and who wants that? Now they can move on to another Franchise..
  • Carla Souza
    Carla Souza 3 months ago Jon snow — jedi now
  • Jim26D
    Jim26D 3 months ago Duke of Lorraine so the jew came out in them then. Pretty sad they sold out such a great show and killed their legacy for more sheckles
  • Demitriz
    Demitriz 3 months ago Elektra They’ll always offer more seasons etc so long as it makes more and money. The show is a cash cow they all want it to drag on like the XFiles till it’s sucked dry. They made he right choice to end it before they grew numb. That being said it should’ve just been a full 10 episodes. That’s the only thing genuine sore I can find. Loved where all the characters ended up.
  • Demitriz
    Demitriz 3 months ago (edited) Marko Žigo They never planned 10, it was always 73 hours. U got your facts wrong. Could’ve doesn’t mean planned
  • Demitriz
    Demitriz 3 months ago Milan David FUCKOFF then
  • William Massachussets
    William Massachussets 3 months ago they raped my adulthood!
  • spikeannoyed
    spikeannoyed 3 months ago Alien Alien dani dying wasn’t the problem
  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago It's sunk in, and I'm completely fine with it, because the story was told the way the creators wanted to tell it. You have a fundamental lack of gratitude. Let thank sink in.
  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago @ablurt_55 They were interviewed years before being hired to work on Star Wars, stating that the show would run for 73-75 hours, which is precisely how long it ran. It ended when it was intended, not because it was dropped.
  • CAdEN K.
    CAdEN K. 3 months ago there is no way DnD have anything left in the tank to do the impossible because the blame laid with GRRM unable, at this time, to finish his series. Instead, he publishes a bloody book on targaryens that predates ASIAF. let that sink in at how some of the bad came out in the series progressing to the end.
  • ElvinGearMaster Irma
    ElvinGearMaster Irma 3 months ago @Abe A little bit. You can see from the sets, the costuming, the lighting, so many people cared about that show. The casting, acting, the GCI So many things were set up And they just Rushed it. Dany was gonna die, they more or less built up to that, they could have made it work. They fell back on tropes, tropes that GoT and ASoF&I subvert or just plain avoid. It hurts me as a writer more than as a fan. Its also painful that they rushed an amazing work for money. Its fine if you dont like the series, the genre, but at least take a moment to have a moment of silence for how a good story was butchered.
  • David Eagin
    David Eagin 3 months ago My best friend said it best... "They were probably busy wanting to go fuk up Star Wars"
  • Amilio
    Amilio 3 months ago They left their audience like Jamie left Brienne
  • TheDeadp00l
    TheDeadp00l 3 months ago @Creed they still could have had 10 episode witch would be a whole other season so yeah that's everything I think the show needs to fix it's pace
  • Dennis Marquez
    Dennis Marquez 3 months ago @Michael Thank them? for what? HBO was willing to finance more seasons. If they wanted to go work in other projects (which to be fair it is their right), then they should have let a carefully planned arc of what everyone was supposed to go through and let someone else come to direct the final seasons. People have no problem with where characters ended. They have problems with how they got to that ending. The biggest example of this is Jaime. His entire arc. His entire reason for acting the way he does, the reason for why he betrayed the Mad King and killed him was because the mad king was going to burn all the innocent people of King's Landing. And he went from that to, "i never really cared for the innocent." They, (D&D) butchered characters just for the sake of plot. Plot Armor and Plot convenience was more and more obvious. To the point where they even stopped caring about their own words. "What you see is essentially the end of the dothraki"... until a cpl episode later where the kinda multiply because we needed more of them. "Well Daeny kinda forgot about the iron fleet but they certainly havent forgotten about her." when she is literately told half an hour earlier that the iron fleet was in kings landing with the Golden Company. What in reality it was them who forgot the first rule of writing: SHOW. DON'T TELL. They shows us everyone getting wiped out, only a few main characters survived the battle of winter. Then next episode, they tell us, oh only half died. WTF???? Euron Great Joke can snipe a dragon out of the sky with pinpoint accuracy and reload faster than Tomb Raider, but then they cannot hit one target later on. it's not the ending. its how they got to the ending. Season 8 was full of contradictory moments, where each episode contradicted the previous one. It's like each episode is not part of one large season but each belongs to its own world. I could go on and on and on about everything wrong in Season 8. Anyways, what people hate is not the ending. In fact, this ending was nearly as close as a fairy tale ending this show was going to get. Almost all of our beloved characters ended up happy and in a position of power with the Starks ruling the entire of Westeros. Jon the king beyond the wall, Sansa queen in the north, and Bran king of the six kingdoms, Tyrion hand of the king, Brom master of coin for some reason. it wasn't bittersweet. It was pretty much a happy ending. The best summary i have heard of this Season was by a friend of mine who told me: "I torrented this show, and i still feel rip off." So no, we do not have a "fundamental lack of gratitude". D&D told their stories and they told it wrong. It was bad. it was full of plot holes. it made no sense and it completely destroyed beloved characters made to act out of characters for the sake of getting to the ending they had in mind, completely ignoring plot devices they had set up in earlier season that had no payoff whatsoever.
  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 2 months ago ​@Young Dab-A-Roosa Your a moron. Let that sink in.
  • Kayvee TheGoat
    Kayvee TheGoat 2 months ago So they build a show as popular as this then fuck it all up in one season
  • Estus Vermifuge
    Estus Vermifuge 2 months ago Duke of Lorraine yeah and now they are going to ruin that 🤦‍♀️. Seriously some people in charge are just so out of touch and don’t care about anything else except money. Ruin a great franchise. Who cares Let’s go ruin another! Awesome. Money money money.
  • Estus Vermifuge
    Estus Vermifuge 2 months ago Alien Alien your an idiot
  • Tia Marie
    Tia Marie 2 months ago @Young Dab-A-Roosa nobody cares. Let that sink in...
  • Lewis Rogers
    Lewis Rogers 2 months ago @Steven Fuentes dont hold your breath. I sincerely hope they do something special as the last two were duff but time.
  • CHiEF B
    CHiEF B 2 months ago tfw you realize Disney ruined yet another IP...
  • Jorge Funes jr
    Jorge Funes jr 2 months ago If I were them, I would’ve asked for 20 episodes
  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 1 month ago Duke of Lorraine D&D could have let someone who else actually cares about doing the show justice.
  • Dayne Russell
    Dayne Russell 1 month ago The reason why is because they are doing the next Star Wars trilogy which I’m sure they will mess up as well.
  • Kendall Quillin
    Kendall Quillin 4 weeks ago Elektra I feel they would have if the books were finished
  • david smith
    david smith 4 weeks ago Elektra D&D wanted that Star Wars money.
  • ravenwda007
    ravenwda007 3 weeks ago "Nuh muh Star Wars..."
  • jose sampaio
    jose sampaio 2 weeks ago They wanted to start writing Star wars. I don't think I'm gonna see those movies. They might fuck up the end again.
  • Masked Singer
    Masked Singer 1 week ago The writers sold out to Disney's higher paycheck for Star Wars. Nothing we can do but boycott that project to make our point.
  • your local mcdonald's worker
    your local mcdonald's worker 5 days ago @Marko Žigo and ggrm said there was room for 12 seasons
  • Tobi
    Tobi 4 days ago More seasons were not the answer. Everyone complained about how fast people traveled from A to B but I bet everyone would've bitched non stop if they spent an entire episode or so on the road traveling to a location. They should've just made season 7 and 8 one season and spaced it out to about ~15 or 16 episodes
  • CalpolMeister
    CalpolMeister 3 months ago I kinda wish the night king won at winterfell
  • Tyler Nowling
    Tyler Nowling 3 months ago Knew it was over when he died.
  • 311kratos
    311kratos 3 months ago That's exactly what I thought, the Knight King story should have been a series of three episodes or more where he wins each battle and the North has to go south to resupply its armies. We should have seen how the Knight King brings with him the harsh cold winter where babies die of cold, and water freezes that it will not melt easily. So many things that they could've done but they simply ruined it.
  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana 3 months ago 311kratos don’t forget the giant ice spiders as big as hounds! (Not the hound)
  • aragorn
    aragorn 3 months ago who is knight king
  • Jim Aylan
    Jim Aylan 2 months ago @aragorn Brienne of Tarth is the knight king, because she was made king by a knight (Jamie Lannister).
  • PeteDaMan
    PeteDaMan 2 months ago Yeah same, the show needed more seasons
  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 2 months ago Lol, at least then, boring bran wouldn't be king. So yeah, might as well.
  • Ana Gonçalves
    Ana Gonçalves 2 months ago Me too
  • Pablo García
    Pablo García 2 months ago He should be the last villain. Not the f*** Cercei.
  • Miscellaneous Mind
    Miscellaneous Mind 2 months ago I really did. GOT has been courageous enough to kill off some of the most beloved characters and i was really hoping they'd pull the trigger and give the Dead, the W.
  • Kyra Sirena
    Kyra Sirena 2 months ago Yes! Totally! If you want to be shocking, THAT would be a shock!
  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 1 month ago I actually thought he was going to win, forcing all the living (whoever survived, of which way too many did I might add) to retreat South and then Cersei would be FORCED to make a decision like "We either band with the living now, or we all are going to die".
  • eric banks
    eric banks 1 month ago voteZDLR I honestly think they changed the ending. I mean it took them 2 years because they said they wanted to come up with the best possible end, and it was snowing at the end of S7 but wasn’t in S8? IMO they might’ve been going with the NK winning and coming south but decided that would’ve taken longer and been harder to complete, I think in an interview or inside the episode they said they knew Arya was gonna kill the NK in 2016...meaning before then it was probably Jon
  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 1 month ago ​@eric banks They've been on the record many times and George RR Martin has confirmed it as well that the books and the show will have a few things in common. One --> they will begin at the same place. Two --> many of the important, key events will happen in both. Third --> they will both END at the same place. But George isn't gonna turn around and go change the ending for his books if he sees that the fans aren't going to like it or may be unhappy with it. I've read the books and watched the show and in both I saw the signs that Danaerys might be the final villain as early as Season 5 or Season 6, in the books it's as soon as she gets the Unsullied where we realize "holy shit she's kind of becoming more and more evil". Now, suffice all of this to say, however, I don't think that we'll ever know what happens because I will be more shocked at this point if both Winds and A Dream of Spring are released. I think we'll get Winds, barely, but we'll never get Dream. The NK was never going to win. I do think they screwed it up though, so many aspects of that battle starting with the fact that not enough of them died. I think the battle was too short, it should've begun in Episode 2 and poured over into Episode 3. The Night King should not have been killed by Arya alone. Bran should've warged into the Ice Dragon, freeing up Jon to go kill the Night King's generals then get in a 1v1 with the Night King himself allowing Arya to sneak in and get her final death blow. Similar way she got it in the actual episode itself, but the Night King was built up to be this impossible villain only to be taken so soon, and so easy, and not nearly enough of the main characters died in the battle. Period. So it's not that George is going to change the ending, if we get the books at all, I think he's just going to tell the ending a lot better than D&D could ever hope to. Their hearts just weren't in it anymore.
  • eric banks
    eric banks 1 month ago (edited) voteZDLR yeah I meant in the show I think they changed the night King winning at Winterfell to him losing at Winterfell and dying. I heard that Daenerys is a little more complicated in the books and I’m completely fine with her becoming a villain but I (like everyone else) think it was poorly executed, and I completely agree with you about the night king which is why I said in the first place they might’ve changed how the story was done in the show, Jon should’ve been the one to fight him we should’ve gotten that moment and although I didn’t mind Arya killing him I think it would’ve been a nice full circle moment for the stark siblings to defeat him together. Rewatching some of the older scenes I was also thinking (because I haven’t read the books) That in the show when Shireen was talking to Davos about The dance of dragons that would’ve been the driving plot forward between Dany and Jon. Two Targaryens at war with each other fighting for the seven kingdoms, i’d imagine that there would be no real winner between them since bran would ultimately be King but it would’ve been epic. Idk if Martin is going that route with winds of winter especially since Dany and Jon have not met yet apparently in the books but he did say that they were the central pieces to the story so..🤷🏽‍♀️
  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 1 month ago @eric banks That's just it I think it'd have had way more effect (and made more sense) if not only did more MAIN people die at Winterfell, but if the Night King had to be defeated then if it was through the combined efforts of all the Stark kids it could only be more potent that way, rather than just have one of them do something illogical and frankly impossible, defeating him in a pot shot like she did. The definition of anti-climactic. But yeah I think more than anything else the story, in both the books and the show, at it's most simple can be defined as follows: Some Targaryens are born with a destiny that will drive them towards benevolence, goodness and justice OR they'll be born with a destiny that drives them towards paranoia, madness and a lust for power that is only matched by their own power. Jon is one side of the same coin that is Dany, and since we know that Jon is benevolent, we know he's not ambitious, we know he didn't want that kind of power for himself he just reluctantly accepted it when others nominated him FOR them. This is in direct contrast to Dany's story who not only wants the throne, she believes it is her birth right and more and more and more she's willing to do whatever it takes to secure that power for herself, and her intentions quickly morph from good intentions to being decidedly selfish and evil, they just disguised it the entire time by showing her rise to power through the context of her going around the world freeing slaves. Which she did do. People looked past it though because we all agree that slavery is generally a bad thing, but even by Season 3 she was having people nailed to crosses just because the masters had done it to the slaves. So her position is and has always been that evil power should be met with "good" power, she just forgets what she means by "good" power by the end by assuming that all power is good, which is categorically false. Megalomaniacs believe it, though, go ask Hitler. TL;DR -- Game of Thrones at it's most simple is about the Targaryens, specifically the last two Targaryens in the world, and the differences between the two, and yes the Dance of Dragons is 100% relevant to that because that's essentially another way to describe the growing conflict between "Good" Targaryen Jon and "Evil" Targaryen Dany. They are two sides of the same coin. She lost her coin flip, he didn't. Theirs is the song of Ice and Fire.
  • eric banks
    eric banks 1 month ago voteZDLR Ok I’m glad I thought about TDOD being similar to their story. And I understand she was supposed to be the bad Targaryen but we should have seen in the later seasons her growing paranoia, her visions/dreams, her downward spiral more vividly. Yes I agree her way of justice were ruthless and harsh but she was no different than any other character on the show who had a quest for vengeance, she hated the fighting pits she hated the fact that one of her dragons murdered a child and by season six she demanded that Yara Greyjoy do no more reaving and raping as a part of the deal they made. I liked the way the direction of the story was going when the show was character driven, every action the characters made had a consequence or some sort of reaction that led or guided the plot of the show, later on it became a plot driven show which made things more convenient and had characters doing things they normally wouldn’t do for the sake of plot. Which is why the sudden decision to murder innocent women and children would’ve been way more believable had it been shown overtime not overnight. In fact honestly it would’ve been more believable had she just tried to have Jon killed..discreetly.
  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 1 month ago @eric banks I agree. They didn't handle the mid to late stages of her descent into insanity nearly as well, but a huge problem I think for the showrunners was running out of book material. If you've read the books, like the show in some ways has been beyond them since Season 5 but in many other ways they were still doing book stuff until the end of Season 6. Then they were on their own. And noticeably that's when it started getting not just bad, but terrible. But yeah, the way they handled the final phase of her descent into madness was bad, to say the least. So I agree there. But yeah, very much The Dance of the Dragons and really all the great allegories about Targaryens from every perspective we heard them from, those all are meant to highlight the narrative of the story we DID get which is that some Targaryens are a good, some are evil. And it's not even necessarily their fault which side of the coin they land on. Rhaegar Targaryen for example, Jon's father, is actually very much like Jon. Aemon Targaryen, the maester at Castle Black, it's revealed he literally could've been King himself but also didn't want it (like Jon) meanwhile we also have the MAD KING himself, Dany's father, and we have Viserion (Dany's brother) among others. Like the show and books give us allegory after allegory about the Targaryens because they're easily the key to the story to begin with. The beginning, middle and end. This is why Robert Baratheon wanted every last one of them dead, in Season 1, yet Ned Stark resigned over it. A) Because his nephew is a secret one and B) because he's a moron. A lovably just moron. The biggest problem I think production wise and the show beyond them surpassing the books story wise is also that D&D themselves were burnt out. They made their bones making Thrones but by the end they were just bored of it I think. Didn't know what else to do other than end it ASAP, which is funny because George RR Martin himself wanted as many as 130 episodes, where HBO wanted 100. They're like "Nah, we'll do 70 -- if you insist, we'll do 73." Not nearly enough. So of course it felt rushed and uninspired.
  • Filip Orvik
    Filip Orvik 1 month ago That's what i thought'd happen. He'd win in Winterfell and they'd have to retreat to Kings Landing and then Cersei sees the corpse of Jaime they bring with them so she understands the danger her kid is in, so she let's them in and they team up to fight the Army of the Dead.
  • eric banks
    eric banks 1 month ago voteZDLR Yea I saw the interview when they asked him why the show was ending he said “Idk ask Dave and Dan, they have enough material for 10,11,12 seasons..I don’t know.” They screwed up BIG TIME 😂
  • toxic1342
    toxic1342 3 weeks ago He statistically should have
  • FunkMastaMegaFlex
    FunkMastaMegaFlex 3 weeks ago After seeing what happened I agree.
  • Filip Orvik
    Filip Orvik 3 weeks ago I had this whole idea that when The Night King broke through The Wall, he went for the bigger castles that lay more to the North than Winterfell, to get more fighters in his armies. Then Bran were able to see this because he used the crows, then Jon and the Dothraki use an episode to ride north to help them all escape
  • miinty fresj
    miinty fresj 3 weeks ago Me two.. and all the major players are part of the army of the dead, marching on King's Landing.. that would've been so damn good!
  • Excel
    Excel 3 weeks ago We all do.
  • Nick F
    Nick F 3 weeks ago I wish he broke the fourth wall and turned D & D into wall art
  • Euan Harrison
    Euan Harrison 1 week ago Biggest anticlimax in the history of fiction. Thanks d&d <3
  • Lampros Georgopoulos
    Lampros Georgopoulos 3 months ago ...what was the point of Jon being a Tagaryen in the show again???
  • Carl
    Carl 3 months ago So Danny can find out with 2 episodes left and go "mad"
  • Lorenzo Battilani
    Lorenzo Battilani 1 week ago Because it was properly forshadowed in the books and in the series so they had no choice but closing that thing down while still ending the show as quickly as possible
  • David Minor
    David Minor 2 days ago Jon really is Ned's bastard in the books. They didn't want to introduce Aegon Targaryen so they made him one and the same
  • Zemlja je ravna
    Zemlja je ravna 3 months ago Bran : "I can never be lord of anything." Tyrion : "What about being the King?" Bran : "Where do I sign?"
  • Prince Deluca
    Prince Deluca 2 months ago Zemlja je ravna hey retard , lord& king are to different words. He knew he’ll be king so he couldn’t except lordships
  • pplr1
    pplr1 2 months ago Bran you just helped orchestrate the mass murder of thousands of your potential subjects.. wanna be king? With that kind of record who knows what you can do to the realm.
  • Quincy Navarre
    Quincy Navarre 1 week ago Prince Deluca nah bruh that shit was stupid come on. Bran was the worst character in the whole show, he just came out of nowhere knowing everything. Thats a relatable character if ive ever seen one lol
  • kaiser
    kaiser 5 days ago @Prince Deluca if you are king you become a lord
  • David Light
    David Light 3 months ago (edited) "I think Bran should have died when they pushed him out of the window." Damn Chris getting savage.
  • Setton
    Setton 3 months ago (edited) It sounds harsh until you think about it; what did Bran actually do except waste screentime?
  • Theoneandonly88able
    Theoneandonly88able 3 months ago @Setton He didnt contribute to anything he was literally dead weight throughout the show. Sansa had more of an impact and I didnt even like her character. Brans journey was an aimless goal if he barely utilized his abilities. Despite being paralyzed he could have been used to compose more military strategies leading up to the battle. Even mentioning the fact that dany's army would die in a vision and find ways to lessen the carnage. Or maybe even conjure ideas along side Arya in some way to limit causalities. So much potiental to become the three-eyed raven was wasted time.
  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 2 months ago @SettonThat's true. When I go back and think of his storyline and how boring it was every time they turned towards what he was doing, it was pretty insignificant. He wasn't even around for some seasons. The only interesting moment was the Hodor moment which didn't seem to faze Bran one bit. Even Meera got disgusted with him. I'm sure she wouldn't support him as King.
  • ThePhillyfashionista
    ThePhillyfashionista 1 month ago I've been thinking the same thing for years.... I'm glad he said it
  • Brando Flemmington
    Brando Flemmington 4 months ago Winter deserved a whole season. Danny’s descent into madness needed a whole season.
  • NoChillChicken
    NoChillChicken 4 months ago i agree
  • Laugh Man
    Laugh Man 4 months ago Exactly
  • Rouzbeh Zarei
    Rouzbeh Zarei 4 months ago I guess I'll never find out why the heck they screwed up such an amazing show / art!
  • Z
    Z 4 months ago this show supposed to be 10 season and they needed Martin. But i guess star wars more important for that gay writers.
  • Danny C
    Danny C 4 months ago @Z I feel like Martin wanted to distance himself from the writing of the show. He's said that he tries to avoid the influence of other writing. Martin gave D&D a road map for where characters were meant to end up but not the journey that got them there. D&D just put zero thought into the meat of the story and just gave lazy plot progression.
  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 months ago They will both get whole books.
  • Jonas Birk Jensen
    Jonas Birk Jensen 4 months ago You said it.
  • Agent Zeno
    Agent Zeno 4 months ago Yes! Thank you! Someone who knows what they’re talking about!
  • Michael Ferrari
    Michael Ferrari 4 months ago Dude, she's been descending into madness since season 2....
  • Serpentine Sausage
    Serpentine Sausage 4 months ago kys
  • FrankySaint
    FrankySaint 4 months ago Agreed. . . but that would require competent writing-- a feature this show's production lacked.
  • FrankySaint
    FrankySaint 4 months ago @Michael Ferrari No, she hasn't. . . foreshadow is not character development. Her descent was not earned, and it happened after 7 seasons of "I refuse to rule a city of ashes". Don't be a simpleton.
  • MoziakHD
    MoziakHD 4 months ago It needed the whole show. Imagine seeing her descent into madness throughout the course of the show, man it would've been cool.
  • Rook Snyder
    Rook Snyder 4 months ago Danny had eight seasons of decent.
  • finaljoses
    finaljoses 4 months ago @Rouzbeh Zarei D&D were approached to direct the new Star Wars films so they rushed the fuck out and left this shit ending we got.
  • Eldar K
    Eldar K 4 months ago Premature resolutions, no character development
  • The_Real_John_Doe
    The_Real_John_Doe 4 months ago Please tell me you don't mean two separate seasons for each plot line??
  • munozali1
    munozali1 4 months ago @Rook Snyder I'm with you in the sense that I was not surprised that Daenerys killed innocents in Kings Landing. It was basically expected. But, like pretty much the whole season, it felt a bit rushed.
  • emcats84
    emcats84 4 months ago Yep.
  • Michael Ferrari
    Michael Ferrari 4 months ago @FrankySaint Dude, I just watched the entire series in a week and a half. I'm telling you, this was foreshadowed numerous times. After the death of Khal Drogo and her child, she slowly went insane. The death of her dragons and Jon Snow getting the praise because he's a king pushed her over the edge.
  • Alien
    Alien 4 months ago @Rook Snyder More like 8 seasons of character development goes into the trash can. Her whole character arc has been about NOT making the same mistake her father did. She recruited great advisers to tell her when she's acting mad to keep it in control. We are supposed to believe she went bat shit crazy and turned into medieval Hitler because her best friend died and she didn't get the dick from Jon Snow? I am totally fine with Danny turned mad queen, but like, give it a better reason than "God flipped a coin for every Targaryen." All her previous efforts and lessons learnt just went straight into the dumpster. It's not just Danny also, every character in the show has their character development turned dumpster fire. Jaime redeemed himself for 8 seasons, to be a better man than he was in season 1. In the end, guess what? He went back to his sister, not to kill her but trying to escape with her. What the fuck? Jon Snow learnt to be a great and honorable leader that sympathizes with the common people and protect them, like his father Ned. What is he in season 8? His character reduced to "YOU'RE MAH KWEEN" and "AYE DUN WUN ET." What the fuck Jon? You went through all the harsh lessons and losses, being killed and came back to life to be a fucking puppet with no personality? Dont even get me start on Bran. Dude had the hypest built up with him basically having mind control super powers. What does he do with it? Oh don't mind me just sitting here talking riddles and be a FUCKING BAIT for all of season 8 and randomly elected King. Everyone's character arcs got butchered.
  • Radi0actvChickn
    Radi0actvChickn 4 months ago Yes! They should have made season 7 a full 10 episodes, ending it with the Long Night, then spent all of season 8 building to the ending
    KID JUSTICE 4 months ago All this mad queen nonsense since when this crap came out I'f I save you and you and my pop died for u but you don't give me credit I'll be mad as hello also
  • Brando Flemmington
    Brando Flemmington 4 months ago Michael Ferrari her whole plot arc was about not becoming her father. She locked her dragons up because they killed 1 innocent child... I’m fine with her going mad, it just happened to fast.
  • Brando Flemmington
    Brando Flemmington 4 months ago (edited) The_Real_John_Doe not necessarily. It was all just too rushed and that’s why it wasn’t believable by the end. For example, I could not buy into the fact that Jon and Danny were even in love.
  • Noe Hernandez
    Noe Hernandez 4 months ago Brando Flemmington honestly if HBO is like, season 8 never happened forget that happened we’ll go in for 2 more seasons where the focus of those two seasons is Taking the iron throne then fighting the night king, I’d be totally fine with that
  • Brando Flemmington
    Brando Flemmington 4 months ago Noe Hernandez yeah that would be best case scenario at this point
  • kyle costin
    kyle costin 3 months ago They shoulda made season 8, 2 full 10 episode seasons thats why it seems so bad its just too rushed
  • kyle costin
    kyle costin 3 months ago I still would have been ok with arya killing night king as long as john got to fight him first or something some kind of pay off from the foreshadowing between them that needed a season and then a whole season of dany seeing how john is treated and more stuff happening to make the dany going nuts more believable to drive a bigger wedge between dany and john and john is one of my favorite characters and the only thing he did all season was kill dany there should have been more with him after the 7 season long mystery of his parentage and everything just to have him stand around. They just did the end they didnt make the story to the end they knew the way it ended and just did it instead of the end coming from the story, instead of it earning the end to work towards it it seems like they skipped a bunch of story feels rushed thats the biggest issue
  • Scott Holder
    Scott Holder 3 months ago @Michael Ferrari Imagine if they had treated the interactions between Tywin & Arya - and pretty much Arya's whole time at Harrenhall - like they did Danaerys in Season 8. Those scenes were key in Arya's character development and are probably most people's favourites, AND they're not in the book - Arya never meets Tywin - but it was scenes like these that had people fall in love with the show. We got NONE of this in Season 8.
  • althenarb
    althenarb 3 months ago When you give responsability to morons, you get horrible results.
  • Paul Aagam
    Paul Aagam 3 months ago The fallout from John killing dany needed a whole season
  • FrankySaint
    FrankySaint 3 months ago (edited) @Michael Ferrari You can say the word "foreshadowed" all you want, but that doesn't make for good writing. Nobody cares she's gone mad queen. The execution is the problem. Her actions were always a just cause to an extent until The Bells-- killing slave owners, free a city of slaves by overthrowing its rulers, letting Drogo brutalize her abusive brother, etc.. There was nothing to show for why she targeted the innocent civilians, especially when attacking the Red Keep and killing Cersei was the most likely reason she would keep up an assault she already won.
  • FrankySaint
    FrankySaint 3 months ago @Paul Aagam Or a better, logical ending lol but I definitely agree either way.
  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 3 months ago Absolutely, this statement is just what they needed to understand, guess they wanted to move on or something we don't know yet
  • mcsoupy
    mcsoupy 3 months ago Exactly! They knew ahead of time where they were going, so why’d they add all that extraneous stuff in S7? That stupid wight mission, the alliance plotting, and Tyrion’s failed battle plans? They would have had plenty of time if S7 was the War for Winterfell, and S8 was the campaign for Kings Landing.
  • whatwhat3432523
    whatwhat3432523 3 months ago @Michael Ferrari Wow, how special you are for noticing that. Except it`s a complete fairy-tale you have made up in your own head along side all the other special kids who claim this. Everybody loves a good villain, since they are the best part of any show/movie. Dany had a nice touch of absolutism and fiery rage, but she never acted on them. Unless you feel slave traders, slave masters who crucified small children, or her enemies deserves more mercy then they would give her. And keep in mind they live in Westeros, not 2019 Sweden. There is not a single thing in the show up to this point, that could in any way turn Dany into a mindless tyrant.. I would absolutely loved this to happen in a 10 episode season 8, with season 9 and 10 to follow soon after. But they decided to ruin the legacy of Game of Thrones (tv-series), i was planning to watch everything again from start to finish, but the ending ruined the entire story. And they did the same with Arya, she was turning into a stone cold sadistic serial killer, who only lived for revenge. Then suddenly she`s a completely different character, that dont even resemble Arya from just one season ago.. fucking stupid.
  • Michael Ferrari
    Michael Ferrari 3 months ago whatwhat3432523 rewatch the show and actually pay attention this time.
  • whatwhat3432523
    whatwhat3432523 3 months ago (edited) @Michael Ferrari I think you should do that snowflake. Give me one argument that explain her turning mad. The theory has always been there, way before the show. Dont mean shes turned because she had a few heated debates with Tyrion and Varys. Who never had a single problem with such behaviors in the past. Strange huh? Forced plot! Her personality has always been very aggressive with a taint of absolutism when shes angry. That is pretty normal for a lot of people IRL aswell, dont mean shes mad.
  • Michael Ferrari
    Michael Ferrari 3 months ago whatwhat3432523 lmao. The person getting butthurt over a fantasy show just called ME a snowflake because they can’t comprehend a plot and foreshadowing and is getting all enraged. Nice.
  • whatwhat3432523
    whatwhat3432523 3 months ago @Michael Ferrari Butthurt and enraged? where in the world did you get that from? not at all. I am arguing the absolute terrible writing that ruined game of thrones. I called you a snowflake because most of the people claiming what you claim(dany was evil all a long) do it from a unreasonable point of view just to be special. There is nothing, and i mean nothing in the show that leads us in the direction of Dany becoming the Mad queen. It was very forced, we can all see what you guys mean.. But it`s of course not enough, completely wasted story line. Can only hope GRRM give Dany a worthy transformation over to the dark side.
  • Michael Ferrari
    Michael Ferrari 3 months ago @whatwhat3432523 I crunched the entire series in about a week, and I think a huge part of the problem with why the ending landed so poorly with people is because of the massive amount of time between seasons, and the overall amount of time between the ending and the early season. From the latter half/quarter of season one, all the way up towards the end, we were constantly being shown that Daenerys was not the perfect, slave freeing angel she wanted us to believe she was. She did a lot of terrible, tyrant shit, and she became more and more like her brother as time went on, and whenever she didn't get what she wanted, she would legit go into a child-like tantrum. Hell, she burned Sam's dad and brother alive just because they didn't want to join her. She became obsessed with people "bending the knee." I do 100% agree that things felt rushed at the end, though. It felt like they took their time getting to step 6 of 10, and sprinkled a lot of clues that Daenerys was heading where she ended up, but then they decided to jump right to 10. But it did not come out of nowhere, the groundwork was there, and I was not surprised in the least that she lost her shit, and think it was foreshadowed pretty well. They threw in the death of two of her dragons and her best friend as a means of quickly finishing her transformation, but if you don't recall all of the other stuff, it may seem a bit random, but I assure you, it's not.
  • FrankySaint
    FrankySaint 3 months ago @whatwhat3432523 Calm down, calm down. My first reply to Michael wasn't meant to start a flame war. Chill, it's not worth it. . .
  • FrankySaint
    FrankySaint 3 months ago @Michael Ferrari I agree that the inital time and effort people put into this show is why they get upset at the ending, but it's definitely the execution of Dani's character in season 8 that was the issue to me, personally. Sure, they 'foreshadowed' her going mad, but they forshadow everything in this show, so it doesn't excuse a rushed finale. If they gave Dani a better reason to snap or perhaps didn't half-ass her battle with Cersei (the bells could have been removed from the deal with Tyrion and the episode would have made 100% more sense), then I would agree with you entirely, tbh.
  • FrankySaint
    FrankySaint 3 months ago @Michael Ferrari Btw, I apologize if it seemed that I started this argument-- that really was not what I wanted from this discussion.
  • Midnite St0rm
    Midnite St0rm 3 months ago wrong, Danys descent into madness needed a flashback scene of all the times she threatened to burn cities and all the times she committed war crimes so people would shut the hell up about it.
  • CAdEN K.
    CAdEN K. 2 months ago this would be like fan service and too predictable. a waste of their time, money, and effort. Tis all about the business side. DnD' style is like Mr. Martin. Book 5, Dany lost control of two dragons. One flew away and dropped her on the dothraki plains and guess who comes finding her? heheh which version would you rather see? I pick the latter :O)
  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 2 months ago More like several seasons.
  • Foxbody Boogie
    Foxbody Boogie 2 months ago Are you kidding??? Her descent into madness had been developing from the time her dragons hatched. As the dragons grew, her hunger for power grew bigger and bigger where she habitually imposed her will upon sovereign nations in the name of what SHE thought was justice. She was an ineffective leader who was far too eager to showcase her power over people who didn’t fall in line with her ideology. And in the end she was broken by jealousy—knowing that people LOVED Jon Snow for a legitimate reason..he was a decorated war hero with real world experience and he was level-headed. There’s a TON of denial about Daenaerys’ obvious flaws from specific types of fans I’ve noticed.
  • Brando Flemmington
    Brando Flemmington 2 months ago Foxbody Boogie not denying any of her flaws. I totally expected her to go insane based on how her character developed throughout the show. My point is that throughout the series we are shown EVERYTHING about every important character. Nothing was just talked about or hinted to. Then suddenly we have a seen where Varys just casually says “she hasn’t eaten or talked to anyone for three days”. Instead of just telling us that, they should have showed us. Again, I’m completely for her dissent to madness, I fully expected it after season 2 wrapped up, and especially once she got the Dothraki on the boats. I just think the whole season was rushed and they didn’t do enough in that specific season to show her translation from jealousy to outright insanity. I just wish we could have seen it happening instead of it just being eluded to. We only got one scene that lasted a total of maybe 5 minutes (just guessing, haven’t gone back and watched since it ended) and that was supposed to be enough for us to fall in line. It wasn’t. It was too rushed and felt choppy compared to how character arcs were treated throughout the show up until season 8. Again, completely for her going nuts, and I fully expected it, but I wish there could have been a whole season with her being in isolation, not eating, not talking to anyone, etc.
  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 2 months ago @Brando FlemmingtonNo way, the show writers made everyone like Daenerys character and struggles. From season 1, her brother Viserys was painted as the mean, horrible, and abusive brother who was said to have gotten worse mentally when they were exiled to Essos. Dany was painted the good one who whose aim was to claim back her family's position with the Iron Throne. But I agree with you in that they would have had to take more time to make her crazy as her father, The Mad King went mad over time not in one season. I would argue that they (writers) would have needed her to show signs or real conflicted emotions like they did with Stannis around season four or five. Not at the last minute because they ran out of villains once they killed the NK way too soon. Winter is Coming and it's gone!
  • Brando Flemmington
    Brando Flemmington 2 months ago Sky Walker I think we agree on more than we realizes at first lol
  • The Guy
    The Guy 2 months ago I said that first
  • Brian Lokenall
    Brian Lokenall 2 months ago That's why HBO wanted 10 full seasons. D&D said they only needed 6. We got about 7 seasons since the last 2 were so condensed.
  • Hassan Alamoudi
    Hassan Alamoudi 1 month ago Winter started in the end of season 6
  • JasonSPD
    JasonSPD 1 month ago The madness was short and not totally expected to show Danny was not who everyone thought she was. Even Tyrion was wrong about her.
  • Blingdream
    Blingdream 1 month ago Martin wanted ten seasons with ten episodes per.
  • eric banks
    eric banks 1 month ago Brando Flemmington completely agree with you I also find it laughable that Jon and Tyrion didn’t die like ASAP, I’m wondering who did he tell first? How long until all the Lords and Noblemen showed up to decide punishment for Jon and Tyrion, a month? The DORTHRAKI just sat around Kingslanding waiting for instructions??? Why were the Lords and ladies of Westeros completely fine with Bran being King because he’s the three eyed raven? How did they even know that?? They have no idea what that even is. From what we’ve been told they barely believed dragons were alive until they saw them. Why didn’t Yara ask for independence like she was promised? What happened to Benjen? How come we didn’t get a good backstory/flashback into how he became “half dead” Like you I also had no problem with Dany being evil, but I genuinely need a good explanation for why she didn’t kill Cersei herself, if Jamie had made it to her they would’ve escaped then her destruction would’ve all been for nothing. *Sorry for the long response
  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 3 weeks ago @Z Don't bring us gays into it, we weren't happy about it either 👀
  • Zach Sutton
    Zach Sutton 3 weeks ago Am I the only one who wanted to see her become queen (and not the mad queen)?
  • Whale’s Willy
    Whale’s Willy 3 months ago Production was on point, but writing was a mess :(
  • nahor88
    nahor88 4 weeks ago IMO, what they should have done: Season 8 - The battle for the Iron Throne Use at least 3 episodes to build upon the reveal of Jon Snow being Aegon Targaryen. Use it to flesh out Dany's character more, to the point where her burning down King's Landing is justified. Dany seizes the Iron Throne. John means to confront Dany about it, but they receive alert that the white walkers have been spotted coming up on Winterfell. Season 9 - First episode is the battle of Winterfell, and the Night King WINS. Forces are pushed South and the Night King's army continues his advance to King's Landing. With Dany having burned much of it, there is debate over whether King's Landing is even worth protecting. Majority of remainder of season is devoted towards battling the army of the dead. People suffer as winter has finally come. When their army is finally defeated, with JON SNOW killing the Night King, last 2 episodes, Jon is finally forced to confront Dany. Series finale shows Jon living up to his birth right and claiming the Iron Throne. His killing of Dany is justified, even in the eyes of the Unsullied (thanks to good writing).
  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset 3 months ago HATED the way they dumbed Dany down 😩😞 she FORGOT about the iron fleet?! I think Dumb & Dumber forgot, not her She deserved better
  • Venkatesh G
    Venkatesh G 3 months ago Yes Miranda
  • Tobagos de Trinidad
    Tobagos de Trinidad 3 months ago Season 4 Entered Guy with Superangered by 8th. 8th will be my nightmare.
  • Colin
    Colin 3 months ago She didn’t forget they, she just wasn’t prepared.
  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset 3 months ago @Colin lol no the writers said she literally forgot it, its stupid
  • Prince Deluca
    Prince Deluca 2 months ago Miranda Summerset no you deserved to watch a retard show. GoT was to complex for your little insignificant mind. You clearly didn’t comprehend what D&D meant
  • Derek Ford
    Derek Ford 2 months ago Lol Prince Deluca, what a fucking simpleton you are. Only people with tiny minds enjoy dogshit writing and think they’re smarter than everyone else who KNOW its bad because they don’t have terrible taste in TV. Unless you’re being sarcastic. In that case, I apologize.
  • blurryvision 1
    blurryvision 1 1 month ago Prince Deluca what kind of coke do you take?
  • Akhil Nair
    Akhil Nair 1 month ago @Miranda Summerset I guess what they meant was she forgot about them because she didn't take them seriously , because she underestimated what the fleet was capable of since how were they supposed to handle two dragons.
  • Kim Reid
    Kim Reid 4 weeks ago But she remembered all the stories told to her as a child
  • Lorenzo Battilani
    Lorenzo Battilani 1 week ago Hated how they dumbed everybody down
  • MrMinima86
    MrMinima86 5 days ago @Colin its been a meme for quite a the starbucks cup yeah we forgot, they fucked it up because of a lack of care.
  • Metalisha
    Metalisha 3 months ago seasons 1-4: incredible seasons 5-6: still really good season 7: still very enjoyable season 8 episode 1-3 pretty mediocre is comparison. season 8 episode 4-6 absolute dogshit
  • wazzobazzo
    wazzobazzo 3 months ago (edited) S1-4: yup really good TV S5 and 6: uneven S7: first half mediocre second half BEYOND (pun intended) stupid and illogical. S8 E1-2: slow building episodes and should've been stuck at the end of S7 or condensed into one. Mediocre. S8 E3: absolutely broke the show. The single worst episode in the series by far. S8 E4-6 who gave af at this point? Just hoping they'd let it end without fucking over more characters (but then they did)... Last season worst to best: 3, 5, 4, 6, 1-2 (the last two are actually the same episode [S7E8]).
  • daft banna
    daft banna 3 months ago 6 was ok but 5 7 8 were garbage
  • Bruhhh ._.
    Bruhhh ._. 3 months ago Episode 3 was dogshit
  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago Anyone who thinks s08e05 is dogshit holds no ground to comment on the quality of the show. Take some time off.
  • Metalisha
    Metalisha 3 months ago @Michael how many times did you say to yourself "who is that" during season 8?
  • daft banna
    daft banna 3 months ago Michael it was lazily written
  • Klaudio Andrew Hibroy
    Klaudio Andrew Hibroy 3 months ago season 8 EPIC AF it ended exactly how it should have ended
  • tonytg909
    tonytg909 3 months ago yeah about right...even though looking back to season 7 i think the problems started then but no so obvious..
  • Klaudio Andrew Hibroy
    Klaudio Andrew Hibroy 3 months ago @tonytg909 thx
  • Davis Parks
    Davis Parks 3 months ago I've always thought season 2 was just incredibly boring and forgettable save Blackwater. 1,3,4,6 are all better imo
  • OhFuji
    OhFuji 3 months ago episode 3 was a let down with the night king
  • David Klecker
    David Klecker 2 months ago I tend to agree. I really just take Episode 1-3 to Season 8 as the end of the series. Episode 4 to 6 can be ignored.
  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S 2 months ago Episode 5 was actually decent and good at points.
  • aadi sharma
    aadi sharma 2 months ago @daft banna hardhorne was good
  • cosgrove360
    cosgrove360 2 months ago S1-4: Incredible S5-6: Good few problems but still great TV S7: 90% Dogshit S8 e1-3: Pretty good S8 e4-6: Way too rushed
  • aadi sharma
    aadi sharma 2 months ago @cosgrove360episode 4-6 pretty rushed dog shit
  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S 2 months ago @cosgrove360 5 was better than 3 in season 8. Way better, 1-2 and 5 are the only good episodes.
  • Mango 4ttwo
    Mango 4ttwo 2 months ago disagree on S7, but otherwise right
  • Robert S
    Robert S 2 months ago The last season is complete trash (story wise) cinematography acting and all that crap is amazing but none of that matters since the last seasons story (writing) is utter fkn garbage at its best if not throwup🤢🤢🤮
  • Sansa Lemon Cake Stark
    Sansa Lemon Cake Stark 2 months ago @Davis Parks season 2 is fucking amazing wtf the dialogue and writing >>>>>>>>
  • Agasthya Dhanwada
    Agasthya Dhanwada 2 months ago @Klaudio Andrew Hibroy glad you can enjoy such kind of writing in the show. Other need more quality. So does the characters in the show.
  • Hassan Alamoudi
    Hassan Alamoudi 2 months ago (edited) Worst to best episodes in season 8 6,2,1,4,3,5
  • eoe123321
    eoe123321 2 months ago Season 1-6: Great Show Season 7-8: Shitty Show
  • Hassan Alamoudi
    Hassan Alamoudi 2 months ago eoe123321 1-6 masterpiece
  • Bonjamin_Button
    Bonjamin_Button 2 months ago Metalisha yeeeup
  • John Rankin
    John Rankin 1 month ago Dorne plot is really good?
  • Ryan Reed
    Ryan Reed 1 month ago Michael totally agreed. Episode 5 was fantastic.
  • Adlin
    Adlin 1 month ago episode 3 kill the whole show for me, i didn't really care about episode 4-6 at that point, they pretty much turn lord of the ring into mexican telenovela after episode 3. i expect a grand finale, grand battle, something truly big, it's game of thrones i expect everyone to die.. i mean the whole 7 kingdom, either from cersei or night king. and we get nothing.
  • Booper Dooper
    Booper Dooper 1 month ago John Rankin Not really, because it makes no fucking sense at all. Why would Elleria think she needed to “avenge” Oberyn? He signed up for a trial by combat, he knew what could happen, rules are rules. It’s a very basic justice method in Westeros. The book version, although complicating the story a LOT, was much better because it did make sense - it would make sense for Oberyn and his brother, the ruler of Dorne, to scheme revenge against the Lannisters for years for the murder of their sister and her children. Especially since the Dornish are already established as quite rebellious concerning the “main power” in King’s Landing.
  • Stars Cross World
    Stars Cross World 2 weeks ago Season 1 - 10 Season 2 - 10 Season 3 - 10 Season 4 - 10 Season 5 - 8 Season 6 - 9 Season 7 - 6 Season 8 - 4 The last episode was a 0
  • Justin Mansfield
    Justin Mansfield 3 months ago What is west of Westeros? John Snow: I dont know. (while the 3 eyed Raven is standing RIGHT THERE)
  • Syklone
    Syklone 2 months ago Standing?
  • Bhlack Bishop
    Bhlack Bishop 2 months ago why would the 3er know what's west of Westeros? He's not "God" his knowledge comes from the werewood trees.
  • Justin Mansfield
    Justin Mansfield 2 months ago @Bhlack Bishop Are you retarded? Guess what the 3 Eyed Raven uses what again? OH YEAH RAVENS TO FLY AND HE USES THEIR EYES... Please watch the show before u comment Face Palm
  • Justin Mansfield
    Justin Mansfield 2 months ago @Bhlack Bishop Just so funny how some people try to talk shit when they are so fkn clueless
  • Nathalia
    Nathalia 2 months ago She just wanted to go for adventure, she didn’t want to stay in Westeros
  • Mark Hogan
    Mark Hogan 2 months ago @Justin Mansfield I think you're the retarded one if you think ravens can fly over thousands of miles of ocean without anywhere to land or rest. The ravens would eventually just drop dead of exhaustion if he flew them west of Westeros. They'd die before finding anything. We know this because people have already explored pretty far out there and never found anything.
  • Professor Xavier
    Professor Xavier 3 weeks ago Everybody knows that Arya will eventually find America
  • Lorenzo Battilani
    Lorenzo Battilani 1 week ago Aside from the argument of raven exhaustion and all that stuff, maybe the 3 eyed raven wants to people to do certain things so that other things in the future happen as he wants them to. Lets remember that he has plans of his own and, seeing the future, might want some things to happen for the desired outcome. Like burning down King's landing (not an apologist, the show is outright stupid the last three seasons) resulted in the iron throne's destruction and him gaining the power over the lands. Even though for us letting thousend die for a desired outcome is horrendous, he is beyond human comprehension and as such works in a way for us difficult to logically evaluate.
  • André Mitreuter
    André Mitreuter 1 week ago @Justin Mansfield Ah yes, because ravens are known to travel large dustances over oceans
  • Rui Silva
    Rui Silva 1 week ago @André Mitreuter Does he have a range on his powers? Did the show ever introduce that? If not, he can pretty much use any animals that may be on other continents. Tired or not lol I think this is exactly the kind of powers he needs to have in order to have seen EVERYTHING. Or were is ravens flying everywhere? In that case, those ravens can likely cross the ocean if they could also go as far as Dorne.
  • André Mitreuter
    André Mitreuter 1 week ago @Rui Silva You are right, the show never made clear rules about his power. But just because it didn't say he can't do it, doesn't mean he can. So it is still not a flaw that he doesn't know what is west of the continent.
  • Rui Silva
    Rui Silva 1 week ago @André Mitreuter Then how do you explain his abilities to see stuff in Dorne? The Tower of Joy was in Dorne. Also he was very specific in throwing LF the line about chaos, which LF had said in Kings Landing and there was no tree in sight. We know it because we did watch that scene with LF, we know where that dialogue came from. So Bran can see EVERYTHING. It seems to be just a question of him focusing on the right space and time. Again, this is how the show used him. We are yet to see if book 3ER is indeed limited by the tree´s, which I think will be the case ;)
  • God Emperor
    God Emperor 4 months ago What annoyed me most about the finale is that I felt NOTHING. I just did not care at all anymore at that point.
  • Riri Airi
    Riri Airi 4 months ago Same 😒
  • Abskorditis 123
    Abskorditis 123 4 months ago I was watching it on computer and on TV in the same time was documentary about IT and i was more interested in documentary.
  • Wobbles and Bean
    Wobbles and Bean 4 months ago They betrayed almost every single character. All of them just did a heel turn and did things that made no sense, Varys switches loyalties out of nowhere, Dany, I know she wanted to burn cities before and was talked out of it, but it still feels so unearned and unsatisfying. Up until now, she only killed bad men. She ALWAYS stood for the common folk. It makes NO SENSE. She won, and she up, after getting what she's been fighting for all this time? If they had made her descent into tyranny more gradual, fine. But this came right the fuck outta nowhere.
  • The Dude Abides
    The Dude Abides 4 months ago Same
  • Horrormaster13
    Horrormaster13 4 months ago Me too
  • Ro Magirk
    Ro Magirk 4 months ago Jon stabbing dany felt so fake. And she died in like a minute without saying a word from a stab to the stupid
  • lioness
    lioness 4 months ago Same 🙄
  • ThePhilosopher
    ThePhilosopher 4 months ago God Emperor Funny, cuz thats exactly how the writers must have felt!
  • Bruno 148
    Bruno 148 4 months ago Same 20mins in I just stopped giving a shit and just watched it unfold
  • Xorras
    Xorras 4 months ago You wot. You didn't feel anything for Ghost?
  • TrakeMaker
    TrakeMaker 4 months ago Samesis
  • Oscar Molina
    Oscar Molina 4 months ago Lots of "same". Why waste your time then? Seems odd
  • One Door Films
    One Door Films 4 months ago (edited) I've never really cared lol - it was an entertaining show, but it never said anything of any great significance to me personally, not in the same way that something like Breaking Bad or the Sopranos did. Tyrion was the best character in the show, but his charm seems to wear off in the later seasons (probably cause they dumbed his character down for whatever reason). I'm not a big fan of fantasy though so my opinion is probably null and void haha
  • Rick Hagemeijer
    Rick Hagemeijer 4 months ago I had that with previous episodes but jon saying goodbye to arya and petting snow made me tear up though
  • Petar Gulin
    Petar Gulin 4 months ago this. After 8 freaking years, i just wanted to close that chapter in my "book" and finish show for good. Felt more like a duty to watch last episode than need.
  • Danelle J
    Danelle J 4 months ago My hubby was watching The Office finale and even though I seen it 15 times .... I still was more interested in that than GOT.
  • Russia is my city
    Russia is my city 3 months ago Yeah same
  • Michael Carnevale
    Michael Carnevale 3 months ago @Ro Magirk and then the dragon is like "Jon wtf you killed my Mom? I'm so mad I'm gonna melt this chair!"
  • InDreamsWeFly
    InDreamsWeFly 3 months ago Agree, completely dropped my expectation as the season moves along
  • Mao Sierra
    Mao Sierra 3 months ago Well, Briene being knighted was awesome. I cry too
  • MrGloon
    MrGloon 3 months ago That‘s the thing with bad storytelling.
  • Denckler Podcast
    Denckler Podcast 3 months ago I never cried so much as in this season. Every Episode, except 2, which i found dull
  • Loveyastill Then
    Loveyastill Then 3 months ago Yes. I literally stopped watching after they choose Bran.
  • Charlotte8591
    Charlotte8591 3 months ago @Denckler Podcast Really? I only cried at Ser Jorahs death, Tyrions goodbye to Jaime and at Daenerys' death. I felt so untouched by other scenes.
  • Charlotte8591
    Charlotte8591 3 months ago I thought Drogon burning the iron throne was an awesome moment actually.
  • Magi V
    Magi V 3 months ago That was the worst thing. Complete and utter emptiness, apart from the occasional flare of anger when it was obvious they were trying to cheat us into feeling emotional when they themselves had destroyed any and all investment I'd had in the show.
  • Lauren P
    Lauren P 3 months ago It was so hollow. I couldn’t even feel anything when my two favorite characters, who I had been very invested in up until s8, died in such anticlimactic ways. Fuck D&D 👎
  • ComaBerenices
    ComaBerenices 3 months ago @Charlotte8591, Yes, Drogon burning the Iron Throne was a nice touch - BUT that means we felt more emotions about a piece of METAL than about Daenerys dying or Snow being booted out of civilisation :)
  • Charlotte8591
    Charlotte8591 3 months ago @ComaBerenices I actually cried about Daenerys dying and also about Drogon mourning her death. I also felt very sad about Jon Snow's fate, even though it was the more realistic outcome, I guess, when you kill a queen, even if it was an evil queen. I don't care about the iron throne, but it was just very awesome that Drogon saw what the source of his mom's madness was.
  • ComaBerenices
    ComaBerenices 3 months ago @Charlotte8591, You cried? The way Snow assassinated her was so cowardly though. It's called a "Judas' Kiss" murder - you kiss someone and stab them at the same time. VERY cold-hearted, duplicitous method of assassination - usually used by cowards and villains. That's why it was even put in the Bible as reprehensible (Judas, a coward and traitor, kissed Christ while simultaneously scheming his death). I'm sorry, but that's just not Jon Snow. Daenerys was literally alone in the great hall. Her dragon and army were downstairs - no guards anywhere near. She's not a warrior / martial arts fighter herself - she wouldn't be able to fight Snow off. So he could have given her a more noble, less TWO-FACED death. Stabbing someone to death while kissing them is as LOW as stabbing someone in the back.
  • Charlotte8591
    Charlotte8591 3 months ago @ComaBerenices Yes, I cried. Those are my emotions when I watch it. You don't have to have the same emotions I have. Okay, you've made your opinion very clear. Thank you for your explanation.
  • Jenn H.
    Jenn H. 3 months ago I fell asleep
  • Meaghan Boland
    Meaghan Boland 3 months ago @Charlotte8591 I thought Drogon melting the throne was so stupid. I get the symbolism and like that but dragons are said to be as smart as dogs. So, he understood the significance of the throne? He knew it was that chair? Why did he get caught up in so many surprise attacks if he is that smart? Anyway. If people think that John's "punishment " was right then I do not understand them. If you believe he should be punished I do believe that it should have been death. Since she was having such a bad day, "evil" "mad" whatever, I think if you are going to give him a pass then give it to him. Not a thanks for everything buddy... Thank you for not killing Catilyn Stark. Thank you for needle. Thank you for being a best friend, brother and my heir to the North. Thank you for protecting the realms of men. Thank you for not letting them beat me up. Thank you for teaching us how to fight. Thank you for saving the Lord Commander. Thank you for leading men North to end a mutiny that could have put the entire country at risk. Thank you for holding Castle Black. Thank you for uniting us with the Wildlings. Thank you for helping us take Winterfell back. Thank you for trying to save Rickon. Thank you for not getting super pissed that you were not told that the Vale army was on their way. Thank you for letting me go "mad" and murder that psycho with dogs. Thank you for dying for us. Thank you for coming back to life for us. Thank you for reuniting the North Thank you for bringing 2 huge armies and 3-2 dragons to fight zombies. Thank you for sacrificing your love. Thank you for taking out that crazy lady. Thank you for being honorable enough to always swing your sword when you passed the sentence. Thank you for saving everyone. From all the Lords and Lady's of the Six Kingdoms, from the Queen of the North and the Three-Eyed Raven Thank you John Snow a.ka. Aegon Targaron, the rightful king and The Song of Ice and Fire! Now. Bugger off. You are banished to the Wall. Be cold and don't have sex. Peace 😁😁😁
  • Charlotte8591
    Charlotte8591 3 months ago @Meaghan Boland Well, I think Drogon on the show is smarter than a dog. Though dogs might surprise you. But yes, even smart animals can be surprised by an attack. Even humans can be surprised. But we don't have to agree on any of this. I was just saying that I loved that moment.
  • Tomash
    Tomash 3 months ago @Ro Magirk Dany gets stabbed once. Insta kill. Arya: Cute.
  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago You should probably look into that. Apathy is not healthy.
  • Klaudio Andrew Hibroy
  • Klaudio Andrew Hibroy
    Klaudio Andrew Hibroy 3 months ago @Ro Magirk That was what she deserved and felt so right
  • Ro Magirk
    Ro Magirk 3 months ago @Klaudio Andrew Hibroy she got was she deserved..but it was sloppy and rushed so most people felt nothing
  • Klaudio Andrew Hibroy
    Klaudio Andrew Hibroy 3 months ago @Ro Magirk it wasnt sloppy its just her a woman with great power fcks up because of her emotions its perfectly legit
  • Ro Magirk
    Ro Magirk 3 months ago @Klaudio Andrew Hibroy idc that its a woman..nothing to do with anything,the season was rushed..thats a fact
  • Klaudio Andrew Hibroy
    Klaudio Andrew Hibroy 3 months ago (edited) @Ro Magirk it simply showed what a woman with emotions can wrongly use the power she has exactly like they did showed us with cersei. Its obviously has to do with everything since its all about
  • OhFuji
    OhFuji 3 months ago same
  • Amilio
    Amilio 3 months ago Agreed. Don't care for GoT anymore
  • Steven Harrison
    Steven Harrison 2 months ago Yeah and what was the point of Jon’s parentage...literally the biggest reveal in the series when ultimately it didn’t matter.
  • tam s
    tam s 2 months ago God Emperor same
  • Prince Deluca
    Prince Deluca 2 months ago God Emperor of coursework didn’t care. You’re expectation wasn’t right so your mad causing you to not be focus on what you’re wasting your time on after you disapprove . You’re clearly retarded
  • reyam 121
    reyam 121 2 months ago Same. I was so excited for season 8, but then i watched it and it was awful. Season 8 made me so unexcited for new episodes, that i haven't even watched the last episode.
  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 2 months ago There was actually a moment that just felt cringeworthy and lost after they killed off Dany and Tyrion easily found Cersei along with Jaime dead in the rubble. It just got really weird. Especially, when Tyrion started shuffling chairs around, of all things....
  • Lady of Winterfell
    Lady of Winterfell 2 months ago Ikr all character arcs out the fucking window 😒🤬
  • jef
    jef 2 months ago Y after season8 episode 3 i dint feel the need to watch more haha YouTube reaction and funny memes is what ticks for me now
  • sabakunoai
    sabakunoai 2 months ago same 😒 Jaime is my fav character and when he died I was like "kay." - I felt nothing, I was way too angry about the writing
  • jon larkulaklans
    jon larkulaklans 2 months ago Same. Years back i though i would be in shock when the series that i loved finally would be over.
  • Gustav Bogren
    Gustav Bogren 1 month ago More like ep. 5
  • 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉
    𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 3 months ago I’m someone who never liked Dany. Her ego always annoyed me and her claim to the throne was founded on birthright, not just “breaking the wheel.” I was always interested in her going mad. If there was someone D&D could please with Dany going insane, it was me. And they did such a shit job that I now like Daenerys.
  • Magi V
    Magi V 3 months ago >writers try to make us dislike her >accidentally becomes most likeable character on the entire show Seriously though I'm in the same fucking boat. I still don't like her, but I feel for her the most. What a disgrace.
  • Radha Gautam
    Radha Gautam 3 months ago Completely agree
  • sexualOATmeal
    sexualOATmeal 3 months ago LOL
  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago Lol shut up
  • Chi88Chi88
    Chi88Chi88 3 months ago 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 I’m confused who’s claim to the throne wasn’t contingent on birthright or taking the throne by force? Who came by it in any other way?
  • 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉
    𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 3 months ago Chi88Chi88 something having been a certain way for a long time doesn’t make it right. I think everyone with a few brain cells can agree that parentage doesn’t give a person the innate ability to rule wisely.
  • Hayv123
    Hayv123 3 months ago 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 tell that to LITERALLY EVERY CHARACTER ON THE SHOW, I’m confused why you think she would be different when everyone else follows that until the last ep
  • Chi88Chi88
    Chi88Chi88 3 months ago ​@𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 a person should use said brain cells to grasp that no one is saying what they wrote in for her was right only that the argument she was wrong to feel entitled is a lost one here due to the entitlement of so many men and women before her. 99% of all rulers weren't elevated, throughout time, based on their skills . It was their lineage. This was drummed into Dany from birth so for those who are coming at this character with a different measuring stick it makes zero sense.
  • 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉
    𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 3 months ago Chi88Chi88 rewrite that first sentence so that it makes sense and I’ll get back to you
  • Alexandros
    Alexandros 3 months ago Jees you're hard to please!
  • Gavin Kelly
    Gavin Kelly 3 months ago I thought I was the only one that never liked Dany. Emilia Clarke's performance as Daenerys has been fantastic throughout the whole show, but I always found Dany to be very egotistical and obsessed with the idea of claiming the throne over anything else. That's why when she went mad in episode 5 I was not upset. I actually enjoyed it. But, near the end when Jon killed her, I all of a sudden cared for the character. Very confused with the writing of this season, it made me rethink characters completely :(
  • Chi88Chi88
    Chi88Chi88 2 months ago @𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 Get Bent! There fixed it for yo. Hope it makes enough sense for you now! **actually, I don't f'n care.
  • 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉
    𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 2 months ago Hayv123 Dany was supposed to be different, at least before the last season. Her whole “break the wheel” diatribe was about changing the system. I thought that her development would be her growing past just what she was born as. An example is Jon: he was put in various ruling positions because he is a talented leader, not because of his relationship with the Starks or his true lineage. It’s untrue that everyone thinks lineage is the determinator. The world is more complex than everyone believing the same thing. It’s mostly just the leaders, and those who benefit from it. Some communities in GoT ruled via a somewhat (somewhat) democratic system, like the watch and the iron islands. The system of government installed before Bran didn’t work, law or not. I was hoping Dany would realize that, and understand that it’s not her blood that makes her fit to rule. I recognize using it to propel herself to a ruling position, but she also believed it. Sorry for the long response.
  • Stylezz iR
    Stylezz iR 2 months ago Being honest. I only liked her in the beginning because she had DRAGONS. But when she stayed in mereen to help put a stop to slavery. I actually started to like her character
  • Soccercrazyigboman
    Soccercrazyigboman 2 months ago Same. I never liked Dany but felt sorry for her this season
  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 2 months ago As a Dany fan, I find that hilarious and don't blame you. It was just all messed up.
  • Pro Jey96
    Pro Jey96 1 month ago They even failed in making her evil Cause i didnt liked some aspect of her either
  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 4 weeks ago Thank god I'm not the only one who isn't a Daenerys fan!
  • Aegon Conqueror
    Aegon Conqueror 3 weeks ago Book Dany is going “mad” ! But show Dany was never going mad/insane ..she is more tyrannical , entitled and morally compromised right from the start
  • Brendan Fechter
    Brendan Fechter 3 months ago Jon has murdered your queen! You've been executing prisoners all episode but when Jon kills Dany you decide to KEEP HIM ALIVE while u go out and summon a council of: 1.The murderer's sister (Sansa) 2.The murderer's other sister (Arya) 3.The murderer's brother (Bran) 4.The murderer's Hand (Davos) 5.The murderer's sister's boyfriend (Gendry) 6.The murderer's best friend(Sam) 7.The murderer's sister's uncle (Edmure) 8.The murderer's sister's cousin (Sweetrobin) 9.The murderer's sister's right hand man (Bronze Yohn Royce) 10.The murderer's sister's bodyguard (Brienne) 11.Yara 12.Prince of Dorne
  • Hanfgurkenhasser
    Hanfgurkenhasser 2 weeks ago Still love how little effort they put in and never even bothered to give the prince a name. Just "the new prince of Dhorne". Wow.
  • Jack Walters
    Jack Walters 2 weeks ago Isn't "the murderer's sister's uncle" basically "the murderer's uncle" and "the murderer's sister's cousin", "the murderer's cousin"?
  • Lorenzo Battilani
    Lorenzo Battilani 1 week ago Jack Walters not technically since Jon is Sansa and Arya's cousin to be fair
  • Jack Walters
    Jack Walters 1 week ago @Lorenzo Battilani The first two however mention him as "the murderer's sister (Sansa and Arya)", so for consistency, it should say "the murderer's uncle" and "cousin". Especially when in those sentences is also calls the women, his "sisters" (the murderer's sister's uncle and cousin).
  • Lorenzo Battilani
    Lorenzo Battilani 1 week ago Jack Walters well at the end of the day, like in real medieval times, the noble lineages are so Effed up that understanding their relationship with each other becomes just useless 😁
  • jfacts49
    jfacts49 3 months ago Dude I think you’re missing the point. The last 2 seasons were absolutely rushed because Benioff and Weiss wanted to end the series and start working on their Star Wars series. That’s why everyone is so pissed off, GRR Martin said there was enough material for 10-12 seasons and HBO offered 10 full seasons of 10 episodes each. The jerkoff writers should’ve handed it over to someone else rather than rush it. Again, this wasn’t a creativity issue, it was a “fuck this show we want to start Star Wars” issue. When you realize that you’ll understand everyone’s anger.
  • Patrick Sylvia
    Patrick Sylvia 3 months ago Except that’s not true. So..
  • jfacts49
    jfacts49 3 months ago Patrick Sylvia except it is, until your fat ass provides context supporting your response
  • Faerhad Targaryen
    Faerhad Targaryen 3 months ago @Patrick Sylvia source?
  • Demitriz
    Demitriz 2 months ago (edited) jfacts49 Uhh dude YOU are missing a very, big point— Martin says there’s so much more material, true but he himself has not finished his own darn books. How can u expect the showrunners to continue with so many seasons, year after year, when the author himself hasn’t finished anything. If u do the ‘math’, the source material does not exist lol. People forget that all this mess started bcos Martin was so slow. He was suppose to have finished his last 2 books before the show even got to season 5. U can research this. The TV show as u know is like a moving train. They cannot just pause for years to wait for the author. They would have to keep paying the expensive actors to “wait” as the author takes his sweet time.
  • jfacts49
    jfacts49 2 months ago Demitriz you’re correct except that there’s a ton of material the show ignored that could’ve been explored instead of rushing to the end.
  • Fyras ElYahyaoui
    Fyras ElYahyaoui 1 month ago @Demitriz They could've done 3 seasons for the 4th and 5th books in the series.. They did them both with few things from book 3 in season 5.. They easily could have done 10 seasons
  • Hollow Shell
    Hollow Shell 1 month ago Demitriz you’re a fucking idiot. You seemingly dance around the point proving yourself wrong. Dumbass and dumbass rushed the show because they wanted to do something else. They could have had more time or they could have let other people take over. But they said nah fuck that were egotistical bastards. Did you know George has been working on this since 1992? Yet d and d couldn’t work on it for half that time. Quit sucking their dicks and realize how they fucked everyone over simply because they’re greedy fucks (and objectively terrible writers)
  • Invisible Fiddle
    Invisible Fiddle 1 month ago @Demitriz its because martin has been working on elden ring for the past couple years.
  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 1 month ago jfacts49 I will never ever forgive D&D for this.
  • amberanime
    amberanime 1 month ago While I do think a chunk of people is angry because of that reason, I don't think it's correct to say that everyone is angry because of that. Some people are just genuinly pissed off Dany went down that road at all and would have remained pissed even if the writing had been suppurb. She has a cult following. Cult followers don't like it when their character is proven to be problematic. Dany's fall was never out of nowhere. I saw this comming since season 3, and with rewatching I can see it comming from s1. So the show did establish Dany as problematic early on, people just chose to ignore this. Well some people at least. I totaly understand the anger towards the rush job. I feel the same. I don't think s8 was terrible, because I felt the episode the bells was a very strong episode. One of the best. Yeah how we got there was rushed and sloppy, but the episode itself was great. And from all the hate I have seen online, like 50% seems angry about it being rushed, the other 50% just that it happend at all. So I don't think you should blindly side with all people who disliked s8, because people have in fact VERY DIFFERENT reasons for disliking the season. Dany going down that road was to tough a reality check for some people and some just do not want to awknoledge they supported the wrong person and missed the warning signs. They blame the show for their own mistakes. Because no matter how poorly the show did it, it was still obvious Dany was bad news pretty early in the show.. So yeah 100% agreed on sloppy rushed writing. They could have done more to make the whole story feel mor organic. Making the last 2 seasons 10 episode as always could have helped a lot in this as well. But the sloppy writing is not an excuse for people to ignore how problematic Dany has always been. It was obvious if you knew what to look out for. Some people noticed from the get go, some later down the line, and some never did and still refuse to even now because they blame bad writing, instead of questioning themselves if they perhaps ignored or missed some of the warning signs that where there since s1. Basicly, I take people who dislike s8 because of rushed writing/the way it happend/ the mindset of D&D seriously. People who complain about it being out of character for Dany, or being pissed it happend at all (and would stay pissed even if the writing was suppurb) I can't take seriously. You need a level of blind devotion for such a vision.. And blind devotion scares the crap out of me. People need to awknoledge Dany always was a problem (she just never picked victems you liked before). Only people who awknoledge this, you can have a serious discussion with on where and how the show dropped the ball.
  • CrazyNikel
    CrazyNikel 1 month ago Oh great, modern HollyWood wants to ruin SW even more than they already have.
  • idontknow
    idontknow 1 month ago jfacts49 The timeline doesn’t add up, They were way far intio Got s8 before they got that Star Wars deal
  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 4 weeks ago They could've added Lady Stoneheart to stretch out their material. They could've fixed my boy Euron's characterization. They could've mixed in the different lores that was in the books and even add a few episodes that showed how Daenerys descended into madness, not a sudden heel-turn. Dumb and Dumbass just wanted the paycheck and jump into Star Wars... and maybe follow Rian Johnson's footsteps.
  • BrooklynPatriot
    BrooklynPatriot 2 months ago Season 1: No plot armor. No one is safe. Season 8: Named characters are fighting on the Frontline and STILL live. 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Cenotaur1
    Cenotaur1 1 month ago Indeed...even Ser Davos, who is not a warrior - even by his own admission - and is missing fingers - withstood 100,000 wights and was on the frontline in the battle for K.L.
  • Penr0se
    Penr0se 4 months ago Dragon went East John went North Arya went West The show went South The END.
  • trellzx86
    trellzx86 4 months ago Well said good sir 👏👏👏
  • dezstepz 24
    dezstepz 24 4 months ago 😂😂
  • jotinder singh
    jotinder singh 4 months ago Perfect comment
  • Heavy Critic
    Heavy Critic 4 months ago The perfect summary. 😆
  • Rafael R
    Rafael R 4 months ago You're a hell of a poet, sir.
  • Grim
    Grim 4 months ago HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  • ISetYourFaceOnFire
    ISetYourFaceOnFire 4 months ago nice original comment.....
  • Munya
    Munya 4 months ago Lmao
  • Falkorn 986
    Falkorn 986 4 months ago (edited) I keep seeing that quote under almost every GoT video I've watched today... 'Dragon went East John went North Arya went West The show went South'. You copy and paste it or you posting the same thing in every video comment section? Lol
  • Mataya Kurzuk
    Mataya Kurzuk 4 months ago Awesome
  • Dmitry Alexander Samoilov
    Dmitry Alexander Samoilov 4 months ago Grey worm went South
  • epiksar
    epiksar 4 months ago Dmitry Alexander Samoilov oh yeah, that's true, lol. He literally did go South to Nath
  • Round
    Round 4 months ago Nice stolen comment.
  • Victoria Jack
    Victoria Jack 4 months ago That shit is so true!!!
  • DE꙰C꙰R꙰E꙰W꙰S꙰
    DE꙰C꙰R꙰E꙰W꙰S꙰ 2 days ago Copied And getting old
  • Ceres
    Ceres 3 months ago Danaerys’s change in her character broke my heart... :(
  • Susana Nascimento
    Susana Nascimento 3 months ago Mine too she was my favourite
  • Tic Tac
    Tic Tac 3 months ago It really wasn’t a huge change considering she was a mass murderer for a while now, but it did deserve more than one episode, though.
  • Susana Nascimento
    Susana Nascimento 3 months ago @Tic Tac I beg to differ. Dany might have killed a lot of people, but mostly enemies. She always tried not to harm the innocent
  • Tic Tac
    Tic Tac 3 months ago Susana Nascimento She was still a mass murderer, though. She killed more people than anyone else in the show. From the beginning, she was saying she’s going to take the iron throne with fire and blood, she killed pretty much everyone who stood in her way or didn’t want to obey her, guilty or not. She also forced people to fight in wars and sacrifice their lives for her. There wasn’t really that much difference between her and Cersei.
  • Shaunie Duncan
    Shaunie Duncan 3 months ago (edited) Tic Tac Many of the characters on this show are mass murderers. For example, Arya baked Frey’s kids into a pie, and watched him eat it before she slit his throat and killed his entire army with poisoned wine. It’s one of my favorite scenes, but to say it wasn’t psychotic and violent is a lie. So why complain when Dany does it to her enemies—slave owners, rapists and traitors?
  • Tic Tac
    Tic Tac 3 months ago Shaunie Duncan I wasn’t complaining. I just stated a fact. And a lot of people Daenerys killed were innocent. It’s also kind of ironic how she killed a bunch of rapists and slave owners (so she could take their slaves and make them fight wars for her) when her beloved husband was both of those things and she didn’t seem to mind. She even killed a woman who poisoned him as a revenge. P.S. Get some help.
  • Mel of Winterfyre
    Mel of Winterfyre 2 months ago @Tic Tac everyone on this show freaking kills people. What have you been watching??🙄 In the books Daenerys risk her life to save people, just like the TV show. Daenerys going mad was complete BS.
  • Tic Tac
    Tic Tac 2 months ago Mel of Winterfyre Yes, pretty much everyone on the show kills people. Not everyone kills innocent people, however. Also, can you name specific cases in which Daenerys tried to sacrifice her life for others? Because all I can remember is other people sacrificing their lives for her and either getting killed by her or not getting anything in return.
  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 2 months ago Rather, writer's sudden change of her character. It's like they needed another villain when they killed off the NK and Cersei had sealed her fate for at least the last three seasons. However, the show would have actually been better off doing a "happily ever after" ending rather the erratic one they created.
  • pplr1
    pplr1 2 months ago @Tic Tac "And a lot of people Daenerys killed were innocent." I strongly disagree. Remove the nonsense in King's Landing and she killed very few "innocent" people. And those she did kill were when she made an assumption about a group of people that was mostly guilty-she didn't know a few masters opposed crucifying the children when she punished them as a group for the crucifixion. Randyll Tarly was a traitor who had just help capture and execute her ally and his former liege lady. Ned Stark would've executed him with no 2nd chance and Daenerys was nicer by offering Randyll one-which he was too stubborn or stupid to take.
  • Bhlack Bishop
    Bhlack Bishop 2 months ago @Tic Tac I guess you must've skipped the scenes where she risks her life to save people she doesn't even know.
  • ah 771025
    ah 771025 2 months ago Me too. I absolutely loved her character until this season and suddenly I hated her. I don't even usually hate characters in shows. So that is really saying something... they really messed it up with her. So disappointing. There's no way she'd kill all those innocent people.
  • Sam Blake
    Sam Blake 3 weeks ago Tic Tac Literally everyone in this show kills people who don’t obey them...
  • Love Me
    Love Me 2 weeks ago (edited) Arya Killed and Baked Walder Frey and his sons , poisoned his soldiers and the entire house who wronged and betrayed Robb , she spared Walder's wives lives when she prevent the girl from drinking the wine becasue Arya is not a psycho and she knew the wives are innocent . Dany on the other hand lay waste to a city full of innocient people who didn't really know her , she was under the impression that they just want to follow Cersei , despite that Tyrion let her know that they are just afraid to stood against Cersei .
  • FormidableNemesis
    FormidableNemesis 3 months ago It wasn't even season 7 where bran said he couldn't be lord of anything, it was literally this season.
  • Hadassah S
    Hadassah S 3 months ago The one great thing about season 8 is Ramin Djawadi, and he’s not even a character.
  • Hayden Armstrong
    Hayden Armstrong 3 months ago Hadassah S night king score was incredible
  • James Mace
    James Mace 3 months ago @Hayden Armstrong for me it's a tossup between 'The Night King' and 'Light of the Seven' for best score of the series.
  • Shekel Merchant
    Shekel Merchant 3 months ago Dunno I didn't like the sound track of season 8
  • Bhlack Bishop
    Bhlack Bishop 2 months ago The score when Dany touches the IT was, ugh magnifique 👌
  • subculturenz
    subculturenz 3 months ago Had Rhagal been killed during the seige on Kings Landing and while the bells were ringing one last scorpion arrow was fired at Dany while she was atop Drogon then I would have totally believed Dany's motivation of burning everything down.
  • Davis Parks
    Davis Parks 3 months ago Yes!!! I agree! Or... if a citizen came out and speared Grey Worm from behind during the cease fire. Or... if Cersei used wildfire to blow up Dany's army and she is the only survivor because of her fire resistance. It's so frustrating because any of those could have made the most jarring scene incredibly relatable and heartbreaking.
  • m3talh3ad123
    m3talh3ad123 2 months ago See, this is one criticism I don’t agree with. Her turning on a dime like that is more about how power corrupts rather than it making sense. It’s not supposed to make sense because power like that turns people into animals without them realizing it.
  • Prince Deluca
    Prince Deluca 2 months ago subculturenz no retarded!!!! She told Jon “fear it is” so she never agreed with Tyrion terms of the bells. She was always going to burn the city.
  • Prince Deluca
    Prince Deluca 2 months ago m3talh3ad123 omfg somebody that actually paid attention to the meaning of the show. Thank you man I thought I was the only one amounts these retard nerdy angry fans.
  • aadi sharma
    aadi sharma 2 months ago @Prince Deluca retard she should have burn red keep. Not civilian actually she can burn city only if it makes sense. Show is shit because of writing. Plot line was good. But writing was bad
  • Junior Nisthal
    Junior Nisthal 2 months ago Prince Deluca nice using the word retard yet you can’t even make a coherent sentence.
  • Junior Nisthal
    Junior Nisthal 2 months ago Prince Deluca sad that you still want to defend horrible writing. If anything you’re the fanboy....
  • ThaRedPitbull-Mix
    ThaRedPitbull-Mix 4 weeks ago (edited) Yes, that would've been an amazing twist. Congrats, you came up with something better than the writers. Those clowns had no idea what they were doing. There's no telling what they will do with Star Wars.
  • Lorenzo Battilani
    Lorenzo Battilani 1 week ago m3talh3ad123 while I don't agree with you on what you say, I would recommend you to see the two part video series made by Linsday Ellis on GoT. The second video of which is all about this point on power corruption and how power reveals a person's true intentions, it's truly an interesting watch even though it's a bit long. I think she addresses most points in the discussion around the series' finale in a professional way.